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Unit 6 I’m more outgoing than my sister. (Period Two) 北京市上地实验学校 邓 容.

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1 Unit 6 I’m more outgoing than my sister. (Period Two) 北京市上地实验学校 邓 容

2 Tina is …Tara is … funnier 2b Listen and fill in the chart. more outgoing smarter more athletic quieter more serious

3 2b Practice How is Michael Jackson different in the pictures?

4 SamTom smart tall athletic quiet thin funny Is Tom smart than Sam? No, he isn’t. Sam is smarter than Tom. Is Sam taller than Tom? … 4 2c Pairwork ( 看表格练对话 )

5 SamTom smart tall athletic quiet thin funny 5

6 A: Do you know them B: Oh, sure. They’re quite popular. A: What’s their differences? B: Well, I think … is … than … A: What else? Practice: Ask and answer about the differences between the famous people.

7 Grammar Focus 形容词比较级的用法 表示两者(人或事物)的比较。在 “ 比较级+ than” 的句中,当 than 前后所使用的动词相同时,通 常用助动词代替后面的动词。该动词或助动词可以 省略。 than 后面接代词时,一般要用主格。但在口 语中也可使用宾格。 He is more athletic than Sam. 有时,如果比较的对象显而易见时,往往会将 than 从句省略。 I’m taller than my friend. She is quieter. 在形容词的比较级前,有时可以用 much, a little, even, still 等来修饰。如: much bigger, a little warmer.

8 cheap short quick thick light cool warm quiet wild calm + er 形容词比较级归类 y –i + er heavy easy tidy dry busy happy healthy hungry early

9 Adjective Comparative large late nice + r big hot 双写 +er wet fat thin

10 delicious dangerous interesting popular beautiful careful friendly more + adj.

11 形容词不规则变化 better far little worse more farther/further less good well bad ill many much

12 拓展:形容词比较级的有关句型 A) "the …, the …" 结构 “the+ 比较级, the+ 比较级 ” 这个结构表 示一方的程度随另一方的改变而改变,意 思是 “ 越 … … ,越 … …” 。如: The more books I read, the happier I will be. The earlier, the better.

13 B ) “ 比较级 +and+ 比较级 ” 结构 这一结构表示程度的逐渐加深,相当 于汉语的 “ 越来越 ……” 。如: She felt herself becoming more and more nervous. The weather is getting colder and colder.

14 用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空。 1. Which is ______ (beautiful), the black bike or the blue one? 2. A cow is much _________ (heavy) than a dog. 3.Peter is ________ (tall) than his father. 4. His English is ________(good) than any other student in the class. 5. Who is ______________(outgoing), Sam or Mike? Keys: 1. more beautiful 2. heavier 3. taller 4. better 5. more outgoing

15 Sing a song The more we get together, together, together The more we get together The happier we will be. For you friends are my friends And my friends are your friends The more we get together, together, together The happier we will be. Fun time

16 They are twins. Can you find some differences? Liu LiLiu Ying 16 3a

17 Lead in: Talk about the people’s appearances and personalities.

18 1.Liu Li has more than one sister. 2.Liu Li and Liu Ying have some things in common. 3.Liu Ying is not as good at sports as her sister. 4.Liu Ying talks more than Liu Li. 5.Both girls go to lots of parties. DK T F T 18 Read and write “T” (for true), “F” (for false) or “DK” (for don’t know).

19 the same different looks We both have __________ and ___________. My hair is ______ than hers. personaliti es Liu Ying is ____________and _________________ than me. I’m __________. I’m ____________ than her. subjectsMy favorite subjects are _____ and _________. Hers is ________. hobbiesWe both like ___________. We both enjoy __________ Listen and fill in the form. black eyes black hair shorter more athletic more outgoing quieter smarter physics chemistryP.E. sports going to parties

20 Language points 1. both pron. 二者,两者都 Both (of) my parents like cooking. We both like swimming. 与人称动词连用时用 both of us / you / them

21 2. be good at sth. / doing sth. 意思为 “ 擅长于(做)某事 ” Sam is good at basketball. Tina is good at playing the piano. 3. as … as 意思为 “ 和 …… 一样 ” 肯定句: A+ 动词 +as+ 形容词原级 +as B. (表示 A 和 B 两者比较,程度相同) Tom is as honest as John. 汤姆和约翰一样诚实。 This jacket is as cheap as that one. 这件夹克和那一件一 样便宜。 为了避免重复,我们常用 that, those 和 one 一类的代词代 替 as 后重复前面出现的名词。 否定句: A … + not + as / so + 形容词原级 + as B. (表示 A 、 B 两者程度不同,即 A 不如 B 那么 …… ) He is not as ( so ) tall as I. 他不如我高。

22 4. though conj. adv. 虽然,即使,然而 Though it was raining, he went there. although conj. 尽管,虽然 Although it was so cold, he went out without an overcoat. although 与 though 常可互换, 表 “ 虽然、即使、 尽管 ”, 都不能与 but 用于一句话中。但 though 用得更普遍。此外 though 可作副词, 在句尾表 “ 然而 ”, although 不能。

23 1. in some ways 2. a little more outgoing 3. have something in common 4. the same as 5. last letter 6. twin sister 7. photos of 8. as you can see Match the Chinese with the English phrases. 1 .上封信 2 . …… 的照片 3 .双胞胎姐妹 4 .正如你所看到的 5 .在某些方面 6 .有一些共同之处 7 .更外向一点 8 .和 …… 一样

24 Pairwork Tell your partner about things that are the same and different between you and a member of your family or a friend. 24

25 What are the differences between Jacky Chen and his son? They are both popular and hardworking. But the son is taller than Jacky. The father is funnier than his son. Jacky Chen is good at Chinese Kungfu. His son is interested in music.

26 Ella is more outgoing and funnier than Hebe. Selina is more beautiful than Ella. And Hebe is quieter and calmer than Ella. But they are all good at singing and they are young and popular.

27 the same different looks We both have... We are both … We both like ___________. We both enjoy __________ … is ____________and _________________ than me. I’m ____________ than... My favorite … personaliti es subjects hobbies Task: First fill in the chart.

28 I want to tell you about me and my best friend / family member. In some ways we ____________ and in some ways we ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ I hope ___________________________________________________ Then tell your partner about your friend or family.

29 “I’m calmer, quieter and more serious in class.” “I’m happier, wilder, funnier and more excited / outgoing after class.” Fun time: In and after class. Sample:

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