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Employment is any type of work performed or services provided in exchange for: › money › tuition › fees › books › supplies › room › food › or any other.

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3 Employment is any type of work performed or services provided in exchange for: › money › tuition › fees › books › supplies › room › food › or any other benefit even if you receive no pay !!!

4 1. Earn money 2. Meet people & make friends 3. Improve English skills 4. Develop time-management skills 5. Work experience for résumé 6. Not eligible to work off-campus 7. Get a social security number

5  All EMU departments & offices › Student worker › Graduate assistant  On-campus commercial firms › Book store › Wendy’s › Subway  EMU offsite locations › EMU Foundation › Eagle Crest Hotel & Conference Center Employers located on the school’s premises

6  Are you enrolled full-time? (fall & winter)  Are you “in status?” › SEVIS compliant › Passport valid at least 6 months  Are you in good academic standing?  Have you already reached your program end date?  If you are a J1 student, does your program sponsor approve?

7  Immigration Rules & EMU Rules  Maintain valid immigration status  Not exceed maximum allowable work hours › Fall/winter=20 hours/week › summer & school breaks =40 hours/week  J-1 meet any sponsor requirements  No special OIS authorization required for F-1

8  No central hiring office  Not eligible for work-study jobs  All jobs can provide learning experiences and valuable skills  Hiring forms and procedures vary between university departments  Treat all jobs seriously  Don’t forget to focus on your studies  One job can lead to another

9  University Advising and Career Development Center (UACDC) › › Upcoming job fairs, workshops and events are also featured on this site › Call 734.487.0400 for a username and password  Apply to individual departments › Start with your department › Talk with your graduate coordinator and professors › Ask if there are grader or tutoring positions available › Talk to professors you are interested in working with about possible openings › Network: friends & classmates  Don’t be afraid to ask  Watch bulletin boards & email Utilize OIS Website

10  Provides financial support › Bi-monthly Stipend › Tuition Payments  Academic training  Work experience Administered by the Graduate School & Offering Department

11  Dining Services  Campus Life  Rec/IM  Student Center  Information Technology  Library  Upward Bound  Supplemental Instruction  Peer Tutoring Example - Dining/Catering: accepting résumés of students with good communication skills and who are willing to work weekends. No walk-ins or phone calls; email résumé to they will call you, if they think you’re a good match

12  Attend OIS sponsored seminars & workshops  Use UACDC services › Attend fairs & events › Attend résumé, cover letter and interviewing workshops and practice sessions  Apply early & don’t give up › finding a job can take up to a semester, or even longer.  Most employers hire a few weeks before the beginning and end of a semester  Prepare your résumé in the US style  Network! Contact friends, classmates, and professors  Be professional and polite ~ always smile and ask in a kind manner  Make a good first impression: show confidence & dress professionally  Personally hand your resume to departments that are hiring  Wait until after the application deadline to enquire about the status of your application › If there isn't a deadline, follow up one to two weeks after › Don’t check on the status of your application too often  Consider volunteering  No begging!

13  With your employer: › Job Offer Letter Form 10-1304 › WAP 37 Confidentiality Statement - EMU department › Safety Awareness Training: face to face class › Sexual Harassment Training : on-line … print certificate  Other tasks: › Social Security Number – US Gov’t identification # › I-9 Form (Employment Eligibility Verification) › Taxes: State and Federal withholding (W-4) forms › J-1 Sponsor Approval › Direct Deposit Authorization

14 Ask employer for letter On letterhead Student Center Stationary Bring to the OIS Original offer letter I-20 Passport, visa & I-94



17 cat·nap (ktnp) n. A short nap; a light sleep.

18  OIS Handout On-Campus Employment & Social Security Number  Wait at least 10 days after your initial arrival to the US  You must have completed the OIS check-in process and received a continuing I-20 before you can apply for a SSN

19  OIS Website  OIS Handout › SSN Application › Passport (plus a copy) › I-94 card (plus a copy) › I-20 form (plus a copy) (for F-1 visa holders only) › DS-2019 form (plus a copy) (for J-1 visa holders only) › Completed 10-1304 Job Offer


21 Employers MUST have one for every employee Student Employment: OIS will process › Bring passport, visa, I-94, I-20 › Submit to Student Employment or independent employer Graduate Assistants: Grad School will process › Bring passport, visa, I-94, I-20 Proof a person is legally eligible to work

22  Payroll Department – Hover  Tax treaty may apply  FICA exemption may apply › Social Security & Medicare taxes › 5 year rule  Income tax returns due April 15  Online tax software (GLACIER)  OIS website

23 Employee Withholding Allowance

24  Complete Campus Work Authorization form  Obtain program sponsor signature  Submit to the OIS

25  I’m taking 3 classes at EMU and 1 class at WCC; can I find an on-campus job at WCC?  I’m going to be on medical leave this semester; can I still work on campus?  I’m working 10 hours a week in event planning and have an opportunity to work 12 hours a week for dining services … can I do this since neither job is more than 20 hours a week?

26 Economic Necessity Academic Training (J-1 Students) Practical Training  Curricular (CPT)  Optional (OPT)

27 Practical Training › Purpose: practical experience in field of study › 2 Types: 1.Curricular practical training (CPT) 2.Optional practical training (OPT) › Requirements: - Enrolled Full-time for 1 full academic year - OIS approval before beginning work - Attend OIS Seminar mandatory!

28  Curricular Practical Training (CPT) › During your Program of Study or Annual Vacation › Full-time or Part Time › Three Types of CPT  Degree Required  Co-op through Career Services  Integral part of the Curriculum  Optional Practical Training › Usually after completion of coursework › Requires USCIS Approval Before Starting Work

29 Are you “in status”? How long have you been an F1? Are you enrolled full time? What is your major? What will be your job responsibilities? What do I need to know?



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