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English Grammar 第九章. P.250 Practice 3 3. a lake and an ocean big as. 4. honey and sugar sweet as. 5. good health and money important as. A lake isn’t.

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1 English Grammar 第九章

2 P.250 Practice 3 3. a lake and an ocean big as. 4. honey and sugar sweet as. 5. good health and money important as. A lake isn’t (nearly) as Money isn’t (nearly) as good health an ocean Honey is just assugar

3 2. Did Bill really lift that heavy box all by himself? He must be as strong as. 3. It was a lovely summer day. School was out, and there was nothing in particular that I had to do. I felt as free as. 4. Marco won’t change his mind. He’s as stubborn as. 5. How can anyone expect me to sleep in this bed? It’s as hard as. P.251 Practice 5 a bull / an ox a bird a mule a rock

4 1. Alaska is large than Texas. Alaska is larger than Texas. 2. Alaska is largest state in the United States. Alaska is the largest state in the United States. 3. Texas is the larger from France in land area. Texas is larger than France in land area. 4. Old shoes are usually more comfortable to new shoes. Old shoes are usually more comfortable than new shoes. P.252 Practice 7

5 5. I like Chinese food more better than French food. I like Chinese food better than French food. 6. A pillow is more soft from a rock. A pillow is softer than a rock. 7. My brother is 22. I am 20. My sister is 18. I am the youngest than my brother. My sister is the younger person in our family. My brother is 22. I am 20. My sister is 18. I am younger than my brother. My sister is the youngest person in our family.

6 1. high 2. good 3. lazy 4. hot 5. neat 6. late 7. happy P.254 Practice 9 higher, the highest better, the best lazier, the laziest hotter, the hottest neater, the neatest later, the latest happier, the happiest

7 8. dangerous 9. slowly 10. common 11. friendly more dangerous, the most dangerous more slowly, the most slowly more common, the most common or commoner, the commonest more friendly, the most friendly or friendlier, the friendliest

8 12. careful 13. bad 14. far more careful, the most careful worse, the worst farther / further, the farthest / furthest

9 1. Oranges are than lemons. 2. I heard a little polite laughter when I told my jokes, but everyone laughed loudly when Janet told hers. Her jokes are always much than mine. 3. Many more people die in car accidents than in plane accidents. Statistics show that driving your own car is than flying in an airplane. P.254 Practice 10 sweeter funnier more dangerous

10 4. Professor Sato speaks clearly, but I have trouble understanding Professor Larson’s lectures. Her lectures are much than Proffer Sato’s. 5. Bobby! How did you get all covered with mud? Hurry and take a bath. Even the floor is than you are. 6.A: Why does wet sand look than dry sand? B: Because wet sand reflects less light. more confusing cleaner darker

11 7.A: The moon is full tonight. There’s not a cloud in the sky. Look at the moonlight on the lake. It makes the water sparkle. Have you ever seen a sight than this? 8. If a cat and a duck are out in the rain, the cat will get much than the duck. The water will simply roll off the duck’s feathers but will soak into the cat’s hair. prettier wetter

12 1. My sister is only six. She’s much younger than. 2. Peggy is thirteen, and she feels sad. She thinks most of the other girls in school are far more popular than. 3. The children can’t lift that heavy box, but Mr. Ford can. He’s stronger than. 4. Jim isn’t a very good speller. I can spell much better than. P.257 Practice 14 I am / me she is / her they are/them he can / him

13 5. I was on time. Jack was late. I got there earlier than. 6. Ted is out of shape. I can run a lot faster and farther than. 7. Isabel’s classes are difficult, but my classes are easy. Isabel’s classes are more difficult than. My classes are easier than. 8. Our neighbor’s house is very large. Our house is much smaller than. Their house is larger than. he did / him he can / him mine hers theirs ours

14 1. My nephew is ambitious my niece. A. less … thanB. not as … as 2. My nephew is old my niece. B. not as … as 3. A bee is big a bird. B. not as … as 4. My brother is interested in planning for the future I am. A. less … thanB. not as … as P.259 Practice 17

15 5. I am good at repairing things Diane is. B. not as … as 6. Some students are serious about their schoolwork others. A. less … thanB. not as … as

16 4. There is about geography in an encyclopedia than (there is) in a dictionary. 5. I used to be sad, but now I’m a lot about my life (than I used to be). 6. Unhappy roommates or spouses can live together if they learn to respect each other’s differences. P.261 Practice 21 more information happier more happily

17 5. She sat there quietly, but during all that time she was getting. Finally she exploded. 8. The weather is getting with each passing day. P.263 Practice 22 angrier and angrier / more and more angry colder and colder / warmer and warmer

18 3. If a knife is sharp, it is easy to cut something with. a knife (is), it is to cut something. 8. We ran fast to reach the house. The sky grew dark. A storm was threatening. P.264 Practice 23 The sharperthe easier The darker the sky grew, the faster we ran to reach the house.

19 1. Jack is lazy. He is student the class. 2. Mike and Julie were nervous, but Amanda was all. 3. Costa Rico is beautiful. It is one of countries the world. 4. Scott got a bad score on the test. It was one of scores the whole school. P.265 Practice 24 the laziest in the most nervous of the most beautiful the worst

20 5. Pluto is far from the sun. In fact, it is planet from the sun our solar system. 6. There are a lot of good cooks in my family, but my mom is cook all. 7. Alaska is big. It is state the United States. 8. My grandfather is very old. He is person the town where he lives. in the farthest / furthest the best of the biggest in the oldest

21 9. That chair in the corner is comfortable. It is chair the room. 10. Everyone who ran in the race was exhausted, but I was all. the most comfortable in the most exhausted of

22 1. Lead is a very heavy metal. It is (heavy) gold or silver. It is one of (heavy) metals all. 2. Dogs are usually (friendly) cats. 3. One of (famous) volcanoes the world is Mount Etna in Sicily. P.269 Practice 31 the most famous heavier than the heaviest of friendlier / more friendly than in

23 4. A car has two (wheels) a bicycle. 5. Mrs. Cook didn’t ask the children to clean up the kitchen. It was (easy) for her to do it herself to nag the to do it. more wheels than easier than

24 1. Geese are similar ducks. They are both large water birds. 2. But geese are not the same ducks. Geese are usually larger and have longer necks. 3. Geese are different ducks. 4. Geese are like ducks in some ways, but geese and ducks are not exactly alike. P.272 Practice 32 to as from X X

25 5. An orange is similar a grapefruit. They are both citrus fruits. 6. But an orange is not the same a grapefruit. A grapefruit is usually larger and sourer. 7. An orange is different a grapefruit. 8. An orange is like a grapefruit in some ways, but they are not exactly alike. to as from X X

26 9. Gold is similar silver. They are both valuable metals that people use for jewelry. But they aren’t the same. Gold is not the same color silver. Gold is also different silver in cost. Gold is more expensive than silver. X to as from

27 10. Look at the two zebras. Their names are Zee and Bee. Zee looks like Bee. Is Zee exactly the same Bee? The pattern of the stripes on each zebra in the world is unique. No two zebras are exactly alike. Even though Zee and Bee are similar each other, they are different each other in the exact pattern of their stripes. X as X to from

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