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SOUTH EASTERN COALFIELDS LIMITED Om Prakash Chairman-cum-Managing Director SECL.

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1 SOUTH EASTERN COALFIELDS LIMITED Om Prakash Chairman-cum-Managing Director SECL

2 SOUTH EASTERN COALFIELDS LIMITED ABOUT SECL  ESTABLISHED : (As a subsidiary of Coal India Ltd) Largest Coal Producing subsidiary of CIL. A Mini Ratna PSU  HEAD QUARTER : Bilaspur (CG)  COAL PRODN. : MT in MT in  NO OF MINES : 86 {UG – 64, OC - 21 & Mixed – 1}  MANPOWER : Around 69000


4 SOUTH EASTERN COALFIELDS LIMITED Subsidiaries & Operational Areas SECL CIC COAL FIELD KORBA & RAIGARH COALFIELD OPERATIONAL AREAS DANKUNI COAL COMPLEX (W.B) 1-Chhattisgarh East Railway Limited (CERL) 2-Chhattisgarh East- West Railway Limited (CEWRL). Coal Carbonization Plant Producing 1-Coal gas 2-Coal fines 3-Coke Products 4-Dehydated Coal Tar. SUBSIDIARIES 1-Baikunthpur 2-Bhatgaon 3-Bisrampur 4-Chirimiri 5-Hasdeo 6-Jamuna-Kotma 7-Johilla 8-Sohagpur 9 -Gevra 10-Dipka 11-Kusmunda 12-Korba 13-Raigarh



7 Sl. No. Details (Target) (Projections) 1Total Coal Production (MT) UG Coal Production (MT)1722 3OC Coal Production (MT) OBR (MM 3 ) Composite Excavation (OC Coal + OB) (MM 3 )234860


9 SOUTH EASTERN COALFIELDS LIMITED UG Coal Production ( ): 16.4 MT Expected Coal Production in : 16.5 MT By Intermediate technology (SDL+LHD) MT By Mass Production Technology (MPT) MT (Continuous Miner (CM)- 4 sets) Highwall (HW)- 1 set MT UG Production level planned in : 22.0 MT By Intermediate technology (SDL+LHD) MT By Mass Production Technology (MPT) MT (Continuous Miner – 13 sets) Highwall (HW)- 4 sets MT The UG coal production enhancement will include additional contribution from 9 sets of CM and 3 sets of HW.


11 SOUTH EASTERN COALFIELDS LIMITED Modest growth is envisaged from UG mines. LHDs & UDMs will find their place for replenishment & additional requirement. SDLs will be gradually phased out. More number of Man-riding systems to be introduced in large mines. Extended use of multi utility vehicle for transport of materials, existing labour oriented haulages to be phased out.

12 SOUTH EASTERN COALFIELDS LIMITED Safety items/equipment likely to witness wider application : Strata control equipment Light weight cap lamps Light weight self-rescuers. Refuge chambers. Gas chromatographs. Instrumentation for detecting hidden strata disturbances Mechanized drilling. Fast constructing ventilation stoppings. Innovations in belt technology for UG mines.

13 SOUTH EASTERN COALFIELDS LIMITED PRIORITY - I: A.Sanction of Expn. PRs for Gevra OC (40-70 MTY) & Kusmunda OC (15-50 MTY) Major share of OBR is planned to come from high capacity HEMMs (40-55) Cum shovels, T Dumpers, mm Drills, HP Dozers etc.). B.(i) Huge handling of OBR. (ii) Huge requirement of land. (iii) Slope stability management as mines progress to greater depths. PRIORITY - II: Development of Mand-Raigarh Coalfield: Planning of high capacity mines with high stripping ratio and greater depth. PRIORITY - III: A.Many of the new projects are being planned envisaging OB removal and Coal production by Departmental Equipment as well as through outsourcing. B.Application and deployment of Surface Miners is likely to spread to yield sized coal and facilitate selective mining, if required. C.Wide scale use of In-pit and Surface Belt conveyors.

