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US-China Culture & Business Association The “Road to Success” Leadership Camp Introduction Confident, Mature, Skillful… Your children’s success starts.

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1 US-China Culture & Business Association The “Road to Success” Leadership Camp Introduction Confident, Mature, Skillful… Your children’s success starts from here! US-China Culture & Business Association March 2009 ver. 7

2 US-China Culture & Business Association What qualifications are the top colleges looking for? The student must be either very well rounded or very sharp (top state of national level) on some aspects. Two levels of enrichment (for very well rounded students) (1) Development level: (before 12 th grade) Academic, leadership, community contribution, other curriculums (2) Package level: (at 12 th grade) GPA/AP, Essay, SAT/ACT/PSAT, interview, recommend. letters

3 US-China Culture & Business Association Leadership ? Why leadership? Definition Leadership: “(1) ability to lead, (2) an act or instance of leading; guidance; direction, (3) the function or position of a leader, (4) the leader of a group” Typical Leadership behaviors: Maturity, Responsiveness, Interactions with Teammates, Presentation, Resourcefulness / Creativity, Communication, Act on insufficient info, Strategic View / Thinking, Decision Quality, balance of decisive & openness …

4 US-China Culture & Business Association Why this leadership camp? How can my child show leadership if he/she is not a “captain”? What Kind of behavior and performance do colleges look for? What are the roles of parents and student in college application? How should my child plan for high school life? Too late for 10 th grader? What are the resources available in school we may not notice? Which is more important – GPA, SAT, sport, leadership, essay…? Can leadership skill be obtained by training and practice? My daughter just completed 11 th grade, she does not have leadership performance yet, what should we do? What are differences between this camp and others? …

5 US-China Culture & Business Association What are the differences of this one?  Focusing on practice (skill), not learning (knowledge)  Everyone has presentable leadership role, and the potential to continue carry on the project is unlimited  It is team effort and community supported project rather than an individual activity  Emphasizing the exposure of students to practical needs in their growth development  Concentrating on improving confidence and competence, maturity, and skill development  Educating parents to coach and plan their child’s future much more effectively

6 US-China Culture & Business Association Who organize and lead this camp? US-China Culture & Business Association (USCCBA) A group of parents who have been successful in their own child development and college planning A group of college students who were top performers in their high school years and very successful in their college application process and are now doing well in college Invited experts in various issues of high school student development and college applications Invited community and business leaders

7 US-China Culture & Business Association Example of Presenter list  Mayor of Solon  Mayor of Chagrin Falls  Director of administration office of BW (also VP of BW)  VP of HR, Keithley Instruments, Inc.  Cleveland Princeton Univ. alumini leader  Gu, Xiaoyu, Yang, Luci, and additional 3-4 Harvard students  4-5 students from Yale, Duke, Princeton…  Student counselor from Solon High school  4-6 parents of above students  Successful local Chinese business leaders  …

8 US-China Culture & Business Association Schedule (1) Before June 15 Project introduction Task & groups assignment Coach team assignment / training First round of brainstorm June 15 AMCamp introduction 1 st round brainstorm presentation What is leadership? (1) - General - communication - Conduct a meeting - Lead a project – project mgmt - Team vs. individual approach PMGroup activity – refining project plan College interviewer – Interview skill Business executive – Interview skill Interview training & demonstration June 16 AMGroup activity – refining project plan Interview practice PMWhat is leadership? (2) - Maturity, skill of compromise - Conflict handling Group activity – refining project plan Interview practice June 17 AM2 nd round project plan presentation Inter group activity brainstorm Psychology prof – mature behavior PMInterview replay / review Project plan finalization

9 US-China Culture & Business Association Schedule (2) June 18 AMEssay teacher – college essay College student – college essay College students – what if I … PMProject June 19 AMProject (in SH) PMProject EveningParents presentation - College application - High school planning June 20/21Project – optional (weekend) June 22 AMProject progress review presentation Project plan refining Student counselor – high school life PMProject EveningParent presentation Q&A College financial aid/scholarship June 23Project June 24 AMProject progress review presentation Project plan refining College essay review PMCollege essay review – cont. College students – our college life EveningCollege students – parent dialog Presentation, Q&A

10 US-China Culture & Business Association Schedule (3) June 25 Project June 26 AMProject review presentation – experiences & lessons Project follow-up plan brainstorm PMBusiness leader – career planning College student – career path? college selection? College admission officer speech Community leader speech Community service award recognition “Road to Success!” review

