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Fox West Academy(FWA) By Sydney Truehart 6th grader at FWA.

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1 Fox West Academy(FWA) By Sydney Truehart 6th grader at FWA

2 What is it? FWA is a Collaborative Learning Community. It is in Hortonville Middle School. Has grades 6 th -8 th. Has 60 kids.

3 What do you do? You do more projects, more field trips, working with technology more, and all of that cool stuff. This is something that I got from the website listed below. It says some things that we do. Integrated curriculum and project based learning · Gradual shift of responsibility from teacher-directed to student-selected projects and application of concepts · Goal setting and project management skills · Differentiation and individualized learning · Student awareness of individual learning strengths · Strong relationships and a sense of community involvement · Problem-solving skill development and collaborative learning · Development of communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills · Partnerships with area community members, businesses, and service organizations · Effective utilization of a variety of technologies for communication and use as learning resources

4 How is it different? You don’t sit there and read out of a text book. You do more on the computer. You move around a lot to. More field trips(like in March some people are going to Costa Rica ).

5 What technology are we using? Computers Lab Quest Smart board

6 Why would I what to go there? You should go there because it is awesome to learn at. The teachers/advisors are great. You can meet other people. You can use things that other classrooms don’t get to use. You do cooler field trips.

7 Want more! Go to Look under schools. Then click on Fox West Academy. Mr. Hall Mr. Lundstrum Mrs. Koenecke

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