14 SOUTH EASTERN COALFIELDS LIMITED Deployment of high capacity HEMM at mega OC mines Transportation of coal by Belt (In-pit / Surface) Introduction of Slope Stability Radar 3D Laser Scanner for mine surveying High angle Belt conveyor for deeper & steep mines. Skip Hoist system for deeper mines. Introduction of 3D simulation for Mine planning with real time traffic simulation Introduction of advanced technology in blasting : Fragmentation analysis & continuous monitoring Use of Electronic Detonator and Gas Bags Use of Laser Profilers for face mapping and blast design

15 SOUTH EASTERN COALFIELDS LIMITED Increasing environmental awareness & sensitivity. Heavy blasting in the vicinity of human settlements. Management of large traffic inside the mine. Disposal of hazardous waste. Use of In-pit crushing/ conveying of coal through Belt. Transportation of coal in form of slurry to pit head/ neighboring consumers. Introduction of modern conveying equipment i.e. High angle / Flexible / Piped conveyor, Skip Hoist System etc. OB conveying through Belt after crushing.


17 Existing High Capacity HEMM in Mega Projects of SECL Description Gevra (35 MTY) Dipka (25 MTY) 42 CuM Electric Rope Shovel03 Nos.02 Nos. 240 T Rear Dump Truck16 Nos.06 Nos. 850 HP Dozer08 Nos.05 Nos. 500 HP Motor Grader05 Nos.04 Nos. 381 MM Drill03 Nos.02 Nos. 10 CuM Front End Loader01 No.

18 SOUTH EASTERN COALFIELDS LIMITED HEMM to be inducted as per already approved PRs Description Gevra (35 MTY) by Dipka (25 MTY) by Kusmunda (15-50 MTY) by CuM Electric Rope Shovel02 Nos. 05 Nos. 240 T Rear Dump Truck24 Nos.08 Nos.52 Nos. 850 HP Dozer10 Nos.06 Nos.09 Nos. 500 HP Motor Grader06 Nos.-10 Nos. 381 MM Drill02 Nos.- 10 CuM Front End Loader--20 Nos. Surface Miner Nos.

19 SOUTH EASTERN COALFIELDS LIMITED Limited sources available globally for high capacity HEMM. PSU are constrained through systemic guidelines – When choice of technology / optimizing equipment is concerned. It is difficult to formulate suitable specification to ensure quality equipment / technology. Absence of indigenous capability / manufacturing base.

20 SOUTH EASTERN COALFIELDS LIMITED On-line pay load monitoring (PLM) for high capacity equipment is in vogue in mega projects of SECL. High capacity HEMM are being monitored continuously by downloading of data through ECM relating to their health and operational parameters. To enhance the productivity of the high capacity HEMM it is planned to incorporate on-line health monitoring system such as : Daily Engine & Transmission health parameters with alarm system for abnormities such as Oil pressure, temperature, payload, air filter clogging, Oil level warning etc.. Health parameter of Motor & Generator such as winding & bearing temperature monitoring & warning and control circuit parameters with warning. Auto generation of maintenance schedule based on the actual health of sub- assembly. Exploring the possibility to interface ECM with OITDS.

21 SOUTH EASTERN COALFIELDS LIMITED Existing: High capacity HEMM (Shovels, Dumpers & Dozers) have been procured with MARC of 12/17 years to absorb the state-of-art technology. Future outlook : All high capacity HEMM will be procured without MARC. Faster absorption of technology would be possible if the equipment are maintained in-house with necessary support of OEM. Anticipated Training Requirements: Operators are to be trained by manufactures at site and on simulators. Maintenance personnel are to be trained at manufacture’s works and at site. Existing departmental training center will be upgraded as per the technology of latest equipment. Condition Based Monitoring : Facilities such as Wear debris analysis with spectroscopy, vibration analysis are planned to be upgraded.

