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1 Coronado Area Council 2012 Membership Growth Plan Our Journey to 1 in 6.

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1 1 Coronado Area Council 2012 Membership Growth Plan Our Journey to 1 in 6

2 Tonight’s Agenda Welcome and introduction of presenters 2012 Membership Goals and Focus Areas Scouting Combine Scouting Draft Where to find additional resources 2

3 Welcome and Introductions Kevin Gwinner – Vice President for Growth and Marketing, Coronado Area Council Matthew Jacquier – Tomahawk District Executive Nick Boden – Triconda District Director Ross Munt – Assistant Scout Executive 3

4 2012 Membership Goals Attain 2012 Gold Journey to Excellence membership goals – Scouting succeeds when more boys are involved 4

5 2012 Membership Goals Journey to Excellence - Cub Scouts Retention: Improve retention rate.  Retain and re-register 75% of members, or retain and re-register 65% and have a 2 percentage points increase. Building Cub Scouting: Have an increase in membership or be larger than the average size pack.  Increase youth members by 10%. 5

6 2012 Membership Goals Journey to Excellence - Boy Scouts Retention: Improve retention rate.  Retain and re-register 85% of members, or retain and re-register 80% and have a 2 percentage points increase. Building Boy Scouting: Have an increase in membership or be larger than the average size troop.  Increase youth members by 10%. 6

7 2012 Membership Goals Recruit fully staffed and trained district Growth and Marketing committees – volunteers who are passionate about more youth participating in our program Execute new-unit growth plans including Exploring Post development – new units provide greater opportunity to join 7

8 2012 Membership Goals Improve youth retention in each unit – we all work hard to recruit a new family, we need to work just as hard to make sure they don’t drop out Achieve 14% density (market share – percent of eligible young people involved in a Scouting program) with long term goal of 1 in 6 (16.67%) young people involved in Scouting 8

9 2012 Membership Goals DistrictUnits Unit Growth Membership Membership Growth Growt h % DensityRet. Buffalo Bill17+4250+2410.6%12.0%68% Konza52-141458+15512.0%13.2%68% Triconda69+21237+252.1%13.5%68% Tomahawk22+6290+259.4%14.6%68% Wheatland42+4708+304.4%16.6%68% Council202+23943+2597.0%14.0%68% 9

10 Focus Areas New Unit Growth Youth Recruitment Program Transitions and Retention Charter Renewal 10

11 New Unit Growth Implement a year long new unit growth plan with monthly, quarterly, and year long goals. New Cub Scout Packs and Boy Scout Troops – where appropriate Venturing Crews - linked to existing Troops and to special interests Exploring – Three new career focused Explorer Posts in each district by 12/31/2012 11

12 Youth Recruitment Implement tried and true methods in addition to new ways to recruit young people into Scouting. Strive to achieve at least 14% density by year end. Spring –Scouting Combine –Spring Cub Scout Round-Up Kindergarten focus, flyers, posters, boy-talks Tiger Cub Recruitment Video - Fall –2012 “Badge of Honor” Fall Round-Up All grades, all ages 12

13 Badge of Honor – Fall 2012 Flyers, Posters, Yard Signs, Banners 13

14 Scouting Combine Goal: Invite young men who quit Cub Scouts or never tried it to join a Boy Scout Troop through a dynamic joining activity. Action Steps: Scout units host a Scouting combine in April. At the events use Scouting oriented drills to test their skills and provide them some of the fun that can be found in Scouting. Potential drills need to meet the guide to safe Scouting and should be measurable or timed. 14

15 Possible Activities Fire building - Burn a string at a certain height w/ provided materials, timed *Your Vertical –Have a timed climb at climbing wall *Archery or another shooting sports activity Tent Setup – Measure the time it takes to setup a standard tent 40 Yard Backpacking Dash – Load a backpack *Paddle Race – Paddle a canoe for a specific length in a pool, pond or lake. Timber Drag – Tie a timber hitch and drag a substantial log 40 yards Flag Fold - Properly fold an American flag Scouting Combine 15

16 Scouting Combine Existing Scouts form a two man team with the second member of the team being a Non-Scout. The Coronado Area Council will provide a prize to the winning two man team if at least one new Boy Scout registers at the event. We would encourage the local troop to offer additional prizes. 16

17 Scouting Combine We will award 7 Mini Grants to troops with the best Scouting Combine Promotion Plan for recruiting new Boy Scouts in 2012. 2 $250 Grants, and 5 $100 Grants. Materials and commitment forms are posted to the council website and will be mailed to Scoutmasters, and handed out at roundtables. 17

18 Program Transitions & Retention Once we recruit them, we need to keep them involved. Unit health assessments – Commissioner Team Increased emphasis on attention to dropped youth – District Save-a-Scout program Webelos-to-Scout Transition –Scouting Draft Improve Boy Scout to Venturing transition/partnership 18

19 Scouting Draft Goal: Increase the Number of 5th Graders entering the Boy Scout Program and improve the number of Scouts. Action Steps: Provide a list of all of the eligible 5th graders who are eligible to join a troop to Scoutmasters in their district. Send an invitation to each 5th grader to let them know they are “eligible” 19

20 Scouting Draft Units will take signing day like pictures of Scouts holding Troop Numbers or neckerchiefs with their new Troop Number on it. At April Roundtables a Draft Board will be presented showing those that are still eligible and those that have entered a Troop. 20

21 Scouting Draft Post a ticker on the council website with the “rounds” / months and the names of Scouts who have entered a Troop. First name, last initial & Troop Number. 21

22 Charter Renewal Commissioner Service- strengthen and build unit commissioner staff Mandatory Internet Re-chartering October recharter packet distribution Coordinated District-wide charter workshops and charter turn-in days Conduct bi-annual unit health inventory Achieve District JTE Unit Performance goal Full utilization of the online Unit Visitation Tracking 22

23 Where to find resources Or Contact your District Growth and Marketing Chairperson 23 DistrictNameEmailPhone Buffalo BillStacy HorinekStacy.horinek@scouting.org785-443-3428 KonzaTom Neillirishbear68516@yahoo.com785-473-7033 Tomahawk Erik Coulimore echocharlie6@hotmail.com785-533-1375 TricondaDahx Marrsdmarrs@techniqol.com785-201-9199 WheatlandCharles Keefercakeefer@scatcat.fhsu.edu316-680-9464

24 24 Questions and Closing Comments Don Sheppard, Scout Executive Kevin Gwinner, Growth and Marketing Vice President

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