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2 Jeopardy Geography 100 100 100 200 200 200 300 300 300 400 400 400 500 500 500

3 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER Intelligence According to the textbook, it is difficult to define ________ because there is no universally agreed-upon definition. Back to game board

4 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER 200 Shelby is four years old. In school she took the Stanford-Binet intelligence test, and achieved a mental age of eight. Terman would say that her Intelligence Quotient, or IQ, is Back to game board

5 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER Alfred Binet ___________developed his intelligence test to identify children who needed special education programs. Back to game board

6 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER Louis Terman At Stanford University, _______ changed Binet's test in several ways including adding items for adults and translating the test into English, but neglected to make it more fair for other cultures. Back to game board

7 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER 70 or below Rasha is a nine-year-old with a measured IQ that is below the average for nine-year-olds. Most-likely, what is her IQ? Back to game board

8 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER 50 An IQ score of 100 or less on the WAIS is achieved by about ______________ percent of the test takers in any particular age group. Back to game board

9 aptitude; achievement
CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER aptitude; achievement Bob, a 10th grader, took a test that measured his potential for college success. Jill, another 10th grader, took a test on the math chapter that had just been covered in class. Bob most likely took an ______ test and Jill most likely took an ______ test. Back to game board

10 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER standardization Researchers are in the process of developing a new college entrance exam. They want to ensure that wherever the test is given, it will be administered, scored, and interpreted in the same manner. In other words, the researchers are concerned with_____________ Back to game board

11 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER standardized Tia discovers that her friend from another high school took the same college entrance exam that she did. To her surprise, the exam instructions, conditions, and procedures were exactly the same in both schools. This means that Tia's exam was Back to game board

12 split-half CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER Dr. Yatvin administered his new intelligence test to a group of subjects and then compared each subject's score on the odd-numbered questions to their scores on the even-numbered questions. He found a large positive correlation between the odd and even scores, indicating the test has_________ reliability. Back to game board

13 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER alternate-form When interpreting the results from the final exam, Professor Hazen noticed that the students who had test form A scored significantly higher than those who had test form B. Professor Hazen concluded that the final exam was low on __________ validity. Back to game board

14 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER content Dr. Ciccone is developing a new test to measure readiness for college. Two questions on the test are "Who was Strawberry Shortcake?" and "What is the fastest car to drive?" On the basis of this information we can conclude that Dr. Ciccone's test lacks _________validity. Back to game board

15 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER predictive When Yanping entered college, she was unsure about which major to choose. She took a vocational interest test that indicated that she was highly analytic and should choose a math-based major. This spring she will graduate with honors with a mechanical engineering degree. The test Yanping took appears to have good __________ validity. Back to game board

16 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER fairness During a class intelligence tests, the instructor asks students to think about the factors that may affect a test-taker's score, such as physical disabilities, language differences, or situational variables. The instructor is asking her class to debate the ________ of intelligence tests. Back to game board

17 The second group did better than the first
CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER The second group did better than the first In a study, math-proficient women were randomly divided into two groups. The first group was told that men usually do better on the type of math test the women were about to take. The second group was not told anything. Which outcome would you expect? Back to game board

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