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DHS / DNDO GRaDER Program Qualifying Radiation Detection Instruments for Homeland Security Applications Al Goodwyn, CHP April 17, 2008 Savannah River Chapter.

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1 DHS / DNDO GRaDER Program Qualifying Radiation Detection Instruments for Homeland Security Applications Al Goodwyn, CHP April 17, 2008 Savannah River Chapter of the Health Physics Society

2 2 DNDO Mission and Objectives DNDO is a jointly-staffed, national office founded on April 15, 2005, to improve the Nation’s capability to detect and report unauthorized attempts to import, possess, store, develop, or transport nuclear or radiological material for use against the Nation and to further enhance this capability over time. Develop the global nuclear detection and reporting architecture Develop, acquire, and support the domestic nuclear detection and reporting system Thoroughly characterize detector system performance before deployment Establish situational awareness through information sharing and analysis Establish operation protocols to ensure detection leads to effective response Conduct a transformational research and development program Maintain the National Technical Nuclear Forensics Center to provide centralized planning and integration of U.S. nuclear forensics programs

3 3 GRaDER Mission and Objectives Mission Identify radiation detection products that satisfy standards and Homeland Security mission requirements Enable Federal, State, local, and tribal agencies to make more informed radiological/nuclear detector procurement decisions Objectives Provide infrastructure for the collection of high integrity test data National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) lab accreditation process* Identify applicable standards Become a self-sustaining program Vendors pay for testing by accredited labs on their own schedule Labs submit for and maintain accreditation* Standardize instrument testing and presentation of test results to assure valid comparisons and easily interpreted results Develop post-market surveillance program to track products already evaluated under GRaDER program

4 4 Participating Laboratories Savannah River Site – Acceptance in process Pacific Northwest National Laboratory – Accepted Oak Ridge National Laboratory – Acceptance in process Current list of accepted labs will be maintained on the DHS/GRaDER web site.

5 5 Testing Process for GRaDER Manufacturers contract directly with a testing laboratory Data belongs to the agency/company that pays for the testing Agency/company may elect to submit test results to DHS/DNDO to be included in the Evaluated Equipment List Federal, State, local, tribal Agency Federal Acquisition Requirements and Grant Guidance Testing Results Procurement Accredited Testing Labs Rad/Nuc Detector Vendor $ Results DesignTest Standards GRaDER Product List Use Established Compliance Levels DNDO Technical Review Compliance Levels

6 6 The Trickle Up Effect Customers Vendors Grants GRaDER Testing Labs Vendors

7 7 GRaDER Equipment Categories Category 1 - Alarming Personal Radiation Detectors (PRDs or “Pagers”) Category 2 – Dose Rate Survey Meters Category 3 – Radioactive Isotope Identifiers (RIID’s) Category 4 - Radiation Portal Monitors (RPM’s) Category 5 - Spectroscopic Radiation Portal Monitors Category 6 - Mobile and Transportable Systems

8 8 GRaDER Compliance Levels Level 0 – Equipment has not been tested; the test results are not available; or the test results do not meet the minimum subset of the standards as set forth below in each category. Level 1 – Equipment meets DNDO-selected requirements of the ANSI standards Level 2 – Equipment fully meets the ANSI standards. Level 3 – Equipment fully meets Level 1 or Level 2 and also satisfies the requirements of the applicable published technical capability standards. Adjust compliance levels as technology evolves

9 9 Laboratory Actions for NVLAP Accreditation Develop compliant procedures and process Apply for accreditation Participate in proficiency testing Participate in on-site assessment Pay fees

10 10 Laboratory Actions for DHS/DNDO Acceptance Apply for NVLAP-accreditation Comply with applicable NIST Handbooks Comply with ISO 17025 While awaiting accreditation, may self-declare conformity with these requirements Submit self-declaration and supporting documentation to DHS/DNDO for review Self-declaration is an interim measure until the laboratory achieves accreditation

11 11 Self-Declaration of Conformity Basis for DHS/DNDO acceptance of a testing laboratory for GRaDER in lieu of NVLAP- accreditation NVLAP accreditation submittal NIST Handbook 150-23 conformity NIST Handbook 150 conformity ANSI N42 Standards 32, 33, 34 conformity ISO/IEC 17025 conformity Quality Control Manual Facility Description/Organizational Structure

12 12 HPICL Scope vs. Global Testing Laboratory Scope Both HPICL and GTL must be accredited through NVLAP HPICL (Savannah River Site): General requirements tests Radiological Tests Environmental Tests: Temperature/Humidity GTL (Knoxville, TN): Electromagnetic Tests Mechanical Performance Tests Environmental Tests: Moisture/Dust protection

13 13 Health Physics Instrument Calibration Laboratory

14 14 Well Irradiator

15 15 Low Scatter Irradiator

16 16 Gamma Beam Irradiator

17 17

18 18 Open Area Test Site

19 19 Main Shop Floor

20 20 Small Environmental Chamber

21 21 Large Environmental Chamber

22 22 Dr Drop Test

23 23 Vibration Test

24 24 Vibration Test

25 25 Dr Dust Chamber

26 26 Semi-Anechoic Chamber

27 27 Status NIST Workshop - Gaithersburg, MD, 4/20/09 Procurement test equipment and sources Procedure completion Data sheet development Dry Run the process Start up late summer

28 28 Thanks Health Physics Instrument Calibration Laboratory Sean Barr Dennis Hadlock Brian Arnold Jeff Hoefs Jack Revell Greg Tunno Don Gregory Tim Thomas Michelle Holman Savannah River National Laboratory Johnetta George Rudy Goetzman Steve Sheetz Bobby Smith Wayne Drown Steve Loflin Global Testing Laboratories Deborah Walker For more information on GRaDER:

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