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Scale picture: highlight, pull corner point

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1 Scale picture: highlight, pull corner point
Please insert a picture (Insert, Picture, from file). Size according to grey field (10 cm x 25.4 cm). Scale picture: highlight, pull corner point Cut picture: highlight, choose the cutting icon from the picture tool bar, click on a side point and cut Leica MC1200 Universal Machine Control Fast, robust, modular and reliable – Leica sets the new standard for Machine Control Systems.

2 MC1200 Contents MC1200 – History MC1200 – System Overview
MC1200 – Field of Applications MC1200 – Options MC1200 – Key Customer Profiles MC1200 – Top 21 Features MC1200 – Competitive Analysis MC1200 – Outlook MC1200 – Ordering MC1200 – Sales Collateral - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

3 MC1200 – History What and why is it?
Increase reliability Increase performance Reduce complexity Reduce inventory What MC1200 is the NEW Leica Geosystems Machine Control System for Graders, Dozers and Pavers Why MC1200 has been developed to: Eliminate product overlaps Simplify installation Increase availability Increase flexibility Deliver ONE system for mulitple applications - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

4 MC1200 – History Improvements compared to SonicMaster / GS496
Feature SonicMaster GS496 MC1200 Brand Laser Alignment MOBA Leica Geosystems Look & Feel Old-fashioned Uninspired State of the art, futuristic MMI Graphic Display 2 Rotary Knobs Toggles/Buttons Numeric Display Buttons Multi-Sticks Softkeys Hardkeys Control Channels 3 including Sideshift 2 3 (4 in future); Sideshift Remote Controls None Multisticks on levers Masterswitch 3D Upgrade GradeStar GPS/TPS LMGS-G GPS/TPS GradeStar v5.0 GPS/TPS Communication Analog CAN bus - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

5 MC1200 – System Overview Dozer Configuration
e.g. MC1200 on Liebherr 724Dozer with Dual Laser on Power Mast - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

6 MC1200 – System Overview Grader Configuration
e.g. MC1200 on CAT 14H Grader with Dual Laser on Manual Mast - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

7 MC1200 – Field of applications Cross Slope (only)
Rough sub-base, country-, forest roads Automatic cross-slope control across the centre of the blade or in relation to the manually controlled height side - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

8 MC1200 – Field of applications Ultrasonic and cross slope
Fine grading with reference (string line, curb stone, other lane, ...) of e.g. roads, highways, walkways, small squares/courts ... One side height control with reference (string or ground) other side automatic or manual cross-slope control - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

9 MC1200 – Field of applications Dual Ultrasonic
Fine grading with reference (string line, curb stone, other lane, ...) of e.g. roads, highways, walkways, small squares/courts ... Both sides height control with reference (string or ground) - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

10 MC1200 – Field of applications Dual Laser
Squares/courts – Surfaces with same slope in one or two directions, e.g. rollfields (airport), sports fields, parking areas, ... Automatic control at each position, free working within the laser range - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

11 MC1200 – Options Tailor your customer’s solution
Ultrasonic Laser Rough Earthmoving MUS1200 “Tri-Sonic CAN“ MLS1200 “5 Channel CAN“ Fine Grading Sonic-Ski® LS-250 - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

12 MC1200 – Options MUS1200 (Tri-Sonic)
Wide range Triangulation  Side-Shift On-grade/on-line indicators Up/down buttons for height adjustment from blade Adjustable to ground/string/edge mode Temperature compensation for higher accuracy Accuracy: ± 2mm (± 0.08“) Working range: cm (15-99“) Optimal: 60cm (24“) - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

13 MC1200 – Options MLS1200 (5 Channel Receiver)
Works with visible/invisible beam Works in bright sunlight and darkness Supports fine-mode and wide-mode for rough applications Supports easy clamp-on mount CAB Constant Accuracy Band  ensures that accuracy remains the same independent of distance to laser transmitter Accuracy: ± 4mm (± 0.16“) Capture range: 20cm (7.75“) Working range: 300m (980 feet) - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

