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The QCTO Landscape Presented by Onicca Moloto. Presentation Outline  1. QCTO Mandate  2. QCTO Partnerships.  3. The New proposed NQF Landscape.  4.

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Presentation on theme: "The QCTO Landscape Presented by Onicca Moloto. Presentation Outline  1. QCTO Mandate  2. QCTO Partnerships.  3. The New proposed NQF Landscape.  4."— Presentation transcript:

1 The QCTO Landscape Presented by Onicca Moloto

2 Presentation Outline  1. QCTO Mandate  2. QCTO Partnerships.  3. The New proposed NQF Landscape.  4. Transitional Arrangements.  5. The Scope of Occupational Qualifications.  6. Learning Models.  7. QCTO Curriculum Model.  8. QCTO Policies.  9. Development of Occupations Qualifications  10. Status of Providers  11. Way Forward

3 What is the QCTO mandate ‘the QCTO is responsible for  Establishing and Maintaining Occupational Standards and Qualifications’  ‘The Quality Assurance of Occupational Standards and Qualifications and Learning in and for the Workplace’  Designing of Qualifications and Submitting them to the SAQA for registration on the NQF.  Ensuring the Quality of Occupational Standards and Qualifications and learning in and for the workplace;  (SDA, 2008, Section 26H)

4  Development Quality Partners ( DQP ) – Responsible for Qualifications development. ( currently SETA’s, professional bodies. )  Quality Assurance Partners ( QAP ) – Responsible for Currently registered qualifications until expiry in 2016 with teach out period.  Assessment Quality Partners ( AQP ) – Responsible External Assessment and Accreditation of Assessment Centres. QCTO Partnerships

5 CHE HEQF NQF LEVEL 5 TO 10 CHE / QCTO HEQF/OQF NQF LEVEL 7 -10 ? QCTO OQF NQF LEVEL 2 -6 UMALUSI GFETQF NQF LEVEL 1 - 5 New PROPOSED NQF landscape as per notice 36003, Government Gazzette NQF LEVE L 1 NQF LEVE L 5 NQF LEVE L 10

6 Transitional Arrangement  A Forum with QCTO and SETA QA’s was formed.  ETQA regulation was repealed end of Sep 2012.  QCTO delegated QA responsibilities to SETA ‘s for the current registered qualifications till 2016.  MOU’s were signed to outline QA responsibilities carried out by SETA QA’s.  SETA’s delegated as Development Quality Partner by the QCTO to revise all current qualifications in the new QCTO Model.

7 Scope of Occupational Qualifications General Knowledge and Theory General practical skills Workplace Experience All forms of learning General Qualifications Stage 2 learning Integrated External Summative assesement Certification Vocational and Occupational directed qualifications Work Related Learning Other QC’s QCTO Partners

8 Learning Models  Knowledge, Practical, Workplace Experience, integrated summative Assessment, Internal Assessment, Certification.  Occupational Qualifications - 120 credits + ( NQF 3 and above )  Part Qualifications – 119 – 25 Credits ( NQF 3 and above )  Foundational ( MES ) 119 -25 credits ( NQF 1 to 2 ) KPWPISAC KPWPISAC KPWPIAC Certification endorsed by the QCTO Certification endorsed by the AGRISETA

9 Learning Models  Entry Requirements to Occupational Qualifications at NQF 3.  Foundatinal Learning Competence ( Numeracy and Literacy )  Matric ( ? )  The AQP is IEB.  Registered as a Provider with IEB.  Requirements for registration on IEB website.

10 Knowledge / theory PracticalWork experience External, summative assessment (to be conducted by AQP) Occupational Qualification Registered SAQA DQP/ INDUSTRY Occupational Purpose Curriculum components Assessment Specifications. Qualification document QCTO Curriculum Model

11 QCTO Policies, Procedures and Guidelines to be placed on the QCTO website for public comment  Accreditation of Skills Development Providers  External Summative Assessment  Accreditation of Assessment Sites  Registration of Assessors and Moderators  Certification  Workplace approvals including RPL  Monitoring and Evaluation

12 Current Occupational Qualifications projects in completion stage. Industry Representative BodyQualification SANSOR Seed Analyst Seed Inspector Seed Sampler Grain Silo Industry Association Grain Handling Operator Grain Grader Grain HandlingController SA Pest Control Association PMO – Fumigation PMO – Wood Destroying Organisms PMO – Agricultural Commodity Treatment PMO – Weeds and Alien Invaders PMO – Health and Nuisance Pests Livestock Health and Production GroupLivestock Farm Supervisor

13 Current Occupational Qualifications projects completed.. Industry Representative BodyQualification South African Poultry Association Poultry Production Supervisor Poultry Production Manager Milk Producers OrganisationDairy Farm Manager Animal Feed Miller AssociationFeed Miller Fruit SA Horticultural Farm Production Manager Farm Foreman South African Green industries Council Nursery Supervisor Garden Centre Supervisor South African Landscapers InstituteLandscaping Supervisor

14 Current Occupational Qualifications as MES projects completed.. Industry Representative BodyModule of Employable skills SA Pest Control Association Fumigation Operator Wood treatment Operator Treatment Operator Invader Control Operator Pest Control Operator Livestock Health and Production group Livestock Farm worker Livestock Team Leader South African Poultry AssociationPoultry House hand Milk Producers Organisation Dairy Farm Worker Dairy Farm Supervisor Animal feed Milling AssociationEquipment Attendant : Single Stage Equipment Operator : Multi Stage

15 STATUS OF PROVIDERS  Current Accreditation of Providers will be valid until the NSDS 111. (2016).  Current Registration of Assessors and Moderators is valid until expiry of qualification registered.  GOING FORWARD All Accredited Training Providers status will be reviewed by the QCTO as per Accreditation Policy.

16 Way Forward  Quality Assurance is delegated to the SETA for Current Qualifications registered.  QCTO policies will be on QCTO website for public comment in April / May 2013.  Occupational Qualifications to be on public comment once approved by the QCTO to be registered by SAQA.  QCTO Roadshows to be conducted ( date to be advised on the website )  Visit QCTO website for Occupational Qualifications that are on public comment.  The site is hosted on SAQA website

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