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Moving to 5 th Grade Information for Parents. What is departmentalization? Teachers will focus on one particular subject to teach. In the 2011-2012 school.

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1 Moving to 5 th Grade Information for Parents

2 What is departmentalization? Teachers will focus on one particular subject to teach. In the 2011-2012 school year the courses were taught by the following teachers: LAL – Ms. Coster, Mrs. Sharp, Mrs. Ragno, Ms. Mastrogiovanni Reading – Mrs. Fragnito, Mrs. Sharp, Mrs. Ragno, Ms. Mastrogiovanni Math – Mrs. Vachon, Mrs. Ragno, Ms. Mastrogiovanni, Mrs. Sharp Social Studies – Mr. Golub, Mrs. Ragno Science – Mrs. Furlong, Mrs. Ragno

3 Departmentalized Departmentalization allows the teachers to devote their planning time to one subject. Lessons will be more focused on teaching specific skill based standards. Prior to moving to this concept, each teacher taught up to 70 students and all academic subjects. - “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

4 Move to departmentalization… The 5 th grade team wanted to utilize a “best practice” approach to instruction. This model allows the following: - Students connect with the homeroom class and HR teacher 3 times a day. Similar to the elementary school model. - Students switch only for their academic classes.

5 Positive Benefits Students learn organizational skills and responsibility in preparation for Middle School. 5 th Grade teachers are still guiding your students through the day to help them learn independent skills. Each teacher is in tune with best practices for their individual subject and can provide a variety of instructional strategies to ensure that learning is engaging. The 5 th grade team works closely together to ensure that cross curricular activities exist in the 5 th grade. Example: Writing is stressed in Science and Soc. Studies.

6 Typical schedule Below is an example schedule for a 5 th grade student: 8:45-9:02 – Homeroom (Attendance and announcements) Per. 1 9:02-9:45 – Academic I (Reading) Per. 2 9:46-10:29 – Academic II (Language Arts) Per. 3 10:30-11:13 – Academic III (Science) Per. 4 11:14-12:24 – Specials Block (Back to HR, PE, Art, Lib., Music, Foreign Language, Character Education, Health/Dare, Study Skills) Per. 5 12:25-12:55 – Recess Per. 6 12:56-1:26 – Lunch (Back to HR to get books for periods 7 & 8) Per. 7 1:27-2:10 - Academic IV (Math) Per. 8 2:11-2:54 – Academic V (Social Studies) Per. 9 2:54-3:05 – Homeroom time for organization. 3:05-3:10 – pack up and dismissal (check agenda and HW)

7 Parent Concern over Organizational Skills The 5 th grade team developed a plan to ease students into the new schedule. Academic teachers will make sure that the homework is posted for students to put into their agenda books. Every teacher will post the homework for the evening on their web site. During the first marking period, the homework for each subject will be posted in the HR. Students can double check that they have it in their agenda books as they pack up. Phone #’s for HW buddies. 5 th grade e-blast – for tests and projects only.

8 Math Placement 5 th Grade Math has 3 Levels We use criteria found on the Horizon/Futures Curriculum page of the web site. Students may be placed in the following courses: - Horizon or Accelerated - General Math The students must meet the criteria in the Curriculum Guide in order to be placed in a specific course. Students must demonstrate that they have the developmental aptitude to be placed in Horizon or Accelerated Math. Parents will be notified of placement when the schedule is sent home at the end of August.

9 5 th Graders - Socially This is the year that your student may begin to pull away. Pre-teens are changing both physically and emotionally. Teachers are here to support that change. 5 th graders respond best when they know you are in their corner. Monitor cell phone, texting, email, facebook, etc. It does begin in 5 th grade. Some of the nicest kids have gotten caught up in texting about their peers.

10 You child should know that they can always use you as a way out of a socially uncomfortable situation. 5 th grade is a learning year about being kind to others. Cliques and groups begin to form at the end of 4 th grade. Speak to your child about the importance of having 1-2 close friends. Ask the teacher for support/advice.

11 September 2013 Teachers will review schedules with your child on the first day. Students will tape schedules in their agenda books on the first day. Teachers will review all procedures and policies. Academic classes will primarily focus on a review of concepts during the first few weeks. Homework and individual responsibility will gradually increase as we get into October. Organization at home…Parents should check the agenda book, binder and folder for overall organization. Even checking once a week will help your child stay on top of what is expected. It can also be quality “bonding” time with your pre-teen.

12 Back to School Night All parents will receive a schedule for the evening. It will be sent home with your child that day. Teachers will only have time to review the curriculum and class procedures i.e. homework policy, grading, communication, etc. It will give you an overview of the daily routine for your child.

13 Communication Contact teachers via e-mail Visit teacher web sites Mid-marking period progress Look at test grades to get an idea of how your child is doing. Email the teacher if you have a concern.

14 Parent/Teacher Conferences The November parent/teacher conferences are by invitation only. The team can meet with a parent throughout the year. Contact the principal or homeroom teacher if that is needed.

15 Welcome to 5 th grade 5 th Grade is an exciting time for your students. The “Big Kids” It is the end of the elementary years. Getting ready for middle school. It went by real fast! You will see your child grow up quite a bit this year. We look forward to working with your child next September.

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