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BY: DANIELLE GONZALES ITMG 100 07 11-12-2013 Silicon-Air Battery.

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1 BY: DANIELLE GONZALES ITMG 100 07 11-12-2013 Silicon-Air Battery

2 Background The Silicon-Air Battery is created from oxygen and silicon. These batteries are lightweight have thousands of hours of life have a high tolerance for both humid and tremendously dry weather The Silicon-Air Battery performs all tasks that all other batteries can accomplish, but with more energy efficiency.

3 Environment created by Oxygen and Silicon Luckily, Silicon is the second most plentiful element in the earth’s crust. The Silicon-Air battery’s advanced features of long lasting power and ingredients allow society to be more environmental friendly Why to be concerned about the Environment?

4 Technology Uses Convenience to consumers (Size) As the battery upgrades to a more powerful source of energy, there are many new and efficient uses for it.  Ex: Hearing Aids that last longer TypeCapacitySize (mm) AAA1.25 V 10.5 × 44.5 AA1.2 V 14.5 × 50.5 C3,800 mAh 26.2 × 50 D1.25 V 34.2 × 61.5 Silicon-Air Battery1 -2 V0.3 (millamperes/square cm)

5 Future Technology upgrading this new battery = energy use that will become far more efficient in a way that it will be more powerful and will be able to perform more advanced technological services for society. Ex: Electric Cars The use of electric cars will become more efficient: gasoline fueled cars because gasoline resources are becoming scarce daily the resources for the Silicon-Air Battery remain plentiful and easy to recycle

6 Significance The Silicon-Air battery supports a clean and healthy environment use of technology to be more efficient and advanced due to its long lasting battery life. this battery may upgrade to a high powered energy source that positively contributes to future technology  This new technology provides a new source of energy that our society needs and will utilize to its full extent. Energy for the Future?

7 References Cohn, Gil. "Silicon-Air Battery." Electrochemistry Communications. Science Direct. 14 Aug. 2009. Web. Hattori, Kevin. "Silicon-Air Battery: Non-stop Power For Thousands of Hours." Editorial. American Technion Society Web. iv_ctrl=1461 iv_ctrl=1461 Yair Ein-Eil, and Technion City. "Technion Researchers Develop Silicon-Air Battery Capable of Working Non-Stop Thousands of Hours." Technion Web. Grader, Gideon, Prof. "Technion and Washington University Partner for Renewable Energy." American Technion Society May 2013. Web.

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