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American Camp Association Webinar October 2010. Agenda The growing movement What is Nature Rocks –Strategy –Partners –Program How Nature Rocks supports.

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1 American Camp Association Webinar October 2010

2 Agenda The growing movement What is Nature Rocks –Strategy –Partners –Program How Nature Rocks supports you How To Participate

3 Tone setting As all of you know there is something magical that happens It doesn’t have to be fancy That experience shapes their development in wonderful ways

4 Accelerating Movement “Last Child in the Woods” sparks innumerable media features on Louv and Nature Deficit Disorder – 100 media features per month Major environmental NGOs and agencies launch programs (Sierra Club, National Wildlife Federation, Fish & Wildlife Service, state agencies) 200+ community and state initiatives and including Cincinnati, Cleveland, Chicago, CT, FL and TX National conferences on children and nature or featuring Louv draw thousands of attendees No Child Left Inside Act (HR3036 / S1981) introduced in U.S. Congress 4

5 Strong Public Affinity Overwhelming recognition that children should spend more time active, outdoors Need to transform awareness into action 5

6 The Outdoor Foundation’s report identifies parents as primary influencers in children’s decisions to get active outdoors 6 Parents are Key

7 Nature Rocks Program

8 Overview Nature Rocks is a national campaign to inspire and empower parents to get their families outside to play and explore in nature for happier, healthier and smarter children. Specifically designed as a powerful communications platform to connect families to your great programs. Launched May 2009 8

9 Program Goals Get children in nature: make nature exploration and play an everyday part of American childhood again Get parents engaged: inspire parents with the benefits of nature, and empower them with the tools and information they need to prioritize and incorporate it into their family’s lives Build public support: by showing that nature is an essential ingredient for raising happier, healthier and smarter children, build public support for a healthy environment and to protect nature 9

10 Partners 10

11 Core Message Happier: Nature play increases self-esteem and reduces stress. Children learn self-discipline and are more cooperative. Healthier: Nature play improves physical conditioning and reduces obesity. Smarter: Nature play stimulates creativity and improves problem solving. Children do better in school. Quality Family Time : Nature offers unique opportunities for sharing and whole family bonding Affordable : Activities in nature are free or very inexpensive Reaching parents & caregivers not already placing a priority on children and nature. 11

12 Brand 12 Caps Flip video cameras Journals Baby onesies Sigg Water Bottles T-Shirts

13 13 Nature Rocks Online Inspiration Tools Find activities: age, time, location Find nature by zip NEW: Find events, add your event by zip code Invite friends Why nature rocks Special offers Newsletter sign up Social Media Facebook – 4,200+ fans Twitter – 49,000+ follow MySpace – just launched Overcome barriers parents face: fear, safety, how & where

14 Find Nature

15 15 Marketing Strategy Marketing conceptual Grassroots Direct Partner

16 Seasonal Campaigns Resonant seasonal themes, supporting benefits, with which all program activities and messaging align –Spring: Health –Summer: Health + Happiness –Fall: Smarter –Winter: Quality Family Time Offerings and outreach to support seasonal themes –Seasonal activity guides – downloadable, shareable –Seasonally featured content – activities, partner ads and offers –Earned media outreach –Social media outreach – editorial, partner features, Adwords –Events – online and off 16

17 Support for Your Outreach

18 Support for Local Initiatives Support for local organizations with: Powerful Communications Platform Visibility and Reach Local Outreach Fundraising & Partnership Development 18 Major goal Build demand with the right message and drive public to camps and local organizations through the national campaign

19 Support: Powerful Platform Nature Rocks provides a proven research-driven communications platform to connect parents to your programs: –National marketing of a brand you can use with your brand to improve recognition for your marketing –Effective message that ties to parents primary concerns of family wellness and development –Powerful vehicle to convey your programs – you add the substance through specific opportunities you offer for families to connect with nature

20 Support: Visibility and Reach Nature Rocks provides visibility and reach to local programs through: –Nature Rocks website Find Nature – we can add locations as featured results Find Events – YOU can add your events as featured results –Social media Participate in the growing Facebook (4,200+), Twitter (49,000+), and MySpace (just launched) communities Become a featured Nature Rocks ambassador, and have the opportunity to be featured in social media as an ambassador and guest contributor 20

21 Support: Local Outreach 21 Nature Rocks provides support for your local outreach through resources you can use: –Customizable outreach materials including: community presentations, handouts, talking points –Media materials including speaking points and video clips –Select media collaboration opportunities –Toolkit with tips for outreach tactics

22 Multi-Media Release 22

23 Support: Fundraising & Partnerships 23 Nature Rocks provides support for your local fundraising and partnership development via: –Compelling message and brand to motivate donors. Use it in your fundraising and membership materials –Fun items you can sell. You can co-locate your brand on Nature Rocks t-shirts, notebooks, bags, caps, etc. Design your own! –Approach prospective partners as a nationally recognized program. Improve your chances of engaging those partners by showing the visibility they can gain as a local Nature Rocks partner.

24 Toolkit & Resources Resources free for all ACA members at: –Camp Toolkit: Nature Rocks description plus strategies and resources for local non-profit initiatives –Community Presentation: Presentation for local partner outreach –Brochure and flyer: Customizable materials for use in outreach –B-roll video: Video clips for local TV news to use as elements of a newscast –Logo files: eps and jpg files, including logos, characters, and color bars 24

25 How To Participate 1.Get the Resources! At 2.Review the toolkit ideas on how to use Nature Rocks in your outreach 3.Incorporate Nature Rocks in your communications – co-locating it with your own brand if you have one and pointing parents to as a resource. 4.Offer the Take Camp Home pamphlet to your camp-goers to give them resources and keep them connected 5.Reach out into your community with the Community Presentation and press release 6.Send us your ideas for how to make Nature Rocks even better and support your efforts 25

26 26

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