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EVAAS EVALUATION EFFECTIVENESS …AND WHAT DOES IT SAY??? Brawley Middle School November 27, 2012.

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1 EVAAS EVALUATION EFFECTIVENESS …AND WHAT DOES IT SAY??? Brawley Middle School November 27, 2012

2 What is EVAAS ?  E - Education  V - Value  A - Added  A - Assessment  S - System

3 What is EVAAS ?  Answers the question regarding the effectiveness of a schooling experience  Produces reports that:  Project student success  Show the effects of instruction at particular schools  Reveal patterns in subgroup performance

4 Standard I: Teachers demonstrate leadership Take responsibility for the progress of all students Use data to organize, plan, and set goals Use a variety of assessment data throughout the year to evaluate progress Analyze data Standard IV: Teachers facilitate learning for their students Use data for short and long range planning Standard V: Teachers are reflective on their practice Collect and analyze student performance data to improve effectiveness Aligns to NC Professional Teaching Standards

5 Standard VI for Teachers Standard VI: Teachers contribute to the academic success of students The work of the teacher results in acceptable, measurable progress for students based on established performance expectations using appropriate data to demonstrate growth

6 Benefits and Considerations for Teacher Use  Understand academic preparedness of students  Monitor student progress, ensure growth  Modify curriculum, student support, and instructional strategies

7 Underlying Philosophy  All students deserve to make appropriate academic progress every year  No “one size fits all” way to educate different levels of academic achievement  Instructional adjustments should be based on academic attainment, not on socioeconomic factors.  Reliability of past effectiveness information offers opportunities to make appropriate adjustments to improve student opportunities  What teachers know and can do is the most important influence on what students learn  One of the most important things educators can know is who they are effective with and who they are not

8 AchievementProgress Proficiency Influenced by demographic factors Largely focuses on groups of students Growth Dependent upon impact of instruction Largely focuses on individual students Why else should you care about the EVAAS Report?

9 Proficiency vs. Growth ScenarioProficientGrowth 5 th grader begins the year reading at a 1 st grade level. Ends the year reading at a 4 th grade level. 5 th grader begins the year reading at a 7 th grade level. Ends the year reading at the 7 th grade level. NO YES

10 Why should you care about the EVAAS Report?  Educator Evaluation  Helps determine effectiveness rating (Standard 6)  Informs Educator Status  Tool for Improvement  Individual and collective effectiveness  Student growth  Indicates impact on groups of students (i.e. low, middle, high)

11 Information about Teacher Reports  State Growth Standard/State Average = 0.0  Standard Error = a measure of uncertainty  Usually, the more data you have, the smaller the standard error.  Index = Teacher Estimate divided by Standard Error

12 Effectiveness Categories

13 Teacher Evaluation Composite Index: Teacher Estimate Divided by Standard Error Courses included in calculation Statewide distribution of teacher status.

14 Understanding Teacher Value-Added Reports  Teacher Estimate : How much progress did this teacher’s students make compared to other students across the state?  Index : Teacher estimate divided by the standard error. Index is the basis by which teachers are assigned to effectiveness levels.


16 Teacher Reports Unique ID = NCEES user ID

17 EVAAS can tell you WHAT happened. It’s up to YOU to determine WHY it happened and what you want to do about it. Improve the Education Program EVAAS Local Knowledge & Expertise

18 BMS 1 st Quarter Grades

19 Next steps Review 1 st quarter grade distribution data Log-in and review your EVAAS Teacher Value-Added report Analyze data to determine trends Complete the reflection activity Modify instructional practice based on findings Discuss outcomes in Vertical PLC

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