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SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v81 Faculty Overview SLCM_WP_230.

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1 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v81 Faculty Overview SLCM_WP_230

2 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v82 Unit 1 – Student Administration Unit 2 - Statement of Responsibility Unit 3 – Class Rolls Unit 4 - Grading Unit 5 – Advising Services Summary and Terminology Course Content

3 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v83 Learning Objectives Obtain an overview of components in the Student Lifecycle Management (SLCM) module in IRIS Understand how SLCM processes integrate with each other and with other IRIS functions Understand myUK Portal Understand the process of grading Understand the process of lifting holds Understand how to display a student’s record

4 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v84 Student Lifecycle Management (SLCM) SLCM is the module within IRIS that includes Student Recruitment, Admissions, Registration, Academic History, Student Accounting, and other Student Services SLCM is integrated with other IRIS modules which provides:  Data that flows immediately throughout the system  Real-time access of common information in SLCM  Virtual elimination of duplicate entries and the errors they can produce

5 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v85 FI, FM HR FI, FM HR Integration Across IRIS SLCM data integrates with other IRIS modules  Student ID is integrated with HR Person ID  If a student is also an employee the Student ID and the employee Person ID will be the same  Student Accounts are integrated with the Financial Student Master Data Academic Records Student File Academic Structure Academic Calendar

6 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v86 SLCM Access and Roles Each SLCM class taken will allow different access (roles) for different users, based on each user’s job and the IRIS functionality needed to perform that job After taking this Faculty Overview class, you will be able to:  Run class rolls  Enter grades  Display and remove advisor holds  Create unofficial transcripts  Display student program of study

7 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v87 SLCM Access and Roles Your role gives you access to the  Student Administration tab on the myUK portal which includes access to the Faculty Services subtab

8 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v88 All users who have access to myUK Portal – Student Administration are required to sign the Statement of Responsibility It is located on the IRIS Website at When you go to the form, you will need to log into it with your AD (or MC) User ID You will not be able to get access until your Statement of Responsibility is signed Statement of Responsibility

9 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v89 Statement of Responsibility Read the Statement and sign it by clicking in the checkbox, then click on the Sign Statement button

10 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v810 Unit 1 Student Administration 10

11 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v811 Student Administration Easiest way for staff and faculty to access basic SLCM information You will ONLY see tabs and links for applications for which you have permission Student Administration tab contains subtabs:  Academics  Administrative Services  Admissions  Advising Services  Faculty Services 11

12 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v812 myUK Portal On the UK home page (, click on Link Blue Click on myUK

13 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v813 myUK Portal Enter your Active Directory user ID and password, then click Sign On

14 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v814 myUK Portal The myUK Portal Menu will display Note: Depending upon your access/roles in the system, your portal menu may look a little different than the one shown above

15 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v815 Student Administration Tab Display a student profile (directory information) Display student schedule Display course offerings Display/print real-time class rolls Submit midterm and final grades Display unofficial transcript Display list of advisees Lift academic advisor holds Issue electronic course overrides (permissions) Perform administrative booking (course registration) 15

16 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v816 Student Administration News Up to date news items display on the right side of the Student Administration screen under Latest Stuff News can include:  Registration windows  Grading windows  System outages  Recent changes 16

17 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v817 Class Rolls

18 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v818 Class Rolls Display Class Rolls Print Class Rolls Export Class Rolls

19 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v819 Display Class Rolls Class rolls can be viewed and printed by authorized faculty and staff from the myUK portal. A class roll can be found by searching for a course prefix and the course number or by entering part of the name of the course. Procedure may be performed at various times before and during the semester to have up-to-date information about students who are officially enrolled in a course.

20 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v820 Display Class Rolls Go to the Faculty Services on the Student Administration tab and click Class Rolls.

21 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v821 Display Class Rolls Double-click on the appropriate year and term. To choose the appropriate Academic Year and Term, click on the Drop-down List icon.

22 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v822 Display Class Rolls Key the course subject and number into the Course Subject & Number field, then click the Search button. Remember: Course Subjects that use two characters only (e.g., MA) must be followed by two spaces and then the number. You can search for the Course/section in one of the following ways: * Course Subject & Number, such as ENG 104; * Course Subject, such as ENG; * Part of the title, such as Writing.

23 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v823 Display Class Rolls Click on the SW 505 link. A list of courses that match the criteria will display.

24 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v824 Display Class Rolls A list of all possible class rolls for the course will display.

25 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v825 Display Class Rolls Section information includes: Meeting Times; Event Type (Lecture, Lab, etc.); Instructor; Room Capacity; Course Capacity; Number of Students Enrolled; Course Waitlist Availability; Number of Students on Waitlist.

26 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v826 Display Class Rolls Click on the Section link.

27 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v827 Print Class Rolls To print, click on the Printer Friendly link. Information includes: Last Name; First Name; Student ID; Username; Degree; Major (Minor); Classification.

28 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v828 Print Class Rolls When the roll displays, click on the Printer icon. Click on the Close icon to close the roll.

29 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v829 Export Class Rolls To export the data to Excel, click on the Export to Excel link. Click on the Save link.

