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Parent Information Night Thanks for coming! Please take the Activity Fee sheet from your child’s desk (volunteer options on the back). You can turn in.

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1 Parent Information Night Thanks for coming! Please take the Activity Fee sheet from your child’s desk (volunteer options on the back). You can turn in the form and money to my desk tonight or send it in later with your child. Background checks online now. You can do it from home or get help in our computer lab tonight. Thank you! Did you already sign-up for conferences (sheets outside the room)? Please pay attention. There is a quiz at the end (I’m really not joking-you get to try the “clickers!”)

2 Communication Email (hopefully you’ve received some from me by now) Don’t send an email in the afternoon to change dismissal plan. You should get responses from me within 24 hours. Send a note (Take home folder or Red Folder). Call the office. I will send your child home the regular way without a note or phone call. I will communicate through the monthly newsletters, calendars, and weekly spelling sheet. I will email and call you with specific concerns. Check out the first grade website to see the Curriculum Guide (newsletters, pictures, links, etc.). Conferences 2 times a year (Nov. and Feb.)

3 Homework Listed on the Spelling Sheet (starting next week) 15 for Fun reading (working on just right books for them) Goal 5 X week High Frequency Words (5 a week-total of 100 this year-some will be the same as spelling high frequency words.) Assessed at the end of each quarter Spelling words (combination of high frequency words and word families-patterns-starts Monday) Test on Fridays Math weekly review sheet (started this week) Due on Fridays Additional weekly sheet (with choices starts next Monday) Due on Fridays

4 Behavior Expectations Saber Paws to recognize good behavior and earn a class party Take a Break Individual Plans

5 Parent Involvement Let me know about any concerns or questions. Volunteer Please fill out the back of the Activity Fee note if you want to be contacted about volunteering. Check your child’s work and discuss their day. Come for lunch Check in at the office and meet your child at the cafeteria at 11:35. More details on the website.

6 Student of the Week Your child can bring in up to 10 pictures and 5 additional items to share with us by Wed. of their week. They share, we interview them and then I put together a book for them. This is kept at school for everyone to read and then sent home after everyone gets a turn to be Student of the Week. The schedule is on the website and I’ll list student names in the monthly calendar.

7 A Day in the Life of a First Grader….

8 Arrival/Bell Work Breakfast at school Lunch choices- Saber meal vs. hot lunch Lunch money- sent in folders or online food service account Blue folders Red folders Unfinished bell work Accelerated Reader Library books

9 Morning Meeting Responsive classroom- social curriculum Greeting Sharing Classroom rules Take a break Light changes Social curriculum taught by Mrs. Stockey- expected and unexpected behaviors, 5 point scale, SuperFlex characters

10 Math Homeroom for Core Lessons Switching for standards Grading- done by homeroom teachers M, P, NP Math Expressions games online Weekly math sheet (homework) Skip counting at home (10’s, 5’s, 2’s) Counting money Addition/Subtraction flashcards

11 Phonics (Spelling) We teach to some of the spelling rules and to high frequency words. Weekly list (in red folder) and test on Friday. We practice at school (whole group lesson and individual practice time, but many kids will need additional home practice especially as words get more difficult.

12 Recess and Lunch Outside everyday unless rainy or below zero with wind chill Dress appropriately for the weather. Eating lunch with your child- arrive 11:35, sign in at office. Saber Lunch Choice: Usually a choice of the Smuckers PBJ (peanut butter and jelly) or a meat/cheese sandwich or sometimes a plain cheese sandwich. If there is chips or a dessert on the hot lunch side we offer the chips or dessert on the cold "Saber" side. There is a choice of three veggies and usually a choice of two fruits everyday

13 Quiet Time We currently have a little time after lunch to make a quiet choice at our desk before starting with reading. We may have to shorten or eliminate this time in the future.

14 Reader’s Workshop Core instruction of grade level content (new resource Benchmark Literacy) Small group instruction at child’s level Just right books for home and read to self Additional reading help throughout the year: Title 1, Reading Corp, Lexia, High Potential curriculum

15 Science/Social Studies/Health Units vary throughout year- refer to curriculum guide on school website or weekly newsletters. WIN time= What I Need- students pulled out for services: special education, speech/language, ESL, Title 1 Reading or Math, MRC Those not receiving extra services will receive intervention or enrichment. Our Science Book

16 Snack- bring a healthy snack each day or we have community graham crackers.

17 Specialists Specialists on 10 day rotating schedule. Refer to newsletter for specialist schedule each week. 1. Gym 2.Music 3.Gym 4.Music 5.Media 6.Gym 7.Art 8.Gym 9.Art 10.Music *Gym shoes or clean socks needed on Phy. Ed. days

18 Writer’s Workshop Spelling the best we can during writing We are currently working on journal writing

19 Dismissal Any changes in usual dismissal must be written in a note or called in to the office by 3:30. If you email me and don’t get a response, call the office.

20 Teacher Website Homework/Spelling Lists Calendars Curriculum Guides Games And more (updated throughout the year)

21 Clicker Quiz You will use the top 3 buttons (a b c) for the following questions. You are pointing your clicker towards my computer (not the screen).

22 When are the weekly homework sheets due? a. Fridays b. Mondays c. The day after they come home

23 If your child is not going home the regular way, what do you do? a. Tell your child the plan and they can inform me. b. Send a note, email or call the office to make sure I know the change. c. Send me an email at the end of the day.

24 If you want to come for lunch, where can you find out the time to come and other details? a.On my website b.The Monthly Newsletter c.Make your best guess

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