14 MC1200 – Options Sonic-Ski Sonic-Ski Multiple ultrasonic oscillators (5 for distance, a 6th for temp. compensation) Adjustable to ground/string mode Averaging in ground mode (3 of 5 oscillators)  reduces irregulations String mode: oscillator nearest to string is used  allows working across entire sensor width w/o automatic side-shift Accuracy: ± 2mm (± 0.08“) across entire width Capture range (width): 25cm (10“), industry leading Working range: cm (10-39“) Optimal: 30-40cm (12-16“) - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

15 MC1200 – Options LS-250 Linear laser receiver
Works with red light and infrared emitters No fixed working point as multi channel receivers Free assignment and change of working point within entire capture range Accuracy: ± 1mm (± 0.04“) Capture range: 22cm (8.7“) Working range: 250m (820 feet) Explanations / Comments: Multi-channel-receivers in current use have the following disadvantages: Their working point is fixed at the middle of the receiving window and these receivers can only do a rough detection of the changing value in a few ranges. To change the working point the detector must be adjusted mechanically or the adjustment will be done by an additional electrical mast. At the LS-250 each receiving cell is evaluated separately and makes it possible to assign and change the working point free within the receiving range. Every change will be recognized with an accuracy of 1 mm. Only in this way you can realize a proportional control according to the value of deviation. An additional electrical mast or mast control is not necessary. - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

16 MC1200 – Key Customer Profiles Favoring MC1200
Wide range of operations and machinery Value to a common system Minimizes operator training/re-training Side-Shift critical applications – roads Multiple brands of machinery Value to Leica as an independent supplier Challenges OEM solutions Diverse group of operators Value to interactive MMI, language options Interested in 3D applications Value to simple plug&play 3D solution, GPS or TPS - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

17 MC1200 – Top 22 Features Features and Benefits
Interchangeability Multiple calibrations Identical MMI Minimum number of spares Integrated indicators Multi-Sticks + Master Switch Cross-Coupling Side-Shift Auto-Calibration Self-Diagnosis Interactive menus CAN bus One type connectors Sensor section 100% slope Hydraulics Height sensor memory 3D upgrade path Sealed parts Laptop programmable Auto-Seek mode Power management The details - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

18 Top 22 Features: # 1 Interchangeability
Benefit Same core system is able to be installed on Graders, Dozers and Pavers Continuous, Leica branded solution on complete machine fleet High brand recognition value on site Easier maintenance for customers, dealers and support personnel Less stock volume at the dealers One solution only has to be promoted/marketed/sold Explanations / Comments: The identification with one brand on site shouldn‘t be underestimated. Contractors and operators like to identify themselves with the product. MC1200 makes it easy to install the same components across all machines, on the entire fleet. Also for the competition, other contractors, etc. it simply looks impressive if a complete fleet has the same look. - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

19 Top 22 Features: # 2 Multiple calibrations
Benefit MC1200 can store multiple calibration sets Allows to move panel and controller to another pre-wired machine to continue work with minimum downtime Only that machine of the fleet that needs control has to have a panel and controller, this reduces costs for the customer and makes packages of “pre-wiring components“ attractive MC1200 can be factory pre-configured for most common machine types, this reduces installation time Downtime of machines in repair or service can be eliminated CAT 140H John Deere 870D Champion 720A - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

20 Top 22 Features: # 3 Identical MMI (Man-Machine-Interface)
Benefit Same MMI for Grader, Dozer and Paver applications One time training only, this reduces installations costs for following MC1200s No need to learn more than one system, operators need to remember one handling only Operator can move between machines and immediately work efficiently Faster spread around of ease-of-use message between operators, and, operators become teachers soon - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

21 Top 22 Features: # 4 Minimum number of spares
Benefit Only one set of spare parts required Complete fleet can be maintained as the components are identical Reduces stock volume at the dealer Attractive bundles can be offered esp. to contractors owning a fleet Faulty component is serviced while machine keeps going Spare controller can be loaded with fleet machine‘s calibrations  no further calibration is required in case of changing the controller  “plug and grade“ Operator becomes 1st level support by simply doing “replace & try“ Only one additional spare cable enables to check all other sensor cables Operator independently can check whether a cable or a sensor is faulty There‘s always enough space to store one spare cable on the machine - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