30 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v830 Export Class Rolls Save the file by choosing the appropriate folder on your computer. Change the File Name, and then click on the Save button.

31 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v831 Grading

32 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v832 Grading Process Find courses/sections for grading Enter grades Validate grades Correct grading errors, if applicable Save grades before submission Submit grades to Registrar

33 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v833 Grading Process As a vital part of the Provost’s efforts to promote student retention and graduation, all instructors and administrative staff members (including part-time instructors and graduate teaching assistants) must be able to enter mid-term and final grades There are two grading windows for each session/semester during which grades can be entered and submitted:  Mid-Term Grading Window  Final Grading Window

34 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v834 Grading Process All students MUST be assigned a grade in the final grading period before the electronic grade roster may be submitted to the Registrar’s Office For mid-term grades:  All undergraduate students are REQUIRED to have grades entered and submitted to the Registrar’s Office  Mid-term grade entry for graduate students is not required to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office Grades can be saved before submission to the Registrar’s Office  This feature will permit the grader to come back at a later date/time and complete the grading process

35 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v835 Grading Navigation Click Faculty Services.

36 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v836 Grading Navigation Click Grading.

37 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v837 Grading Navigation Click the Drop-down List icon to select the appropriate Academic Year/Term.

38 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v838 Grading Navigation Select the appropriate Academic Year and Term.

39 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v839 Grading Navigation Click on the in the Drop-down List icon in the Grade Type field and select either Mid- Term or Final Grades.

40 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v840 Grading Navigation If you are the instructor of record for a course section, your course section will appear at the top of the Grading window. Click on the Select link beside the appropriate course section to start the grading process.

41 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v841 Grading Navigation If your course is not listed, click on the Drop-down List icon in the Get Roster For field and make your first selection. Your access may provide any of the following levels: College level access; Department level access; Course level access.

42 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v842 Grading Navigation Continue the process of clicking in the Selection field and selecting the next level until you have selected the section. Notice that your selections will become links that you can use to “back-up” to a previous level. At any time you can click the Reset button to begin the search again.

43 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v843 Grading Navigation Click in the Select field and select the next level. In this example it is the department. Select the course.

44 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v844 Grading Navigation Select the section. The enrolled students will be displayed in alphabetical order. Grades may be entered manually or selected from the list.

45 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v845 Entering Grades Grades for all students may be entered at one time, or you may choose to enter some grades, save them, then return at a later time to finish entering grades. Color-coding denotes whether the student is graded by the “Normal” grading scale or an “Other” grading scale, such as audit. Normal is relevant to the course. If the course is a letter grade course, “Normal” is letter grade. If the course is a pass/fail only course, “Normal” is pass/fail.

46 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v846 Entering Grades Enter the grade manually into the Grade field. OR click on the arrow and select the grade. Continue the process until all grades have been entered.

47 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v847 Validate Grades Click Validate Grades to “check” the grades for errors.

48 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v848 Correcting Errors An error message happens for an invalid entry. You can correct and validate again.

49 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v849 Saving Grades You may use the Save Grades functionality when you are entering grades. This feature allows you to come back later to continue grade entry or make any necessary changes BEFORE submitting the grades.

50 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v850 Submitting Grades Once the grading process is complete, click Submit Grades to Registrar. IMPORTANT: You must validate the grades and correct any errors before submission of grades.

51 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v851 Submission to Registrar Mid-term grades must be entered and submitted for all undergraduate students. Mid-term grading is not required for graduate students. Submission of grades during the Final Grade window is NOT permitted unless every student has been assigned a valid grade.

52 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v852 Submission to Registrar Once grades are submitted to the Registrar’s Office, the instructor(s) will receive an email confirmation stating that grades have been submitted for that module/event package (course/section).

53 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v853 Submission to Registrar Please be aware that students will be able to log onto the myUK portal and view grades immediately, after submission to the Registrar’s Office has occurred. Graduate student grade changes are no longer required to be approved by the Dean of the Graduate School before submission to the Registrar.

54 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v854 Grade Change Requests To submit a Grade Change Request:  Click on the Student Administration tab.  Click on the Faculty Services tab.  Then click on Grading in the Detailed Navigation menu area.

55 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v855 Grade Change Requests  Select the appropriate Year/Term using the Drop-Down List in the field.  Select the appropriate Grade Type, either Mid-Term Grades or Final Grades.

56 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v856 Grade Change Requests  Click on the Select link beside the appropriate course/section.  If you are not the instructor of record, you may be permitted as an additional grader to grade the course by selecting the appropriate course/section using the Get Roster For drop-down search.

57 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v857 Grade Change Requests  The Appraisal column will display the grades which were submitted, but they will be grayed out.  To request a grade change, click on the Change link to the right of the student’s name.  Change the grade in the Appraisal column by typing it into the field or using the Drop-down arrow.  Click on the Save button to send the request or click on the Cancel link to cancel the request.

58 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v858 Grade Change Requests The Grade Change Request will be sent via workflow to the Registrar’s Office, where the grade change will be reviewed and processed. Once a grade change has been processed by the Registrar’s Office, an email notification will be sent to the instructor of record, the person who submitted the grade change request (if different) and to the student. This email will not contain the actual grade or course information due to FERPA regulations, but it will give the student name, Student ID number, and academic year/session.

