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When an exam is announced,

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1 If you believe in miracles, then you may think you can pass an exam without studying.

2 When an exam is announced,
find out what it will or won’t cover. ask your instructor about the test format. (How long will it be? What type of exam?) This can help you predict questions.)

3 Preparing for Exams The Final Review (Intensive, just before the exam)
Schedule of Reviews (Regular throughout weeks prior to the exam) How to Review (Recitation, minimum rereading, recalling) Types of Exams (Objective-Subjective) Test Anxiety (caused by poor preparation)

4 Some suggestions: Do difficult tasks first.
Have special places to study. Study for 50 minutes,take a 10-minute-break. Study for longer periods for organizing relationships and concepts, and outlining. Study for shorter periods for memorization and review. Switch task/activity if you get bored. Do memorization of details just before you fall asleep. Study with a friend. Avoid cramming.

5 Types of Exams Objective exams Multiple choice True-False
Fill-in-the-blanks Matching Subjective exams Short answer Essay Completion

6 In Objective Exams: The scores are the same regardless of who grades the exam. Factual or conceptual material is tested. You need recognition and decision making skills to succeed.

7 In Subjective Exams: Scores can depend on individual grader.
Conceptual and theoretical material is tested. You need to have analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and organization skills to succeed.

8 Taking Objective Exams
Survey. Read directions carefully. Be sure to understand scoring rules. Answer easy questions first. Place the question in context.

9 Taking Subjective Exams
Plan your time. Follow directions. Organize your answers. Choose your words carefully. Write legibly and correctly.

10 Some common key words used in subjective exams
give an account of, account for, analyze, apply to, comment on, compare, contrast, define, describe, discuss, evaluate, explain, identify, illustrate, outline, prove, summarize, support, state, etc.

11 Learning From Exams When an exam is returned to you,
make sure the point value is calculated correctly. study it carefully. be sure to understand what you did wrong. discuss any point that needs clarifying.

12 Mistakes, when promptly corrected, provide one of the best tools for learning.

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