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Welcome to our i>clicker Demonstration! Liz Tassell Regional Technology Specialist.

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1 Welcome to our i>clicker Demonstration! Liz Tassell Regional Technology Specialist

2 What does the “i” in “i>clicker” stand for? A. idiot-proof B. interactive C. a Mac Product (i.e. iPod, iPhone) D. Illinois

3 Created for educators, by educators… Created by four physicists at the University of Illinois Focus on teaching and learning not technology Designed i>clicker to be simple and reliable Now owned by Macmillan i>clicker partners with eight textbook publishers

4 What is a clicker? A student response system or clicker is an electronic means for professors to pose questions and electronically gather student responses What you’ll need – Computer – Projector – Student Remote – Receiver – i>clicker software

5 How does i>clicker work? Instructors pose questions during class Students use i>clicker handheld remotes to respond. Responses are then transmitted to the professor’s computer and automatically graded. The professor can display a graph of the polling results.

6 Intuitive Flexible and optional registration of remotes—no join-in process One receiver for any sized room Open source, common API that can be adapted or modified Unique LCD display on base to preview results Mac and PC equally robust

7 Reliable Fastest system available—750 votes per second One receiver for any sized room Reliable hardware--.0007% defective rate No software crashes, lost votes No WiFi competition at 915 MHz 16 sub-frequencies

8 Simple: No installation Receiver with flash drive **Software can reside anywhere, even on a server

9 “Vote Status” Light: – Green light = vote was sent AND received. – Red flashing light = need to vote again. Not sure you saw the light? Just vote again. Want to change your vote? You can vote again as long as the timer is still going. Simple: The i>clicker remote

10 Flexible Ask questions in any application – PowerPoint, Word, Smart board, a publisher test bank, a website, video footage… No need to rewrite your questions in i>clicker software.

11 … almost as easy as asking one – PowerPoint – Keynote – Word documents – Mathematica/Maple – Text Programs – Web Pages – Images – Chalkboard…yes, the chalkboard 22 Creating a question…

12 Synchronizes easily with i>grader via a SQL database Minimal information required National and local registration options Authentication tools, scripts, and support for both options Option One: Online registration

13 In-Class Option Two: In-class and manual registration In-class, roll call registration great for small classes Only need to do once Manual registration options for individual student issues

14 Option Three: i>clicker integrate Seamless, one-click integration of data between your campus CMS and i>clicker Students can register their remotes directly within a campus CMS (Blackboard, Angel, WebCT, and Moodle). i>clicker integrate is comprised of: – A plug-in (“Building Block”) your campus CMS administrator installs to enable registration. – A simple executable you use to synchronize your i>clicker data with your CMS gradebook. Requires involvement from a campus CMS administrator.

15 i>grader: viewing results and setting scores All data saved easily to exportable CSV file Exportable in one session or multiple sessions Formatted for selected CMS

16 i>grader: easy session review Easy session review and point assignment Screen shot of questions available for question review, question deletion, points assignment

17 Html reports: Virtual Study Guide Term summary reports great for student review Student summary reports great for struggling students Easy to print and post

18 Afghanistan is located at

19 Accessibility: – California Law – Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Standards (Section 508) – Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 Easy to use Integrates seamlessly with i>clicker Flexibility for students Accessibility and web>clicker

20 20 Purchasing i>clicker Students web>clicker Subscription based $10/Semester (180 Days) $16/Year (365 days) $32/Lifetime (4 years) i>clicker $28 per remote (to bookstore) Inexpensive, easy to sell back and share Packages available with textbooks—talk to your book rep No registration fees; No site license fees Only cost is student hardware

21 Service and Support Technical Support: 1-866-209-5698 (9 am-11pm EST) Email: Documentation User Guides (PC, Mac) Quick Start Guides (PC, Mac) Quick Start Checklist/Tips Blackboard documentation Administrative support/documentation FAQs

22 Service and support Pedagogical support Pedagogical workshops (with faculty experts) i>clicker-commissioned literature review and research studies Faculty advocates/experts/inventor outreach Additional equipment for workshops, conferences New web site support Discipline case studies Pedagogy discussion forum Best practices and tips Sample questions and content

23 Questions? 317.410.6310 The Decision is Simple

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