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Track Anything, Anywhere, Anytime. If you can think it...

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2 Track Anything, Anywhere, Anytime. If you can think it...

3 InterBA G Interline Baggage Tracking and Reconciliation

4 Issues: 1. Missed bags increase costs - Shipping a missed bag is expensive - Delaying a plane is very expensive - Wasted time handling missed bags 2. Missed bags cause delays - As above, plane delays or extra labor 3. Missed bags make customers unhappy - Travelers are annoyed - Airlines lose reputation InterBA G


6 Goals: - To save time and money. - To provide real-time data to make informed decisions. - To improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. - TO ALWAYS KNOW WHERE ALL BAGS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE. InterBA G


8 Real-time Database Updated as each scan activity is performed and each message is received. Tracking Starts at the Interline Connection Desk. Through TSA screening. To Handoff to Transportation Vendor, Receipt from Transportation Vendor at next terminal, & Tender back to carrier. This allows the user to identify short connection “hot bags” and prevent wrong connections. InterBA G

9 Sample alert showing a hot bag upon scanning a bag tag. The baggage handler is informed that this bag is a priority for delivery now.

10 In addition to hot bags, you’ll receive the information you need to make critical decisions. Know that a bag is too late no matter what, so that other bags that can be delivered in time will take priority. Know at departure time whether it’s better to delay take off a few minutes to load a number of late bags, or know that it’s better to take off now if you’re only waiting for one or two. InterBA G



13 Features Include Data validation at the point of capture. Encrypted data transmissions. Complete BSM & MVT processing. Data is immediately available at all points. Tag information searchable by passenger name, flight, seat number, ticket and/or bag tag number. Misconnect List available at flight closeout. Decision support assistance for baggage connection flight hold. InterBA G


15 The user has the benefit of 100% Match, Track and Trace. Lost bag claim reduction. Mis-connect & Mis-routed bag claim reduction. Decrease in theft because of complete traceability and accountability of baggage handling by location. Internet based Web access to all data, reporting, and analysis functions. Leverage existing data flow. InterBA G

16 Leverage existing data Utilize the baggage, movement, and passenger messages you are already receiving. Use carrier SSIM schedule files. The only added data stream is the scans of the bag tags, which is a simple point & shoot operation. Your operational investment is small. InterBA G

17 INTERLINE CONNECTION DESK POSSESSION – gather bags and scan Give bags to TSA – scan ? Get bags back from TSA – scan? Give it to Triangle – scan as TRANSFER TO VENDOR Vendor transports bag to next terminal – scan as NEXT TERMINAL Distribute to carrier – scan as HANDOFF TO CARRIER

18 Multi-level customer service improvements You are happier because you provide a better service and save money doing so. Your customers, the carriers, are happier because they endure fewer baggage transfer problems. Your customers’ customers, the passengers, are happier because baggage losses and delays plummet, and times when it does happen it is resolved much faster. And ultimately the entire airport community benefits from fewer departure delays. InterBA G


20 Minimum Connection Times  Domestic to Domestic  Domestic to International  International to International  International to Domestic Ability to set individual MCT’s by Transfer Type. - Real-time monitoring, based on scan event time & actual bag movement. - Identify problems as they occur. - Measure, assess, & report what went wrong, where, and when.

21 InterBA G

22 Forearm mount Intermec CN 2 vibrates and flashes Scanner Options Scanners are 802.11b wireless and can be used at any necessary location, including outside the TSA screening area, bag make-up area, transfer area, planeside, etc. Connection is by direct Ethernet for fixed scanners or 802.11b for handhelds and wearables. Antenna placement depends on the physical requirements. The barcode on the back of each employee's airport ID is scanned and serves as the user ID and pass code, which allows us to track each user's activity. Supervisory override authority is based on this user ID. Printer has Bluetooth connectivit y to print planeside. MetoLogic ScanGlove The ScanGlove scanner head talks to the Intermec 700 series. The Bluetooth earbud fits under noise protection headsets The next generation wearable terminal is the Symbol WT40x0 configuration. Both wrist- and hip-mounting are available. Intermec 700 Series Motorola MC series scanners with GPS and cellular data.

23 InterBA G





28 Summary Use your own data to save you time and money. Increase on-time performance. Avoid costly delays. Improve customer experience. Find where the problems are and correct them. Know where your baggage is and make that knowledge work for you.

29 InterBA G

30 ChairTRA K Experience lost revenue due to - Slow notification of need - Slow employee response time - Loss of passenger paperwork - Fines for ADA non-compliance

31 ChairTRA K Combines these data: - SSIM flight schedules - Movement messages - BSM/PSM feeds - Manual requests - Boarding passes - Location data from RFID tags to get many of the same advantages as InterBAG.

32 ChairTRA K Slow notification of need: Sometimes an arriving passenger needing wheelchair assistance isn’t known about until they or family members come searching for aide upon arriving at the gate. ChairTRAK can monitor incoming Passenger Status Messages, alert you hours in advance, and even automatically schedule and dispatch assistance so that the chair and attendant will already be waiting at the gate.

33 ChairTRA K Slow employee response time: Typically attendants must report to the dispatch office to receive their next assignment, which might end up being quite some distance away. This is non-productive time which could be put to better use. ChairTRAK not only allows assignments to be sent to the attendant’s mobile scanning device, but will also schedule attendants based on who is closest to the next passenger. This dramatically reduces idle time.

34 ChairTRA K Loss of passenger paperwork: Billing is based on the attendant submitting the passenger’s paperwork, usually boarding pass information and ticket number. These are collected and submitted to the airline for reimbursement. If the paperwork is lost or unavailable there is no reimbursement. ChairTRAK’s mobile scanners are used to capture this information when the passenger is picked up and transmit it to the central office. The billing records are summarized by carrier and invoices generated, with proof of service.

35 ChairTRA K Fines for ADA non-compliance: ADA Regulations require that the attendant remain with the passenger at all times. The fines for non-compliance can be large. ChairTRAK location tracks both the attendant and the passenger wheelchair in real-time. Evidence can be produced proving that the attendant remained with the patient. The system can also send real-time notices of any discrepancy as it happens, alerting supervisors and even dispatching additional staff to the location should the passenger be unattended for even a few moments.

36 ChairTRA K Other advantages: - Monitor attendants to make sure they are available and staying with the job. - Passenger access allows concerned family members to bring up a map of the airport and find out where their loved one is in real-time. - Allow an attendant to page another attendant should the passenger need to use a bathroom and not be the same sex as the attendant. - Automatically send alerts for unexpected situations such as out of bounds, too fast or too slow movement.

37 ChairTRA K Summary Save you time and money by reducing wasted employee time. Improve response time. Avoid lost paperwork. Improve customer experience. Find where the problems are and correct them. Know where your passengers are and make that knowledge work for you.

38 Track Anything, Anywhere, Anytime. If you can think it...


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