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1 K INDERGARTEN P ARENT NIGHT Mrs. Infantino’s Class

2 O VERVIEW Reading Eggs Reading Logs and Reading at Night Homework CONNECTED ( Wonders) Popcorn words Fluency Math Alive at HOME Blog/ Updates What traits should a first grader have? Questions

3 R EADING E GGS Reading Eggs is full of educationally sound, fun and interactive activities that focus on the most fundamental skill needed in school: reading. The program makes learning phonics and basic reading skills a truly enjoyable experience. Children from 3 to 7 years of age, or older children who are struggling with reading, will enjoy the huge variety of reading lessons, activities and games that make up Reading Eggs.


5 R EADING L OGS Your child can read independently every night for 15 minutes Log your child’s leveled reader practice, too! You can read to your child for 15 minutes, too! How you read is up to YOU! Reading is important!

6 H OMEWORK Homework packets are sent home Monday and are due that Friday of every week. Every day that the homework is late, I will take off 1 point! Do 1 page a night! It will make it much easier to do and your child will not get burned out!!

7 C ONNECT ED Help your child with weekly reading skills by logging in to at least once a week! Look for your child’s login in their OWL binder!

8 P OPCORN WORDS We practice these words because they POP up everywhere! Practice popcorn at night! One time is just enough! The more your child knows, the more FLUENT he/she will become!

9 F LUENCY What is fluency? The most basic definition of fluency is accurately and quickly. What does this mean for my child? *Children should be able to name letters quickly and accurately by the end of Kindergarten. *Children should also be able to add and subtract fluently within five by the end of Kindergarten. What's with the charts? Graphing fluency makes your children responsible and aware of their progress!

10 M ATH A LIVE AT HOME Why do you send this home? http://www.sadlier- At home activities: http://www.sadlier-

11 S TAR E ARLY L ITERACY This is a test used to measure your child’s growth in reading and some early numeracy skills When you see a grade equivalency (G.E.), this does not mean your child is on that grade level! It just means that they may understand some skills from that grade level. Your child should be classified as a “Probable reader” by the end of Kindergarten- beginning of First grade!

12 LOVE THE Check it out EVERY week!

13 W HAT DOES A FIRST GRADER LOOK LIKE ? Disciplined Organized Works efficiently and independently Reads CVC words (cat, dog) Fluent in alphabet knowledge Reads sight words list 1 and 2 Recognizes shapes, place value, adding and subtracting within five, patterns, counts to 20, recognizes numbers to 20 Writes at least two sentences Writes first and last name


15 Q UESTIONS ?????

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