22 Top 22 Features: # 5 Integrated indicators
Benefit MC1200 panel includes up/down indicators on both sides of the display and left/right across the top of the display Indication of up/down of both sides of the blade and indication of left/right for direction of travel indication at one spot Light-bars are also generally mounted above the operator’s normal viewing zone (he looks down towards the bottom corners of the blade while operating). The MC1200 display is mounted directly onto or besides the centre console, giving him clear indication within his field of view. Light intensity of indicators can be varied from very bright to dull Allows to work in different light conditions and night operation  Trimble Lightbars: In operator‘s view to blade? - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

23 Top 22 Features: # 6 Multi-Sticks + Master Switch
Benefit Remote control No change in operator‘s common working process No need to release the control levers Automatic/manual, offsets and set points are remote controlled Easy installation, just replace the lever knobs with the multi-sticks Master Switch for automation of all channels Topcon Smart Switches: Finger contortion? - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

24 Top 22 Features: # 7 Cross-Coupling
Benefit MC1200 offers correct parallel blade control through cross-coupling Both cylinders raise or lower at the same time No delay between height and tilt movement results in significantly smoother and faster operation No “washboard effect“ across the blade width No dipping of the blade below design height Explanations / Comments: This means that if an operator has a cross slope of 2% set, and he lifts the left cylinder, the right cylinder immediately begins to lift at the same time. Competitors’ systems lift the right cylinder only after the left cylinder has stopped lifting or with a delay. The main problem with this is that the cylinders are not located at the extreme edges of the blade, so as the left cylinder lifts and the right cylinder stays in place, the extreme right edge of the blade actually dips below the design height until the right cylinder is lifted. MC1200 operates cross-coupling correctly, eliminating this error. - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

25 Top 22 Features: # 8 Side-Shift
Benefit Lateral blade control Unique feature to Leica Geosystems Patented feature of MC1200 Utilises a third valve to control the blade in the lateral direction to keep it on track Allows to precisely cut batters, grade crowns, etc. automated Operators can even more concentrate on spreading material 2D control gets a “3rd dimension“ - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

26 Top 22 Features: # 9 Auto-Calibration
Benefit Automatic calibration of “minimum pulse“ Takes only a couple of minutes to calibrate the hydraulics of the machine fully automatic, by pressing a few buttons only Installers don‘t need to get off the machine to do the calibration, this is often an important safety issue on site and is very comfortable Even unexperienced installers can easily carry out professional hydraulic calibrations with hardly any chance for mistakes Manual calibration of “minimum pulse“ MC1200 supports the preference of experienced support or operational personnel to calibrate the hydraulics manually Can be carried out even if no Cross Slope sensor is installed Allows calibration in case auto-cal can‘t be done because of vibrations around the machine - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

27 Top 22 Features: # 10 Self-Diagnosis
Benefit MC1200 includes self-diagnosis function MC1200 gives clear indication on failed components and displays on panel nature of the failure and affected parts, this makes error diagnostics much more user friendly MC1200 becomes on-site trouble-shooter, this reduces downtime MC1200 becomes your 1st level supporter MC1200 educates operators to give significant information about the problem, instead of just complaining - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

28 Top 22 Features: # 11 Interactive menus
Benefit Intelligent user menus Intelligence provides messages displayed on the panel, that guide operators while using the system Depending on the situation, screens or selections pop up to support operators, e.g. when swapping from laser to ultra-sonic This automation avoids errors and reduces unintended use This increases system stability and ensures continuous workflow Up to three languages are be stored, where English and German are fixed and a 3rd one is optional Easy “Sepp to Pepe“ Switch - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

29 Top 22 Features: # 12 CAN bus Feature Benefit
MC1200 uses CAN (Controller Area Network) bus technology to connect all components Short cable ways between components, this simplifies installation Real time data transfer, this ensures reliable and fast data No errors caused by voltage drop Multiple operation due to network communication High flexibility means no problem of future extension of the system Better error analysis Worldwide acceptance of CAN technology means long availability If one network part is defect the network is still able to operate Digital data transfer + short cables Outstanding protection against interferences Allows to store backups of settings and calibration - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

