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The Healthy Schools Partnership: A Need for Balance-A Need for Change.

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1 The Healthy Schools Partnership: A Need for Balance-A Need for Change

2 Why the Healthy Schools Partnership?

3 The Birth of HSP ACFN identified gap: HSP is solution A Partnership of American Council for Fitness and Nutrition Foundation, American Dietetic Association Foundation and PE4life—Established early 2007 Builds upon successful PE4life program that has remade the traditional physical education class Teams an RD nutrition coach with PE4life teacher Active kids learn better—mind/body connection— lifelong habits are easier to form and stick longer

4 ADAF & HSP Katie Brown, Ed.D., R.D. National Nutrition Education Director, RD Coach Project

5 Healthy Schools Partnership Registered Dietitian Nutrition Coaches Nutrition experts HSP Academy Training Ongoing RD Coach support and training

6 HSP Approaches for Success Focus on Energy Balance Group activities + 1:1 personalized nutrition coaching

7 HSP Approaches for Success Technology Integration

8 HSP Approaches for Success Reinforcement of key messages throughout the school to create a culture of wellness

9 HSP Approaches for Success Community Relationships & Referrals

10 HSP Preliminary Findings Up to 30% improvement in nutrition knowledge scores 80% reported making better food choices because of what they learned from the RD 91% reported learning new things from the RD in PE class

11 I’ve learned new things about nutrition from the RD nutrition coach: “Before I didn’t worry about nutrition, but now I’m active and eat the right choices.”—5th grader “If you eat more than a serving of the same food, you eat more calories.”—6th grader “I learned that you shouldn’t eat a lot if you won’t be very active.” —8th grader

12 I’ve made better food choices because of what I’ve learned from the RD nutrition coach “I ate half of a giant cookie instead of the whole thing and then played soccer.” – 8th grader “I have eaten more fruits and I walk my dog more.” – 6th grader “I eat lots and lots of veggies & fruits.” –7th grader

13 I have been drinking milk, balancing my meals. I went from 142 to 130 pounds. I feel much better when I see a difference and all thanks to having a dietitian and a physical education teacher to encourage me. I worked out and ate healthy meals and snacks.” – 6 th grader I’ve made better food choices because of what I’ve learned from the RD nutrition coach

14 “I learned that eating healthy is a lifelong journey to maintain.”--9th grader

15 Engaging schools in obesity prevention Creating and measuring lasting change Beginning the process of providing depth and analysis on HSP HSP is Leading on Many Fronts

16 Provide the evidence of the effectiveness of the RD nutrition coaching component Goal of the Berkeley Study

17 Study design Controlled trial Kansas City, Missouri Intervention Schools Afrikan Centered Education Elementary & Middle School Banneker ElementaryGeorge Melcher Elementary Comparison Schools Garfield ElementaryGladstone Elementary n= 500 at baseline n= 416 at endpoint from student surveys

18 Research Methods: Student Measures Self-reported knowledge Self-reported food behaviors Observational food behaviors

19 Summary of changes of nutrition knowledge at Intervention vs. Comparison Schools Intervention schools Comparison schools 4.24 4.164.59 6.091.85 0.43 Change in knowledge Knowledge Score at endpoint Knowledge Score at baseline p <0.0001 Significance is based on cumulative score

20 Nutrition Knowledge: percent of students with correct responses at baseline follow-up Identifying a way to maintain a healthy weight Understanding the concept of “vary your veggies” 51.4 10.554.8 82.950.0 11.0 Intervention Schools Comparison Schools Baseline 50.5 11.7 Follow-upBaselineFollow-up

21 Self-reported food behaviors

22 Obervational food behaviors

23 Observation of vegetable consumption at school lunch Change in vegetable scores 0.2902-0.1656-4.0673 Mean at Intervention Schools P<0.0001 Mean at comparison schools t-testp value

24 Healthier Students BMI Nutrition Education Knowledge/ Attitudes Behavior Change Fitness Levels Knowledge/ Attitudes Behavior Change Physical Education

25 Implementation of Healthy Schools Partnership in HWC Communities Kansas City Des Moines Washington DC Chicago (1 school) Tribal Community (1 school) PE4life Only HSP Kansas City (4 schools) Tribal Community, IA (1 school) Washington, DC (4 schools) Chicago (1 school) Des Moines (4 schools)

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