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Get to Know Ms. Albers Grant’s Lick Elementary: 2 nd Grade.

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1 Get to Know Ms. Albers Grant’s Lick Elementary: 2 nd Grade

2 My Family These are my children... Baylee is 13 and attends CCMS as an 8 th grader. Jason is 8 and is a 3 rd grader at GLE. Also pictured is our dog, Addie, she is a mini- dachshund.

3 We love DISNEY WORLD! We’ve been there twice and always have a magical time! For the past two years, we have gone to a beautiful island, called Harbor Island, in South Carolina. It is peaceful and quiet during fall break Our favorite vacations!

4 Hobbies…(there are lots ) Photography!! These are all original photos that I have taken!

5 You already know I like to take pictures, I also scrapbook, paint, make crafts and whatever else I can get my hands on. These two painting are in a church in La Romana, Dominican Republic where I went on a mission trip last summer. Painting and anything “artsy”

6 Who knew karate could be so COOL!? My kids started karate here at GLE’s after school karate club. After they started taking classes, I decided to give it a try…pretty soon I’ll be testing to be a BLACK BELT! Baylee is a 2 nd degree black belt and Jason is 1 st degree! Martial Arts

7 These are my BEST friends! This is Erica and Nathan. Erica has been my best friend since 8 th grade, and her husband Nathan has been a great friend for 11 years. They are so close to our family, that Baylee and Jason call them “Aunt Erica” and “Uncle Nathan”

8 Ms. Albers’ Favorites! Favorite Color: Blue Favorite Food(s): Cheese and Chocolate (not together though ) Favorite Clothes: Blue Jeans! Favorite Season: Fall Favorite Cartoon: Phineas and Ferb Favorite Book(s): Harry Potter Series

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