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MIS320 Lab Week 1 notes. Resources 014.fall/ 014.fall/

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1 MIS320 Lab Week 1 notes

2 Resources 014.fall/ 014.fall/

3 Goals of the lab Appreciate, and practice how data is transformed into information. Learn advanced Spreadsheet construction, modeling, and data analysis using MS Excel Learn Database Concepts, Tools, and Skills using MS Access

4 Pearson MyITLAB Mylabs Packet for MIS320 lab - Exploring Office 2013 Student Access Code Card (with eText) ISBN 9780133775075 The website is Course ID: GANZ41155 Here is a student registration handout etexts include Exploring Microsoft Excel 2013 Comprehensive, and Exploring Microsoft Access 2013 Comprehensive

5 Assessment MyITlab Grader Projects – Assessments (major) – Homeworks (contributes to participation) Participation in lab activities My estimation of student participation. A combination of all lab-related activities, including questions, problem reports, showing up for labs, office hours, etc. ERP

6 Grader Projects Homeworks – 5 submissions (at least 5 days) Assessments – 1 submission (3 days) Successful submissions give feedback. Wait for verification of acceptance, then you may review the results.

7 Preparing for Grader Projects How are you going to learn the skills? Simulation Training Etext – At least scan the major topics and skills – Hands on exercises… Homework Graders

8 What’s next? I have scheduled Access Chapter 1, Training, Homework and Assessment Grader Projects. Available now. Both due Saturday October 4 11:59pm Talk is ok. Discuss, verbalize, learn terms. File sharing is strictly prohibited.

9 Currently …

10 Typical week Training simulations and Homework graders available on Tuesday. Assessment graders available on Thursday. Assessment due Saturday 11:59 pm

11 Time You can spend as much time as you want, until the assessments are due. Budget: about 3 hours per week average 100% is addictive – use time wisely

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