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The Exam.  The exam room will be 4a58, unless you hear otherwise (maybe two rooms, only 12 in 4a58, but only room with SPSS!)  Date: 5th of January.

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1 The Exam

2  The exam room will be 4a58, unless you hear otherwise (maybe two rooms, only 12 in 4a58, but only room with SPSS!)  Date: 5th of January (curse you Bill!)  Time: 09:00 – 13:00 – 4 hours  The room is open 30 mins before exam start

3  Written exam with all aids  A3-type: All written and printed aids, and PC with access to internet and personal folders  SPSS 17.0 and Excel 2007 will be available  Note: NO MACS! Only PC.

4  When meeting at the exam you will need to sign a ”PC-use”-note – you will get it at the exam room  Rules for written examinations:  2 2

5  Rules for the use of PCs at exams:  2 2  Specific rules for the DEDA exam:  library/Intranet/Uddannelse/Eksamen/PC- regler/Regler%20for%20brug%20af%20PC% 20ved%20eksamen%20i%20Experimental%2 0Design%20and%20Analysis.pdf library/Intranet/Uddannelse/Eksamen/PC- regler/Regler%20for%20brug%20af%20PC% 20ved%20eksamen%20i%20Experimental%2 0Design%20and%20Analysis.pdf


7  According to the guidelines you need to create a document on the computer with your answers on it, as well as:  CPR number  Name  PC number  Course name  Exam date  Remember to number the pages  This document contains your answers.

8  You must send your document to the printer before the exam time runs out  The ”tilsyn” will pick up your print, and give it to you. If all pages are out, you sign it.  The ”tilsyn” are old people, who know squat about IT. But they know that they MUST summon the IT-department is errors happen.  I will be at the ITU in case something happenes. They have my number.  Save your document during the exam!  Write answers on paper also!

9  All exam questions are numbered. Use these numbers when you write your answers.  Examples:  ”Q24A: Mean = 22.2” (question where you calculate something)  ”Q11: A+B” (multiple choice question)  It does not has to be written this way, just make sure we can identify which questions you are answering

10  Warning: May change a bit – needs thorough testing to ensure balance  Exam is on a 100-point scale  3 sections:  A) Multiple choice (30 points)  B) Open questions (20 points)  C) Calculation questions (50 points)

11  These are quick and relatively straight-forward questions, which are aimed to get you comfortably working with the exam  They are based on your knowledge of the course material – you will find the answers in the course material, but a lot faster to answer if you know the curriculum  You answer by noting down the number/numbers of the response options. E.g.: ”Q2, 1” or ”Q4, 4 and 5” – or similar.

12  3. What does a significant test statistic tell us?  1. There is an important effect. 2. The hull hypothesis is false. 3. There is an effect in the population of sufficient magnitude to be scientifically interesting. 4. All of the above.

13  9. Which of the following terms best describes the sentence: ‘In a blind-tasting, people will not be able to tell the difference between margarine and butter’  1. A directional hypothesis 2. An operational definition 3. A null hypothesis 4. A non-directional hypothesis

14  These are focused on testing your ability to think correctly about experiment design, hypothesis testing etc.  There will be 4-6 of them, each with a few sub-questions

15 20. Read the following description of an experiment and answer the following questions: 20B) What experimental design is used? 20C) What were the independent and dependent variables used? The effects of shift-patterns on employee performance Concerned with falling profits, a big insurance company recruits a famous torturer to see if the performance of their telephone sales division could be improved. The torturer first compares the number of sales made by telephone sales operatives working on the company´s existing three different shifts (morning, midday and evening). A significant difference is found between the three groups on this measure, and it is concluded that shift-pattern affects operative’s performance.

16 20D) Not satisfied with the performance of any of the three groups, the company asks the torturer to experiment with ways to raise performance. The torturer randomly selected two groups of sales operatives. One group he asks to work as they normally do, from 9-5 on a Monday (irrespective of which shift they normally work on). The other group he asks to work as they normally would do, from 9-5 on a Monday, while at the same time he whips them, sharpens his headman´s axe and verbally threatens them to sell more. Afterwards, he collected data on their sales performance. The group that was threatened and whipped performed 25% better in terms of number of sales. The torturer concluded that the company should regularly whip and threaten their sales staff to improve performance. What type of experiment design did the torturer use? Define the independent and dependent variable/-s.

17  This is where you will be applying statistical tests in practice  Questions very similar to those from the exercises – prepare by solving them again  You can calculate them by hand, in SPSS or Excel --- but you may be asked to include SPSS outputs, graphs, scatterplots or similar in the Word-document you hand in, so SPSS is unavoidable for some questions.  Remember your tables for finding critical values of test statistics (SPSS gives you significance, but just in case)

18 24. An experiment is performed to see if eating ice-cream makes people happier. Ten individuals provide blood samples from which endorphin levels are measured after eating best stracciatella ice-cream money can buy. This is done twice, once before and once after 30 minutes' of ice-cream eating. The scores are shown below (high endorphin level corresponds to high degree of happiness).  SubjectBefore eating ice-creamAfter eating ice-cream 157 247 368 479 532 644 756 817 924 1031

19  24A) Calculate the mean and standard deviation for each condition. (Use the formula for the standard deviation that gives the standard deviation as an estimate of the population SD!)   24B) Perform a dependent-means t-test. Is there a statistical significance between the two samples? Does eating ice cream make people happier?  24C) What problems are there in performing this experiment, in practice?

20  Some final comments:  Remember you can copy and paste from SPSS output directly into your Word- document  The same for Excel (should you choose to use Excel)


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