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Teaching 3 days Foot Joint Mobilisation With Maree Gifkins 2008 Befor e After.

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1 Teaching 3 days Foot Joint Mobilisation With Maree Gifkins 2008 Befor e After

2 Maree Gifkins - Teacher nAnAustralasian Specialist in Foot Joint Mobilisation nTnTeaching Foot Joint Mobilisation for 12 years nRnReflexology for 10 years nNnNaturopath of 14 years nQnQualified in Teaching and Assessing Small Groups nTnTeaching Self Empowerment Courses for 4 years nTnTrainer/guide for Meditation Groups

3 Qualifications nTnTrained by Dr Harvey Lampell (creator of Foot Joint Mobilisation) USA, 14 years ago nCnCertified in Teaching and Assessing n1n12 years experience in teaching Foot Joint Mobilisation in various countries nWnWorking through different types of learning abilities and special needs within the workshop nPnPatients, being my greatest tool and qualification

4 Quality of Teaching nTnTeaching aids are used in class nPnPressure image used and discussed for validating Foot Joint Mobilisation in the 21 st century nTnText book of Theory, Photos to be used nPnPractical/Demonstrations to be experienced and watched and then practiced nPnProviding a safe environment for the learning of this modality for all students nCnConstant assessment with all students during workshop for learning quandary in theory and practical nSnSafe atmosphere and respect for healing of the body, soul and spirit to take place Befor e After

5 Assessment of students nOnOver the 3 days the teacher will supervise and correct the 17 moves that people will be learning nPnPractical application of all 17 moves learnt in the workshop will be demonstrated on the teacher towards the end of the course by all participants. In which an assessment and correction if needed will take place nTnThis gives confidence to students that they are very capable of working on people straight away. Also the teacher has instant verification that these new Foot Joint Mobilisation therapists are prepared.

6 Need helping Steps nBnBack Pain nKnKnee Pain nSnSciatica nFnFlat Feet nHnHip Pain nAnArthritis nSnShoulder Pain nSnShin Splints nNnNeck Pain nBnBunions nRnRecurrent Corns nCnCalluses nSnSwollen Ankles nHnHigh Arch nAnAching Feet nBnBurning Feet nCnClaw Toes nHnHammer Toes These are some of the conditions Foot Joint Mobilisation can help with

7 Key Benefits for Students nSnSafely experience the healing of Foot Joint Mobilisation nCnConfidence on completion of the workshop nUnUnderstanding of many foot problems nCnCertificate on completion nAnAble to help so many people of all ages and with an assortment of conditions nFnFeel safe knowing that there will be no depletion of energy after a Foot Joint Mobilisation treatment nAnAble to be Self Employed with no risk of people getting the wrong idea i.e. no garments to be taken off, etc. nPnProud to have learnt Foot Joint Mobilisation and knowing they will make a difference in this world The building is only, as good as its foundations

8 Key Benefits for Client nMnMany foot problems are corrected nMnMany structural weakness are helped nNnNo more Tired, sore or painful feet nHnHealthier and Happier and more energy at the end of day nFnFoot Joint Mobilisation is a treatment that clients look forward too. It is not painful and does not take long nAnAll customers love to discuss this modality with their family and friends. Word of mouth is the best advertisement for your business

9 Key Benefits for Business or Society nHnHappier People nHnHealthier People nRnReduced strain on medical system with feet and structural weakness, joint imbalance, arthritis nLnLess artificial interference with patient’s anatomy nSnStronger People physical, emotionally and spiritually nAnA lot of new clients are word of mouth which reduces the need to high advertising costs

10 Foot Joint Mobilisation nTnTen minutes needed for Both Feet nVnVery specialized field nNnNo clothes to be taken off, safe for both male and females Maree Gifkins 1111 St Aubyn St East Hastings New Zealand +6468703929

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