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Prepared…or Just Educated? Educating with Common Sense.

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1 Prepared…or Just Educated? Educating with Common Sense

2 Gone Fishin’

3 National Statistic For every 100 students who enter the 9 th grade: 67 graduate from high school 35 of those go on to some college or university 12 of those 35 leave after one year 23 remain in college 15-18 actually graduate with a 2 or 4-year degree Source: Teacher Magazine

4 Bottom Line Students who enter the world of work educated, but not fully prepared, will struggle.

5 Oops! 84% of college seniors plan to move back in with their parents after graduation. USA Today - 2012

6 Critical Question At what age do students need to start getting Career Ready?

7 What do students need in order to become good workers, good citizens, and good parents?

8 Knowledge

9 Are you smarter than a 5 th grader?

10 2-Minute Knowledge Quiz 1.What year did the Wright Brothers make their inaugural flight? 2. On which continent is the country of Estonia located? 3. Who won the battle of Mt. Yaki in WWII? Please stand as soon as you have the answer to question #1

11 Skills

12 Communication Skills Networking Skills People Skills Time Management Problem Solving Technology Skills Financial Skills

13 Skill Quiz The following slide will list one skill. You will have two minutes to learn the skill. You may use your smart phone and/or tablet to do so. One Volunteer Please

14 And the skill is… Jumping Rope Jugglewatooeasythre eggs15 seconds without dropping any. One raw!!

15 no way…too easy!

16 The real skill is… Juggling Definition: the skill of keeping two or more objects in the air at one time by alternately tossing and catching them. ds without dropping any. One raw!!

17 You have 2 minutes to learn the skill. Start right now!

18 Juggling Prop Please

19 Skill Quiz Juggle three eggs for 15 seconds without dropping any eggs. hint: 2 of the 3 eggs are hard-boiled! Jugglewatooeasythre eggsfor15 seconds without dropping any. One raw!!

20 Communication Skills

21 R u abl 2 spk 2 me?

22 Networking Skills

23 Meet Meredith

24 People Skills

25 Founder’s Day

26 Time Management Skills

27 Problem Solving Skills

28 Technology Skills

29 Financial Skills

30 Tolerance

31 The Big Question When do students need these critical workplace skills?

32 The Simple Answer Students need these skills BEFORE they need these skills!

33 Paradigm Shift Thirty years ago, prospective employees needed to come to the table with substantial knowledge (education). Corporate America was set up to train new employees in the area of workplace skills. (see IBM)

34 Today, prospective employees must come to the table with more than knowledge (education). They must be prepared, with workplace skills, to make their contribution on Day One.

35 Knowledge is accessible. Skills must be learned and will only improve with practice.


37 The Truth Education and Preparation are both critical for success in the real world.

38 Window of Opportunity!


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