11 US-China Culture & Business Association Comparison: TRTS vs. NSLC What are the differences of this one? TRTS (Solon)NSLC (DC, Chicago) Key emphasesgroup dynamic, project mgmt, comm.,group dynamic, vision, goal setting, on leadershipmaturity, team building, presentation,team building, conflict handling, nego, selling, vision, conflict handling,country/global issues, self diagnostic Learning formatmajor project, skill practice, classa lot of tours, class, group interaction College prep.Interview skill, essay, career planning, none high school planning, college planning Invited speakerssuccessful students, college experts, one or two state or national level speaker community and industry leaders Projectmajor community favored project6-8 hour community service ( 劳 动 ), visible leadership role, real practice10 –15 community service hours credit Parent educationParent exp. sharing, parent student dia.none Duration & Cost10 + days, easily extendable, $1499*5.5 days, $1595 + transportation How college view it?????? Camp awareness will be recognizedwell known

12 US-China Culture & Business Association Project Design Criteria Must be beyond “ 好 人 好 事 ” Supported & favored by community - visible Give students room for creativity Extendable for further development Every student has actual leadership role Can practice leadership & management skills Expose student to a complete project process Team instead of individual approach

13 US-China Culture & Business Association “Operation of Greener Solon” Outline of the “Project” (1) ‣ Students will be assigned to different task groups: * Fund raising … * Design promotion materials… * Create education materials… * Investigate current status and choose project targets… * Identify & implement effective ways to educate… * Gain support partners (org. or individuals)… * Reach out to as many prospects as possible… * Project scope: residential and/or business… * … ‣ The planning & preparation stage of the project begins before the camp starts without compromising students’ school work.

14 US-China Culture & Business Association “Operation of Greener Solon” Outline of the “Project” (2) ‣ The project will be set up by students with assistance from camp organizer to the level that the students can carry on. ‣ It is highly encouraged that the student’s parents join the “coach team” to coach the task group together with organizer. ‣ Will involve TV station and local newspapers. ‣ There are several rounds of project plan refining and debating to ensure the project is not only excited and creative but also practical, doable, and controllable. ‣ Students’ passion, creativity, and commitment (parents & students) are the key success factors of this project.

15 US-China Culture & Business Association What can you gain from this camp?  Your child will have opportunities to practice various leadership roles and first-hand knowledge of what it takes to be a good leader. They will also be able to observe good behavior of their teammates  Your child will interact directly with the high achievers: their experience, their view, their influence… Your child will be able to avoid a lot of missteps in their growth path  This camp will enable your child to refine his/her high school planning and college application process  The impact of this camp to your child’s growth will extend further into their future career development – especially enable them to mature sooner  Parents will gain a lot of understanding on how to develop their child and better prepare him/her for successful high school and college life

16 US-China Culture & Business Association Who should attend the camp?  Current 8 th, 9 th, 10 th, and 11 th grade students  The students must be self motivated to gain leadership skills and have strong commitment to the group project  The student must be willing to challenge self’s comfort zone to gain leadership skills  Parents’ role…

17 US-China Culture & Business Association Application & Fee 1 Application form and application fee (applicable to camp fee) 2 Application fee: $200, none-refundable 3 Fee: $1699/student, parent sections are included Fee: Parent only sections: $400/family (credit for future available camp) 4 Refund policy: before 4/10 – (fee-$200); before 5/1 – (fee-$700); after 5/1: $0 5 Multi-children (per family) discount: 50% discount for second child 6 Early registration student/parent discount: Complete registration and pay full camp fee before 3/31: discount $200/$100 Complete registration and pay full camp fee before 4/10: discount $100/$50 No discount after 4/10 Registration deadline: 5/10 or 32 student registration whichever comes first Multi-Children discount and early registration discount can be combined 7 Group discount (for 5 students): -$150, can not be combined with other discount

18 US-China Culture & Business Association Fee Examples Case 1: two students in one family, register and pay fee before 3/30. Total fee = ($1699 - $200)X1.5 = $2248 Case 2: one parent register and pay fee on 3/28 for parent section. Total fee = $400 - $100 = $300 this $300 can be credited to the future available leadership camps Case 3: after 4/10, if 5 families agree to register their children together, for each student: Total fee = $1699 - $150 = $1549

19 US-China Culture & Business Association Other Arrangements 1 Location: Solon high school and/or community environment 2 Time: 6/15 – 6/26, 9:00AM – 5:00PM, parent sections: 6:30PM– 3 Lunch: not provided, microwave oven is provided 4 Transportation: parent’s responsibility 5 Transportation: during the camp – provided 6 Insurance: yes 7 Supervisors: 2-5/day 8 Leave during the camp (including sick leave) - fee is not refundable, In case of sick leave, the student will get credit for future camp 9 Camp organizer reserves the right to dismiss a student if he/she demonstrate dangerous behavior or keep interrupting camp activities.

20 US-China Culture & Business Association Question & Answer Confident, Mature, Skillful… Your children’s success starts from here! Contact : 黎博 440 223 3838 国宝川 440 666 2844 杨丰 440 519 0319

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