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Math Acceleration in the Middle School

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1 Math Acceleration in the Middle School
6th Graders taking Math 7H Wednesday, April 14, 2010 Shenendehowa Central School District

2 Presented by… Brittany Miller Carrie Peverly
Accelerated Math 7H Teacher (6th Grade) Shenendehowa Middle Schools Acadia ~ Gowana ~ Koda Carrie Peverly Mathematics Academic Administrator Shenendehowa Central School District Grades 6 – 12

3 Parent & Student Info Meeting
Objectives Review recommendation process Share information about Math 7H Discuss how taking Math 7H as a 6th grader will effect your child’s daily schedule (in as well as in the years ahead) Answer parent/student questions

4 Recommendation Process for Accelerated Math 7H (6th grade)
Students typically enter accelerated Math 7H through one of two pathways: Students who have been accelerated in 5th grade and have taken (and passed) 6th grade Math are automatically enrolled into accelerated Math 7H for their 6th grade school year. OR

5 TOMAGS are administered to the high ability 5th grade Math groups as well as those students not in a high ability 5th grade Math group but who scored a Level 4 on the NYS Grade 4 Mathematics Exam. The TOMAGS results, NYS Mathematics Assessment Scores, Gifted Rating Scale, Teacher Recommendation, and/or Parent Recommendation (among other determining factors) are then examined and a decision to accelerate in 6th grade to the Math 7H course is made.

6 TOMAGS “The Test of Mathematical Abilities for Gifted Students (TOMAGS) is a standardized, norm-referenced test designed to assess mathematical talent in children 6 through 12 years old. The TOMAGS requires students to use mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills to understand how to communicate mathematically to solve problems. The test was designed to identify students who have talent or giftedness in mathematics.” Pro-Ed Inc. ( Open-ended questions presented in a problem-solving format Students are scored and compared to gifted population NYS assessments v TOMAGS…what does each one assess?

7 Our Acceleration Philosophy
“Challenge without overwhelming” Accelerated Student Contract Shenendehowa provides accelerated programs not only to satisfy state mandates, but also to meet the needs of our diverse community of learners. Being an accelerated student means more than having a strong work ethic. These courses are designed for students who not only have a strong academic aptitude, but students who are driven to learn. It is not only more difficult work, but classes that move at a quicker pace and require inherent student motivation. Accelerated students are eager to participate and consistently provide high quality work.

8 History of Accel. Math 7H (6th grade)
students students students (Recommendation process change) students students students

9 When does a student take the Accelerated Math 7H class?
The class is offered as part of their regular daily schedule Instead of taking Math 6, identified students are scheduled to take accelerated Math 7H during their math time. Single period vs. Block scheduling Only 6th graders and grouped by school

10 Accelerated Math 7H Curriculum
Unit #1:    Whole Numbers (Algebra) Unit #2:    Integers Unit #3:    Number Theory Unit #4:    Pythagorean Theorem Unit #5:    Base 10 Unit #6:    Statistics Unit #7:    Probability Unit #8:    Geometry Unit #9:    Algebra Unit #10:   Angles Unit #11:   Proportions

11 Ability vs. Effort Identification indicates strong math ability
Effort/organization/time management Adjustment to Middle School Monitoring of student progress Self-advocacy Extra help

12 What happens after Math 7H?
Some students may be recommended to continue with single acceleration. This means they would be taking the Math 8H course as 7th graders.

13 Geometry/ Geometry Honors
Single Acceleration Track Grade 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Math 7H 8H Algebra Honors Geometry/ Geometry Honors 2 & Trig Pre-Calc or AP Stats AP Calc AB or BC or AP Stats MS HSW (9th) HSE (10th -12th)

14 What happens after Math 7H?
Some students may be recommended to double accelerate. This means they would be taking the Algebra Honors course as 7th graders.

15 Double Acceleration Track
Grade 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Math 7H Algebra Honors Geometry 2 & Trig Pre-Calc AP Calc AB or BC Stats MS HSW (9th) Period 0 HSE (10th -12th)

16 Math 7H Summer Work Contains review materials from the 6th grade NYS Math curriculum. Students in accelerated Math 7H are expected to be proficient in these concepts regardless if they have previously taken the 6th grade Math course or not. Concepts covered in the packet include (but are not limited to): fractions, decimals, rates/proportions/percents, geometry, and measurement.

17 Students must turn in the Summer Work Packet by the end of the first week of school and they will be tested on the material within the first few weeks of the first quarter. Portions of the packet will count as the students’ first homework assignments for the school year. This packet will be sent home with the student in June during the last week of school and more details are provided at that time.

18 Websites

19 Discussion & Questions
Please return the Accelerated Math 7H enrollment form to Carrie Peverly by May 1st

20 Contact Information Carrie Peverly Mathematics Administrator (6-12) Brittany Miller Accelerated Math 7H Teacher

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