59 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v859 Advising Services

60 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v860 Advising Services Display Student Record  Display and Lift Advisor Holds  Schedule Tab  Address Tab  Stops Tab  Unofficial Transcripts Tab  Program of Study Tab  Graduation Date Tab

61 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v861 Viewing an Advising Record On the Advising Services tab, click on Advisee Record.

62 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v862 FERPA Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a student can request that their directory information not be shared. This means absolutely no information can be released on this student. You may still access the data if you have a professional need to know. When you select the student, a message box will appear.

63 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v863 Pulling up a student record To open a student record for a student who appears on your advisee list, just click on the student’s name. If a student does not appear on your list, you may conduct a search. Click on the Find a Student box and complete one or more fields, then click the Search button. To select a student, click on the radio button beside the name and click Next.

64 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v864 Viewing a Student Record A tabbed list of available information will be displayed. Among the tabs are Stops/Holds, Schedule, Address, Documents (which contains the Unofficial Transcript), Program of Study, Anticipated Graduation Date, Windows/Events, and myAdvisees.

65 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v865 Stops/Holds Tab The Stops/Holds tab is the default for the Advisee Record. Each stop includes information.

66 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v866 myAdvisees Tab The myAdvisees tab provides a list of the students you advise. Students with holds will display a red box in the Hold column. Students without holds will a display a green box in the Hold column.

67 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v867 Lifting Advisor Holds To lift an advisor hold, click in the red box and click on the Lift button. To lift the hold on a series of students, you may click more than one red box to select and click the lift button to lift the hold as a group. Once an Advisor Hold has been lifted, the red box becomes green.

68 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v868 Schedule Tab will display the student’s current academic record. The Schedule tab will display the student’s current academic record.

69 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v869 Address Tab The Address tab provides the student’s address(es):  Current  Permanent  International  Email

70 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v870 Documents Tab To display an unofficial transcript for a student, click on the Documents tab. Click on Unofficial Transcript. To print the transcript, click on the Printer icon.

71 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v871 Program of Study tab Click on the Program of Study tab to display the student’s Program(s) of Study, including Major and Minor (if applicable). The student’s College, Degree, Major, and Minor will be displayed.

72 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v872 Graduation Date tab To view the student’s anticipated Graduation Date, click on the Anticipated Graduation Date tab. To enter an anticipated Graduation date, click on the Update button. Click on the appropriate date to select, then click Save.

73 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v873 Pulling up a Different Student To view another student’s data, click the Open Student Selection icon. Enter the student’s name, UserID, and/or Student Number into the appropriate field. Click the Search icon.

74 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v874 Logging off myUK Portal When you are finished with your work in Student Administration, you will want to log off the Portal. To log off the portal, click Log Off. A dialogue box will pop up asking if you are sure. To confirm, click Yes. Be sure you log out, so that no one is able to access student data using your ID!

75 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v875 After reviewing this tutorial, please submit the completion notification available on the myHelp website:  letion.html In addition complete the brief evaluation available on the myHelp website to help us improve this tutorial:  tion.html Questions or suggestions may be directed to:  IRIS Training at Course Completion

76 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v876 Student Lifecycle Management Help myHelp Website:   Contains Quick Reference Cards, updated course manuals, Simulations, SLCM Frequently Asked Questions, and other job aids IRIS Website   Contains Information Directory, Forms, and other references

77 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v877 SLCM Training Courses Classroom Lab Courses – Register at  SLCM_AD_300 Event Planning  SLCM_AD_340 Programs of Study & Majors SLCM Web Courses -  SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview  SLCM_AD_310 Student Records  SLCM_AD_315 Booking Rules  SLCM_AD_320 Booking  SLCM_WP_210 Grading  SLCM_WP_220 Overrides  SLCM_WP_230 SLCM Faculty Overview  SLCM_WP_310 Advising 77

78 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v878 Course Summary You now have: Obtain an overview of components in the Student Lifecycle Management (SLCM) module in IRIS Understand how SLCM processes integrate with each other and with other IRIS functions Understand myUK Portal Understand the process of Grading Understand the process of Lifting Holds (Stops) Understand how to display a student’s record

79 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v879 Key Terminology TerminologyDefinition Student Number (NOT SSN!) A unique 8-digit ID number assigned by IRIS. This is the key to student records. We will still maintain the SSN, if known, and search is permitted by SSN. Program of Study The college and the degree Example: BA-AS is the program of study Bachelor of Arts in the College of Arts and Sciences. Module A course in the IRIS system Example: BIO 103 BookingClass registration Appraisal Grading; an institutional process for evaluating (grading) in a planned, structured, and standardized way.

80 SLCM_WP_230 Faculty Overview v880 Key Terminology IRIS TermDefinition Sessional Registration A student will have a sessional registration for each term of enrollment. This is roughly equivalent to “term record” and basically means the student is eligible to register. Business Partner (BP) One who has a financial relationship with UK. All students are also business partners.

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