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UCF HAPPY Hour Presentation October 21, 2009 Leesburg Campus Presented by : Kim Alloway Lee-Anne Spalding.

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1 UCF HAPPY Hour Presentation October 21, 2009 Leesburg Campus Presented by : Kim Alloway Lee-Anne Spalding

2 It is the traditional art of storytelling, but it is enhanced by the use of multimedia (audio, video, animation, computer graphics, etc.) for its delivery and emotional impact.  There are various definitions and ‘experts’  It’s not new…film makers have been telling “digital stories” for a long time  What is new: technology is readily available and relatively easy to use so virtually everyone can be a digital storyteller NCTE 208 Position Statement

3 Digital Storytelling Resources digital-storytelling-glogs-and-more-fate-09

4 We are always looking for ways to engage students. Creating digital stories develops digital literacy and integrates the arts (photography, videography, drawing, drama, music, etc.) into reading and writing activities in all content areas.

5 A Few Ways to Use Digital Storytelling  Retelling favorite stories  Authoring original stories  Teaching with stories in content areas  Creating personal narratives  Celebrating events

6 Digital Storytelling Resources Microsoft Power Point Windows Movie Maker Microsoft Photo Story 3 For example: Apple iPhoto, iMovie Online services, such as One True Media, can be used to upload photos and create your stories

7 Digital Storytelling Resources Microphone (with headset for noisy environments) Scanner (for original artwork) Digital Camera Digital Camcorder Digital Voice Recorder

8 Based on a favorite trade book Storyteller must know the story well enough to retell it (comprehension) Visual media and sound enhances storytelling experience RETELLING FAVORITE STORIES

9 Based on the book by Eric Carle Retold by: Kate Hill, UCF Student Used: Windows Paint Microsoft PowerPoint

10 Based on the book by Mo Willems Retold by: John, 4 th grade student Used: Microsoft PowerPoint Digital camera

11 Based on the book by Bill Martin, Jr. Retold by: Alisha Penland, UCF Student Used: Microsoft PowerPoint Digital camcorder with audio

12 Using Digital Stories in the Content Areas

13 Based on the book by Marilyn Burns Retold by: Kim Alloway Used: Microsoft PowerPoint

14 Unfinished beginning draft of a research project. Used: Windows Movie Maker with recorded narration Reference book “The Statue of Liberty” by Lucille Recht Penner.

15 A video clip of a chance meeting with a sea turtle at the beach inspired 4 th grader John to create this digital story. Reference book: “One Tiny Turtle” by Nicola Davies Used: Windows Movie Maker Digital Camcorder

16 Based on the book by Laura Numeroff Retold by: Jane Pulker Used: Microsoft PowerPoint Digital Camera

17 Elementary Student Stories

18 Student wrote story as part of Young Author’s competition in her school district. She was selected and asked to illustrate her story and turn it into a book. Her pages were scanned into Microsoft Photo Story. The student selected the music and recorded her narration using Photo Story. - Courtesy of Dr. Larry Bedenbaugh (UCF) In the Ocean

19 Celebration Stories

20 Here’s a wordless story that celebrates the elementary students I worked with while volunteering at the summer 2009 UCF Reading Adventure Camp. Students used PowerPoint to create original stories, incorporating sound effects and digital photos. Used: Photo Story 3 Digital Camera Those kids created amazing stories!


22  Digital stories are those that include multimedia components  Can be created by anyone willing to become familiar with software  Involves students in active learning and requires them to comprehend and make connections to texts  Are motivational activities that integrate the arts and 21 st century digital literacy objectives into student learning

23 Digital Storytelling Resources (be sensitive to copyright infringement and credit your sources when in doubt): flickr - Pics4Learning - FreePhoto - FreeStockPhotos -

24 Digital Storytelling Resources Audacity Freeplay Music ccMixer Opsound The Freesound Project

25 Hands-on Demonstrations Questions? Lee-Anne Spalding Kim Alloway

26 pdf

27 Visual Portrait of a Story developed by Brett Dillingham, modified by Jason Ohler Storymap

28 Fiona

29 Storymap Tom Collins

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