30 Top 22 Features: # 13 One type connectors
Benefit MC1200 uses same connector type for complete CAN bus line Only one cable type is required to connect the CAN components Deformation of contacts caused by connecting wrong plugs are out of question Installation gets much easier: each sensor has a male and a female plug  just enter the right cable end - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

31 Top 22 Features: # 14 Sensor section
Benefit Optimal filter and adjustment for slope and rotation sensors Eliminating influences of force of acceleration (acceleration/latency of machine, rotation of blade) Eliminating influences of shocks on the blade This means the sensors compensate the jerky movements of the blade This results in a fast, but smooth control This results in a homogeneous surface without “washboards“ or steps between the lanes - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

32 Top 22 Features: # 15 100% slope Feature Benefit
Slope sensors (cross fall and main fall) are able to work on slopes up to 100%, that is 45° Graders and Dozers can work even on steep embankments, shoulders, etc. No waiting for excavators doing slopes normally Increased accuracy on projects with big longitudinal gradients, because sensors are not measuring close to working range Grader can use its mechanical flexibility - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

33 Top 22 Features: # 16 Hydraulics
Benefit MC1200 works with a variety of hydraulic systems Customers can upgrade to MC1200, but keep expensive hydraulic components Big contractors easily can equipe sub-contactors‘s machines with same system, this reduces spares and training efforts MC1200 allows to operate current and voltage controlled systems. Low latency of hydraulic block Low latency means high performance and fast reaction Immediate response on blade corrections, this means no waves or steps in the surface - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

34 Top 22 Features: # 17 Height sensor memory
Benefit MC1200 has automatic sensor memory function Settings for slope, laser or ultrasonic are stored and recalled whenever sensor is connected Allows to swap sensors from left to right blade side Allows to easily interchange sensors, e.g. rough grading to fine grading  Trisonic to Sonic-Ski Allows to use right sensor according to application and easily change between applications such as change from stringline sensing to laser plane grading or sonic sensing left edge to right edge Two equal sensors can have different settings Perfect for machines with different hydraulic circuit speeds such as Dozers Allows to calibrate both circuits for optimal performance Explanation / Comment: In case two laser receivers are used to control the “lift circuit“ and the “tilt circiut“ of the Dozer, they need to have different settings for the different circuit speeds. - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

35 Top 22 Features: # 18 3D upgrade path
Benefit MC1200 is ready for 3D Customers are investing in their future, can always upgrade Additional 3D components just need to be plugged in No change on MC1200 Because of the CAN interface all data are digitally available, this results in very low latencies and high data robustness - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

36 Top 22 Features: # 19 Sealed parts
Benefit Panel, controller and sensors are all sealed (= filled with jelly) or coated No problems caused by rain, humidity, etc. No problems caused by vibrations, jerks Longer life of parts Less machine downtime - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

37 Top 22 Features: # 20 Laptop programmable
Benefit Firmware upload via laptop Allows to establish maintenance contracts This generates additional business Future upgrades can be sold - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

38 Top 22 Features: # 21 Auto-Seek mode
Benefit Laser receiver looks automatically for laser plane and adjusts height to centre of receiver (in combination with Power Mast) Operators don‘t need to guess where the laser plane is, just press a button  done Laser receiver is vertically positioned in the centre of its range to allow maximum use in the first place Comfortable in-cabin height adjustment without the need to adjust manually outside the cabin - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

39 Top 22 Features: # 22 Power management
Benefit MC1200 supports advanced power management Increases on-board safety due to integrated fuses: from a certain cable length onwards fuses have to be used either integrated in the cables or in a different way. MC1200 uses standard fuses known from the car industry. MCB1200 controller supports “smart power down“, that is an adjustable time defined for system shut down even after ignition is off Allows proper 3D computer‘s shut down: after ignition off, controller sends corresponding CAN message to PC. This message enables 3D software to send out OS shut down command. This avoids discharging the machine‘s battery. Allows comfortable connection to ignition and on/off switch, wiring is simplified Allows easier power connection of Power Mast Cables come with open ends (industry standard crimp connectors) - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

