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Are You Smarter Than a 5 th Grader?. What is the plural form of the word mongoose?

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1 Are You Smarter Than a 5 th Grader?

2 What is the plural form of the word mongoose?

3 What is the new color called when you make a hue light?

4 What is the proper abbreviation for the word “Department”?

5 In astronomy, what star is closest to the Earth?

6 What is the name of the Indians who signed a peace treaty with the Pilgrims?

7 In what part of the Earth’s atmosphere would you find the ozone layer?

8 What are the bones in your head called?

9 There are two types of whales. One type is “toothed.” What is the other type?

10 Which of the following words means “belonging to them”?

11 Who is the author of “Black Beauty”?

12 During the water cycle, most of the earth’s water evaporates from what large heated land mass?

13 Who was a woman’s rights leader who was arrested for voting?

14 What type of rock has a name that comes from the Latin word for “fire”?

15 How many vowels are in the word “beautify”?

16 In 1976, what country made the first soft landing on Mars?

17 How many instruments are in a string quartet?

18 What is the complementary color of green?

19 What is the suffix of the word “freedom”?

20 Which units would you use to measure the distance from the earth to the moon?

21 In the Dewey decimal system, where would you find books about poetry?

22 Monrovia is the capital of what African country?

23 What does the Latin affix “tend” mean as in “extend”?

24 How many nouns are in the following sentence? “The rabbit ran to the cafeteria and ate a big salad”?

25 The wearing away of land by wind or water is known as what?

26 Joseph Haydn is sometimes called the father of what type of music?

27 Degrees are a measurement of what?

28 What is the numeric value of the Roman numeral “XIX”?

29 The Siberian Plain borders what ocean?

30 What makes up a constellation?

31 Which of the following oceans is NOT touched by Antartica?

32 During the U.S. Civil War, what city in Virginia was capital of the Confederacy?

33 Ten to the fifth power is the same as what?

34 What term do we use to refer to everything the audience sees on the stage?

35 What part of the plant is a carrot?

36 On the periodic table, what element is represented by the letters “Ti”?

37 Evaporation occurs when what happens to an object?

38 What is the Spanish word for 15?

39 What kind of wave requires a medium to travel thru?

40 Pumice is formed from what kind of rock?

41 In Greek mythology, which god was the ruler of the sea?

42 Which famous American made the first telephone?

43 Who served as a guide and interpreter for the Lewis and Clark expedition?

44 Which of these terms describes the left of center stage as seen by the audience?

45 A python is a member of which family?

46 Mount Everest is located on which continent?

47 What is a story with animals that act like humans that teaches a moral or lesson called?

48 How many state names begin with the letter W?

49 “As sharp as a tack” is an example of what type of figure of speech?

50 Saturn is most famous for which feature?

51 In the C major scale, C to D is an example of what?

52 What river did George Washington cross during the Revolutionary War?

53 An amendment to the U.S. Constitution must be ratified by what fraction of the states?

54 An attempt to predict the weather is known as what?

55 What is the belt of low pressure along the equator called?

56 What does a botanist study?

57 What is the prefix of the word “prepaid”?

58 What do we call the currency of Japan?

59 What U.S. city is home to the Metropolitan Museum of Art?

60 Which President was assassinated on November 22,1963?

61 Horses’ hooves are made up of the same substance as what part of your body?

62 What is the name of the largest bone in your body?

63 What city is the capital of Louisiana?

64 If a triangle has an area of 42 square inches and a base of 6 inches,what is its height?

65 In terms of land area, what is the smallest U.S. state?

66 What do we call the region of darkness that appears when light is blocked?

67 In Greek mythology, which goddess was the goddess of love and beauty?

68 What is the middle region of an insect called?

69 The bench press is an example of what kind of exercise?

70 Who was the second President of the United States?

71 What can the combination of three or more musical notes be considered as?

72 What is the capital of Canada?

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