22 SOUTH EASTERN COALFIELDS LIMITED Presently Central Workshops are equipped with facilities matching up to 120T Dumpers & 10 Cum Shovels. To meet the anticipated requirement, infrastructure is being upgraded in workshops of all the mega projects incorporating facilities like : High capacity bay lubrication systems, Washing plants, Diesel Bowsers, Mobile workshop equipped with latest facilities & Tyre mounting and dismounting equipment Central Workshops are being equipped with appropriate capacity/ technology for higher capacity Shovels & Dumpers.

23 SOUTH EASTERN COALFIELDS LIMITED MARC : Presently spares management for high capacity HEMMs are being done under MARC. To ensure the guaranteed availability, the MARC holder generally keeps the floats of major assemblies as per their assessment. Forecasting of spares requirement being difficult, the inventory cost is unpredictable, hence float management appears to be the only logical solution. The down time cost being comparatively high, a methodology for speedy procurement needs to be adopted for smooth running of HEMM. Consignment store concept : S Consignment store concept : Spares and floats of the HEMM to be maintained by manufacturer at our premises or nearby location which can be obtained after requisition by project, duly vetted.. Networking of Mega projects having high capacity HEMM for various details viz., availability of spares, consumption pattern etc. along with company HQ for clubbing the requirement, disbursement of spares and for monitoring at HQ level.

24 SOUTH EASTERN COALFIELDS LIMITED Present Practice: Inventory for fast moving spares based on its annual off-take. Quarterly procurement of consumables. Minimum floats of sub-assemblies are being maintained. Procurement of spares due to breakdowns. Challenges for high capacity Equipment not under MARC: Absence of consumption pattern. Sourcing constraint - only source being the OEM. High Prices - Difficulty in price justification. High/Non-moving inventory due to above. Long lead time / Currency fluctuation for imported equipment.

25 SOUTH EASTERN COALFIELDS LIMITED Search of reliable alternatives. Care during procurement to negotiate long term supply of spares. Preparation of drawings/specifications through reverse engineering to develop local sources. Value engineering to develop alternate cheaper and better substitute. Pooling arrangement for high value-Insurance spares with similar manufacturing unit. RC with OEM/Alternate sources for reduction of lead time and other benefits. Structured periodical interaction between engineering and material function for course corrections to obtain targeted results. Support for calculated risk taking.

26 SOUTH EASTERN COALFIELDS LIMITED Effective communication, efficiency and safety can be achieved in an OC mine by installation of following systems : Already working : OITDS – (In Mega OC Projects) Video surveillance (at some locations) Planned for deployment Wireless video for industrial security Proximity detection system. Vehicle health monitoring system. Collision warning systems. GPS based vehicle tracking system, Boom Barrier, Weighbridge centering and integration to monitor coal transport and avoid pilferage: Trial run being done in 6 Operational Areas. To be inducted in all Operational Areas.



29 Substantial infrastructure upgrade is to be done i.e., CHPs, Silos, Roads, Cross -Country conveyor belts etc. System of electric loco passing under silos. Requisite arrangement of internal transportation of coal is to be established. Existing system (predominantly by road) may not be appropriate to handle such large quantity of coal. Timely completion of East & East-West Rail Corridors are crucial for coal evacuation from Korba & Raigarh coalfields of SECL. Requirement of massive Railway capacity augmentation.


31 SOUTH EASTERN COALFIELDS LIMITED Modification of Silo loading system Silos with double discharge chutes Provision of passing electric locos under the silos Controlled Start Transmission (CST) Drive. Plough Feeders for reclamation of coal from bunkers. Shifting Belt conveyors. High Angle / Sandwich / Pipe Conveyors Curved conveyor (Vertical & Horizontal) Skip Hoist system Dual Truck Mobile Sizer (DTMS)

32 SOUTH EASTERN COALFIELDS LIMITED Sl. No.YearRake requirement Since majority of coal evacuation is has been planned through Rail mode, the year-wise rake requirement per day will be as following: Increase in Rail traffic and requirement of wagons needs to be addressed.


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