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Raising Boys’ Achievement In Writing Jayne Whitehouse St Laurence Infant School Year Two.

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1 Raising Boys’ Achievement In Writing Jayne Whitehouse St Laurence Infant School Year Two

2 Why am I on this course?

3 In the 2005 SATS 45% of girls achieved level 3 for writing, but… Only 14.9% of boys achieved level 3!

4 We clearly have a gender issue to address

5 My Focus Group Aaron A capable boy. Finds writing a real chore. Easily content with what he produces. Bobby More than capable, but very under confident. Finds it hard to think of ideas. The six most likely to……………… achieve a level 3 Elliot Doesn’t particularly enjoy writing. Really labours over his work. Produces little content wise. Jack Not really interested in writing. Produces very little, yet is capable of so much more. Owen Full of ideas, he just doesn’t like having to write them down! Thomas A very able writer who writes a lot at home. Finds it hard to think of ideas about a given subject.

6 Unit 1

7 Why Mulan? Literacy –Stories from other cultures Geography- Compare and contrast two locations. We compare Birmingham to Hong Kong/ Mainland China. Art-Work about Chinese New Year. It was a film that few of the children were familiar with.

8 Week 1 Settings Writing:A description of the army training camp Week 2 Characterisation Writing:A “WANTED” poster for Shan Yu Week 3 Letter Writing Writing:A letter from Mulan describing the places she has seen and the people she has met.

9 Activities Hot seating Thought Bubbles Conscience Alley Zone Of Relevance Emotions

10 Our first ever Zone Of Relevance!

11 Daniel in the hot seat as Mulan’s father. He’s normally much too shy to volunteer!

12 Add your text Unit 2

13 Why The Iron Giant?  Literacy –.Dictionaries, glossaries, indexes. Explanations. Explanations our usual texts this half term are about machines  Science – Materials  D&T – Making models  Major appeal to boys  Opportunity to compare the film to the original Ted Hughes text

14 Week 1 Distinguishing the difference between appearance and character. Writing: A description of the Iron Giant Week 2 Viewing scenes from the director’s perspective and the Iron Giant’s powers. Writing:Invent a superhero/heroine and write about their appearance and their powers Week 3 Story boarding and animation. Writing: Use a storyboardto write the seuel “The Iron Giant 2.”

15 Activities  Focused Listening – Listening to the soundtrack without the aid of pictures.  Camera angle/sound/colour  Oral story telling  Story boarding  The work of the animator  Hot seating  Conscience Alley  Zone Of Relevance

16 We found a new way to use the Zone Of Relevance!

17 We had an “Iron Giant Day” We painted Iron Giants

18 We made Iron Giants from junk

19 We used pretend cameras to role play the film crew

20 We also  Used plasticine to model Iron Giants  Used untuned instruments to represent the Giant’s voice  Made flick books to demonstrate animation

21 Results  Really pleasing results across the class.  Boys in group 4 have made excellent progress in terms of confidence, ideas, and the amount of writing they produce.  One reticent girl with an IEP has taken part more readily in all lessons since we started the project.  One very able girl, a level 3 reader, but a reticent writer, has really been inspired to write.

22 Results For Focus GroupPupilPre Unit 1 End End Unit 2 Aaron2B(just!) 2B (secure) 2A Bobby2C2B2A Elliot2C2B2B Jack2C2B2B Owen2C2C2B Thomas2C2BAbsent

23 Impact On Writing  Ambitious vocabulary  Use of similes  Use of paragraphs  Increased output  Increased motivation  Increased creativity  Increased confidence  Increased ENJOYMENT!

24 Benefits…… Renewed interest Increased motivation Improved subject knowledge Fresh ideas New skills Vastly increased ICT capability! … me as the teacher

25 Benefits…… Increased motivation Increased confidence Improved speaking and listening skills New activities Greatly improved writing More fun in literacy … the children as learners

26 Benefits…… Re-skilled staff Standards raised in literacy Fully motivated, happier children One fully motivated, happier member of Staff (Others to follow!) … the school

27 The nominations for the award “Best Achievement In Boys’ Writing” are….

28 Aaron – For his description of the Huns attack Bobby – For his script of The Iron Giant 2 Elliot – For his description of the Iron Giant Jack – For his writing about a superhero Owen – For his description of the soldiers training camp Thomas –For his letter from Mulan

29 And the winner is…

30 All of them!!

31 Another production from Whitehouse Enterprises Inc. 2oo6

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