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2 KNOW YOUR GRADUATION PLAN Distinguished (DAP) Recommended (RHSP) Minimum (MHSP)

3 Graduation Plans for Students Entering High School 2011-2012 and Thereafter

4 Advanced Measures Test data: A score on the Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test (PSAT) as an 11 th grader that qualifies a student for recognition as a Commended Scholar or higher by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation A score of three or above on a College Board Advanced Placement examination College courses: A grade of 3.0 or higher in a college academic course or a tech-prep articulated college course EOC: Must score Level 3 on Eng 3 and Alg 2 EOC

5 Course Selection Select courses with your graduation plan in mind. Select courses with your career goals in mind. If you forget what you need, check the Academic Handbook ( Go to the SHS website and click on Counselor Corner for a complete listing of courses to be offered for the 2013-2014 school year. If in doubt, check with your counselor

6 Texas Achievement Plan This is the yellow sheet you received. A TAP is a flexible, comprehensive high school, college and career education plan based on your career clusters and programs of study. It will include your high school courses, extended learning opportunities, and post secondary education. PLEASE USE PENCIL. This is a working document that together, we will fill in throughout your high school career. We need you to fill in all of the information on the top portion of the page. You then need to mark in the boxes, what grade you took or are planning on taking during the 4 years you are in high school. If you are interested in any career related electives, please list those. Please list your curricular learning and extracurricular experiences. We need this returned to your counselor by 3-4-13 with both signatures. Your counselor should be able to help you fill this out.

7 Texas Achievement Plan (TAP)

8 MyPlan Select courses with career goals in mind Use MyPlan Career Planning Access Code: F22FGT58

9 Career Clusters and Courses offered at SHS This information is also available on the Counselor Corner of the SHS website.

10 Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Principles of Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources Equine Science Livestock Production Small Animal Management Veterinary Medical Applications Principles of Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources Wildlife, Fisheries, & Ecology Management Range Ecology & Management Forestry & Woodland Ecosystems Principles of Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources Agricultural Mechanics & Metal Technologies Agricultural Power Systems Agricultural Facilities Design & Fabrication Sequence 1  Sequence 2  Sequence 3  Cluster 

11 Course Request Sheet for Incoming 9 th Graders


13 Course Request Sheet for Incoming 10 th Graders


15 A Few Other Reminders: Some classes have prerequisites. Look for the @ sign. Approval and/or applications may be required for some classes. Listen to announcements!! Audition/application classes will not be available for registration. You will list these on your course request sheet. Summer assignments are required for PAP Eng 1 and 2, PAP Spanish 1 and for PAP Biology. Due first day of school.

16 Alternatives on the back of the form will be taken seriously. Choose carefully. Please include levels when needed. Remember that elective offerings are subject to change. Athletic Trainer is PE credit for Fall only. Local credit for Spring semester. If signing up for any sport remember that coaches have the final approval. PAP Spanish 1 and 2 and PAP French 1 and 2 are for students whom plan to take Spanish 3 or French 3. Band will throw a.5 PE credit for the Fall semester only.


18 Classification Classification is based on credits earned per year. Must have 6 credits to be classified as a sophomore IMPORTANT - every semester credit stands alone …promotion depends on # of credits only 12 credits to be a Junior 18 credits to be a Senior

19 Attendance Credit is awarded per semester for a passing grade of 70 or higher. Credit can be denied if you haven’t been in attendance at least 90% of the semester (Texas Law). If you are absent more than 9 times per semester, credit will be denied (even if you made a 95 in the class)!

20 Online Registration Select your courses from home when it’s convenient for you or Select your courses from a school computer that’s available. GAL 1 will be open 7:45-7:58 am week of 2/25-3/1. Counselor’s will be available in the GAL 1 on 2/27 and 2/28 during lunches and after school.

21 Online Selection of Classes: Registering for Classes – Online 2/20/2013 at 4pm-3/4/13 at 7am Go to

22 Click on Skyward Family Access

23 Use the Student Access Login provided to you by the Counselor's office. It is the label that is attached to your course request sheet. Be sure the PDM is Login Area: Family/Student Access

24 Check your account information. If corrections are needed, please write them down and give to counselor.

25 On the left, Course Requests – Courses for 2013- 2014 – Click on the underlined link. Notice the 3 tabs at the top: Available, Selected, Update Requests. Available: all electives a student may choose from Selected: all mandatory classes Update Requests: for the student's selections

26 Click on Update Requests

27 Highlight the course the student wants to take in the Course(s) Available section and click Add Course at the bottom of the chart. The course will appear in the Courses Selected side. If they accidently choose the wrong course, highlight that course in the Course(s) Requested side and click Remove Course. Use the Search Filter to help you locate a course if necessary. For example: You are looking for Geometry. In the Search Filter box, type G in the Course Key/Desc box. All the courses that begin with "G" will appear in the Course(s) Available box.

28 If the student selects a course that he/she has already taken, they may get a message like the one below. Choose a different course.

29 NOTICE: In the top, right corner: the credits are counted as you add or remove a course from the Course(s) Requested list.

30 Students need to select courses to add up to 7 credits. If the student chooses a course and the credits total over the 7 credit limit, a message will appear as below. The student will select another course or remove a selected course and add something different to reach the total credits allowed – 7.


32 A final step to check the course requests is to click the tab Selected. These are the student's courses chosen for the 2013- 2014 school year. When complete, you may print your selections and then in the top right corner, click Log Out

33 Student and Parent Night Please join the SHS counselors for a registration information meeting for the 2013-2014 high school students at SHS in the cafeteria. The meeting will take place on Monday, February 25, 2013 from 5:30-6:30 pm.

34 Important Dates Course Request Forms, completed online registration and TAPs are due to SMS/SHS Counseling Office Monday, March 4, 2013 at 3:30 pm

35 Important Phone Numbers SMS Counseling Office 817-220-7455 SHS Counseling Office 817-220-3041 Mrs. Kimberly Lund, Counselor

36 Summary of Registration Process Complete Course Request Form on paper Let parents review and sign. Log on to the internet. Make your selections on the computer. Log off computer Turn in your course request (and TAP) form to the counseling office by 3/4.

37 SHS Counselor Corner



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