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New York State Tests. In 2003, the population of Kings County was 2,472,523. What is the value of the 4 in this number? A.400 B.40,000 C.400,000 D.4,000,000.

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Presentation on theme: "New York State Tests. In 2003, the population of Kings County was 2,472,523. What is the value of the 4 in this number? A.400 B.40,000 C.400,000 D.4,000,000."— Presentation transcript:

1 New York State Tests

2 In 2003, the population of Kings County was 2,472,523. What is the value of the 4 in this number? A.400 B.40,000 C.400,000 D.4,000,000

3 Which pattern follows the rule below? Divide by 2. A.8, 6, 4, 2,... B.9, 7, 5, 3,... C.24, 12, 6, 3,... D.36, 18, 9, 3,...

4 There are 40 students on a bus. Of these students, 24 are girls. What fraction of the students are girls? Simplify the fraction to lowest terms. A.2/3 B.3/5 C.4/5 D.7/10

5 Abigail, Ryan, and Dale read the same book. Abigail reads ¼ of the book. Ryan reads 1/10 of the book. Dale reads 1/5 of the book. What is the order of the fractions from greatest to least? A.¼, 1/5, 1/10 B.1/10, 1/5, ¼ C.1/5, 1/10, ¼ D.¼, 1/10, 1/5

6 Tony has a ribbon that measures 0.75 meter in length. He cuts 0.125 meter off the ribbon and gives it to a friend. How much ribbon is left? A.0.2 meter B.0.5 meter C.0.625 meter D.0.635 meter

7 The fifth-grade classes are having a food drive. There are 84 students in the fifth grade. The goal is for each student to collect 16 cans of food. How many cans will be collected in all if each fifth-grader achieves the goal? A.48 B.100 C.1,344 D.1,464

8 A cornfield contains 46 rows of corn. There are 32 corn stalks in each row. How many total corn stalks are there in the cornfield? A.1,362 B.1,372 C.1,462 D.1,472

9 Ron works from 8:45 A.M. to 3:05 P.M. How long does Ron work? A.5 hours 40 minutes B.6 hours 20 minutes C.6 hours 40 minutes D.7 hours 20 minutes

10 Kenisha’s dog ate 15/20 of a bag of dog food last week. What is 15/20 in simplest form? A.3/5 B.7/10 C.2/3 D.3/4

11 Kwan had 16 ¾ inches of wire. He cut off 4 2/4 inches of wire to use in a craft project. How much wire does Kwan have left? A.12 ¼ inches B.12 2/4 inches C.12 ¾ inches D.13 ¼ inches

12 Sumiko is putting a flower border at the top of each wall in her room. The room is 14 feet long and 10 feet wide. What is the total length of the border? A.24 feet B.140 feet C.38 feet D.48 feet

13 Jen and Eric cleaned the kitchen floor together. Jen cleaned 2/7 of the floor, and Eric cleaned 3/7 of the floor. How much of the floor did they clean in all? A.6/49 B.5/14 C.5/7 D.6/7

14 Laurel’s python is 2 1/2 feet long. If the snake grows 1 foot longer, what will its length be in inches? A.30 inches B.32 inches C.40 inches D.42 inches

15 The ratio of girls to boys in Mr. Hansen’s class is 4:5. The ratio of girls to boys in Ms. Luna’s class is 8:10. Which equation correctly compares these ratios? A.4/5 = 10/8 B.4/5 = 8/10 C.4/10 = 8/5 D.4/10 = 5/8

16 What is the mean (average) of the set of numbers below? 15, 39, 30, 10, 8, 39, 27 A.39 B.31 C.27 D.24

17 Which statement is true? A.½ < 1/4 B.¼ > 1/5 C.2/10 = 2/5 D.½ ≠ 5/10

18 What rule explains the pattern below? 14, 42, 126, 378,... A.Multiply by 2. B.Multiply by 3. C.Add 18. D.Add 28.

19 Kirsten read a number of books, k. Eric read 3 books fewer than Kirsten. What expression can be used to find the number of books Eric read? A.k - 3 B.k + 3 C.3 - k D.3 x k

20 Which equation can be used to help solve the equation below? A.420 + 6 B.420 - 6 C.420 x 6 D.420 ÷ 6

21 Giselle had 2 liters of water. She drank 750 milliliters. How many milliliters of water does Giselle have left? A.250 mL B.1,000 mL C.1,250 mL D.1,750 mL

22 Jason has a jar that holds one dime, two nickels, and one quarter. He randomly removes three coins from the jar. Which combination is not a possible outcome? dime, one nickel, and one quarter quarter and two dimes dime and two nickels D.two nickels and one quarter

23 Jackie wants to plant 2 ½ rows of corn in her garden. She needs 3 ¼ ounces of seed for each row. How many total ounces of seed should Jackie buy? A.8 1/8 oz B.6 1/8 oz C.5 ¾ oz D.5 2/6 oz

24 How many cups are in 5 quarts? A.10 c B.20 c C.30 c D.40 c

25 At a gymnastics competition, 3/10 of the gymnasts won a ribbon. What percent of the gymnasts won a ribbon? A.3% B.30% C.33% D.33 1/3%

26 Which equation shows the commutative property of addition? A.6 + 3 = 9 B.6 + 3 = 6 + 3 C.6 + 3 = 3 + 6 D.6 + 3 = 5 + 4

27 Mei wrote the expression below. 4n x 2 If n equals 6, what is the value of the expression? A.48 B.26 C.20 D.12

28 George has a one-gallon container of apple juice. How many cups of apple juice are in the one-gallon container? A.1 B.4 C.8 D.16

29 Ben recorded the number of customers who shopped at his pet store every day for one week. The results are shown below. 42, 35, 56, 29, 42, 39, 23 What is the mean number of customers who shopped at the pet store? A.33 B.38 C.39 D.42

