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How to manage my references? Stop Searching, Start Discovering.

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1 How to manage my references? Stop Searching, Start Discovering

2 Scenario I have many references, some for my old papers, some for my current research. Sometimes, they are so many that I can’t recall where I have kept them in my folders! Even in the same discipline, different journals require different formatting style for references. I just wish I can change the output style of the references easily, without much worrying in typo errors or inconsistent formatting. Each time when I found a new reference to be inserted into middle of my paragraphs, I need to update many references’ order that could easily make mistake. This is crazy! With EndNote Web, manage references can be easier than you think! Why?

3 Why EndNote Web? EndNote Web can help you to manage your references in a simple two-steps process … Step 1: Manage references –Collect references –Organize, share and collaborate Step 2: Format references –Cite references while writing (Cite While You Write) –Get reference list generated automatically –Change the reference style in few clicks! So simple! Isn’t it? Let start to get your references organize now …

4 How to start? Here are the simple steps to make your writing experience a happier one … 1.Create a free EndNote Web account 2.Collect references from Web of Science and various databases 3.Manage, organize and share references 4.Download and installing the “Cite While You Write” Plug-in (only do it once!) 5.Inserting your references and be a happy writer! … because references are automatically generated and you can change the style with just few clicks!

5 All ISI Web of Knowledge subscribers receive free access to EndNote Web Also, all EndNote X2 and EndNote X3 customers also get free EndNote Web account Wait no more … Get yourself an EndNote Web account today Get an EndNote Web account is easy!

6 Creating Endnote Web account is simple, just register with ISI Web of Knowledge platform If you already have an ISI Web of Knowledge profile, signing in with your e-mail address and existing password will give you access to EndNote Web

7 To access EndNote Web library, you can … Access to your EndNote Web library anytime you are signed into the ISI Web of Knowledge You will also have roaming access for your EndNote Web library by signing in with your ISI Web of Knowledge profile information from

8 Manage, collect, organize and format … All in few tabs Manage references Collect references Format references Organize / Share references Manage your account

9 Add References to your EndNote Web Library is easy 2. Click button In Web of Science, you can add records to EndNote Web from Search Results Summary Page Marked List Full Record 1. Select the records

10 Get references organized in groups! … For easier managing and retrieval 2. Select the records to be grouped 3. Add to an existing group or create new group 4. If creating a new group, enter the name for the group and hit OK 1. All new references imported will first go to “Unfiled” folder

11 A new group called “Stress” has been created with selected references grouped in it

12 Easily access to ISI Web of Knowledge from your references for more updated details For records imported from ISI Web of Knowledge, user can easily link back to “Source Record”, “Related Records” and get updated Times Cited information!

13 Easily connected to online databases and retrieve references directly into your EndNote Web account Access hundreds of remote bibliographic databases, including Web of Science, Ovid, PubMed, the Library of Congress, and university catalogs from EndNote Web 1. Select the database or library catalog and click “Connect” button

14 Connect... Search... Retrieve, you can search online databases just as easily as you can imagine like 1-2-3 2. Type in the search queries and hit “Search” button 3. Click “Retrieve” button to get the results into your EndNote Web library

15 Share your updated references instantly with your collaborators, anywhere! …Collaborate without border 1. Check the box of the Group for sharing and then click “Manage Sharing” button

16 Share EndNote Web groups – simplify collaboration effort 2. Select “Start sharing this group” 3. Enter email addresses 4. Select whether to grant “Read only” access or “Read & Write” access before clicking “Apply” button

17 You are done! Collaboration and sharing experiences become easier and stress free In control of sharing at anytime! User can add more email addresses, change the access right, edit the email address or stop sharing by deleting added email

18 Get the EndNote Web Cite While You Write Plug-in now to experience the difference in writing Download Cite While You Write Plug-in today!

19 Install the Cite While You Write Plug-in and you will find EndNote Web Tool-bar in Word 1. Locate the EndNote Web tool-bar and click “EN Pref” button 2. Select the “Application” tab, then update your Email Address and Password to access your EndNote Web library directly

20 Inserting citations can be so simple! 1. After typing the text, click in the tool-bar Once EndNote Web Find & Insert window appear: 2.Enter the keyword and hit “Find” button 3.Select the references 4.Click “Insert” button

21 Watch bibliographies appear as you write! Instantly, the inserted references will appear at the end of the manuscript automatically!

22 Want to change the output style? Few clicks is all you need! 1. Click the in the tool-bar Once EndNote Web Format Bibliography window appear: 2.Select the new output style from the drop-down menu (there are more than 3000 styles to select!) 3.Click “OK” button

23 In less than seconds, the paper is ready with another output style! Try it out and feel the difference today From “Numbered style” into “Author- Date style” can be so effortless and stress free!

24 Wait no more … reference management starts from beginning of every research Reference management plays an important part in every research cycle, because a well-organized references helps researcher to work more efficiently, compose manuscripts much easily, and most importantly, save time for discoveries It doesn’t matter whether you are writing reports, articles or short assignments, as long as you will cite references and want to get your references organize painlessly, start today with EndNote Web! … and be a happier writer Stop Searching, Start Discovering

25 The Web-based Research & Writing Tool

26 Need help? Contact us For exploring more training opportunities, please visit For technical help, please direct to If you are from:Please write to: Rest of APAC (including SEA, HK, Taiwan, India) Stop Searching, Start Discovering

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