40 Top 22 Features Conclusion
MC1200 offers 22 Features, no other system on the market can claim that More than 21 Features means  MC1200 is “The System“ for the 21st Century - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

41 MC1200 – Competitive Analysis Comparison based on MC1200 features – 1 of 3
Trimble GCS / Blade Pro Topcon System 5 1 Interchangeability Common on all machines Blade Pro, GCS500, GCS600 for Graders GCS21, GCS300, GCS400 for Dozers Screed Pro for Pavers Different panels for Graders and Dozers due to single or dual control 2 Multiple calibrations Possible ? 3 MMI + Architecture Large Graphic Display, Softkeys, Hardkeys Separate panel and controller Small Numeric Displays, Toggles, Buttons All-in-one panel Small graphic Display, Rotary Knobs (2) Big all-in-one panel 4 Spares Only one set of spares Different cable types on BP 5 Indicators Integrated in panel, in operator‘s field of view Lightbars, problems: too bright 6 Remote Controls Multisticks on levers None Remote switches below lever knobs  finger contortion? - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

42 MC1200 – Competitive Analysis Comparison based on MC1200 features – 2 of 3
Trimble GCS / Blade Pro Topcon System 5 7 Performance Cross-Coupling ? 8 Control Channels 3 (3rd for Side-Shift), 4 in future 2 Ease of use Auto-calibration Self-diagnosis Interactive menus None 12 CAN bus All sensors in CAN line CGS  CAN Blade Pro  analog 13 Connector type One for male, one for female 14 Sensors Accurate readings across whole range Positive/no/negative signal generation 15 Slope range 100% GCS 100% 16 Hydraulics Low latency, fast response - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

43 MC1200 – Competitive Analysis Comparison based on MC1200 features – 3 of 3
Trimble GCS / Blade Pro Topcon System 5 17 Sensor memory For slope, 2x laser, 2x ultrasonic ? 18 3D upgrade GPS/TPS GradeStar for Graders and Dozers Simple add-on BladePro 3D GPS/TPS on Blade Pro SiteVision/GCS900 (GPS only) on GCS500 Panel replacement mm-GPS, 3Di-GPS, 3D-LPS 19 Sealed parts All components Sonic Tracker only 20 Laptop setup CAN2Flash Yes 21 Auto-Seek No guessing, no lucky hits 22 PWR mgmt Comfortable intelligence None - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

44 MC1200 – Outlook Now & soon Now September How Followed by
MC1200 ready for Graders with Sonic-Ski and LS-250 laser receiver (for fine grading) September + ready for Dozers (calibration, dual sensitivity) + ready for 3D + incl. Side-Shift + Power Mast + MUS1200 (Tri-Sonic CAN) and MLS1200 (CAB 3860 CAN) for rough earthmoving How Firmware upgrade Followed by Improvements  Your input required! - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

45 MC1200 – Ordering Package numbers and delivery
747373, MC1200, Cross Slope System, (CSS) 747374, MC1200, Cross Slope System & Sonic Ski (SS) 747375, MC1200, Cross Slope System & Dual SS 747376, MC1200, Cross Slope System & Laser Sensor (LS) & Manual Mast (MM) 747377, MC1200, Cross Slope System & Dual (LS & MM) 747378, MC1200, Cross Slope System & Dual (SS & LS & MM) 747379, MC1200, Cross Slope System & Dual (SS & LS & Power Mast)  For simplified order process, these package numbers should be ordered via configurator. The configurator will be ready in September ’05. - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

46 MC1200 – Ordering Package numbers and delivery
Package delivery For orders of a Complete MA-System mark “Complete Delivery” in the SAP order This ensures that all parts of the complete system are delivered as one package - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

47 MC1200 – Sales Collateral Your ideas & wishes
Topic Description Priority Stickers Leica or product named stickers for Grader‘s main boom, masts, cabin‘s back window (transparent), etc. 1 Clothing: overalls, safety wests/jackets, caps 2 - Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

48 “Can you sell it?“ ALL: “Yes, we can!“
- Leica MC Universal Machine Control -

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