30 Mr. Jenkins wants to distribute 40 fliers. He has distributed 30 fliers so far. What percent of the total number of fliers has Mr. Jenkins distributed? A.60% B.70% C.75% D.80%

31 Keesha will paint one rectangular wall of her bedroom. The wall measures 10 feet by 8 feet. What is the area of the wall that Keesha will paint? A.18 sq feet B.64 sq feet C.80 sq feet D.100 sq feet

32 What value for n makes the equation true? 3 x n = 1 A.-3 B.1/3 C.2/3 D.2

33 Which equation is true when x = 0? A.6 – x + 2 = 4 B.2 + 6 – x = 4 C.x – 6 + 2 = 4 D.6 + x – 2 = 4

34 Sarah collects stamps and keeps them in envelopes. She had 9 envelopes with a certain number of stamps, s, in each envelope. She sells 3 of the envelopes. Which expression represents the number of stamps Sarah has left? A.9s - 3 B.(9 + 3)s C.9s - 3s D.9s - s - 3

35 Emma bought 3 pints of orange juice. How many cups of orange juice did she buy? A.2 c B.6 c C.12 c D.18 c

36 Holley drew the angle below. What is the approximate measure? A.100° B.120° C.80° D.45°

37 Melanie swims a race in 28.872 seconds. What is her time rounded to the nearest tenth? A.28.8 B.28.87 C.30.0 D.28.9

38 Which expression is true? A.½ > 1/5 B.½ > 0.5 C.1/5 > 0.2 D.1/5 > 0.5

39 Stacie buys a rectangular placement for her porch that is 16 inches long and 10 inches wide. What is the perimeter of the placemat? A.26 inches B.36 inches C.52 inches D.140 inches

40 Four students simplify the expression below. 6 + 4 x 5 ÷ 2 Aimee’s solution is 25, Mario’s is 46, Jimmy’s is 13, and Lani’s solution is 16. Who’s solution was correct? A.Aimee B.Mario C.Jimmy D.Lani

41 Which pattern follows the rule below? Multiply by 7 A.14, 21, 28, 35… B.8, 56, 392, 2,352 C.12, 84, 588, 4,116 D.18, 126, 133, 931

42 Which fraction makes this true? ½ < 7/10 < ? A.1/3 B.3/4 C.3/5 D.69/100

43 Nora measured two angles of an isosceles triangle that measure 20° each. What is the measure of the third angle? A.20° B.100° C.140° D.180°

44 Amanda is planting flower seeds in flowerpots. If she plants 144 seeds and she plants 6 seeds in each flowerpot, how many flowerpots will Amanda use? A.864 B.138 C.24 D.22

45 In 1986, approximately 800,000 people attended a free concert at New York City’s Central Park. How many 10 thousands are equal to 800,000? A.8 B.80 C.800 D.8,000

46 Abdul wants to build a fence around his rectangular garden. The length of the garden is 20.5 yards, and the width is 30.5 yards. What is the perimeter of the garden? A.51 yards B.81.5 yards C.102 yards D.625.25 yards

47 What is the total number of lines of symmetry that can be drawn on this rectangle? A.1 B.2 C.3 D.4

48 Which angle in the figure below measures 60°? A. ∠ A B. ∠ B C. ∠ C D. ∠ D

49 Which equivalent fractions are correct? A.4/5 = 7/15 B.7/15 = 10/15 C.4/5 = 20/25 D.10/15 = 20/25

50 Shirley’s wading pool holds 368 quarts of water. How many gallons of water does it hold? A.92 B.364 C.372 D.1,472

51 The spinner below is divided into 6 equal sections. Isabel spins the arrow on the spinner once. What is the probability the arrow will land on green? A.5/6 B.3/6 C.2/6 D.1/6

52 Gabe invited 4 girls and 7 boys to a party. Each of Gabe’s guests received a certain number of candy bars, c. Which expression represents the total number of candy bars given to Gabe’s guests? A.11c B.28c C.4c + 7 D.4c x 7c

53 What value of x makes the proportion below correct? x/9 = 9/27 A.1 B.3 C.6 D.9

54 Chen records the number of crayons in her art supply box by color. The results are shown in the table below. What is the ratio of the number of red crayons compared to the number of yellow crayons? A.1:3 B.3:1 C.1:10 D.3:10

55 What property is shown in the equation below? 4 x (8 x 6) = (4 x 8) x 6 A.inverse property of multiplication B.identity property of multiplication C.associative property of multiplication D.commutative property of multiplication

56 There are 80 sixth-grade students at Howard Elementary School. If 25% of the students have green eyes, how many sixth-grade students have green eyes? A.16 B.20 C.40 D.55

57 A sixth-grade class completed a survey about favorite foods. Of the students in the class, 2/6 chose hamburgers, and 3/8 chose pizza. What fraction of the class chose either hamburgers or pizza as the favorite food? A.1/24 B.6/48 C.5/14 D.17/24

58 The table below shows the average lengths of different types of beetles. What is the median, in millimeters, of the data? A.8 B.10 C.12 D.14

59 Kathy buys 6 cups of ice cream. How many pints of ice cream does Kathy buy? A.3 pt B.4 pt C.6 pt D.12 pt

60 Hector and his friends collect baseball cards. The number of cards in each person’s collection is shown below. 36, 61, 55, 72, 47, 12, 32, 44, 55 What is the range of the data? A.60 B.55 C.47 D.46

61 In a sixth-grade music class, 1/5 of the class wants to play the drums. Which decimal is equivalent to 1/5? A.0.02 B.0.15 C.0.2 D.1.5

62 Solve A.Choice One B.Choice Two C.Choice Three D.Choice Four

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