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1 Psychology!

2 Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

3 Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?
1,000,000 Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? 500,000 300,000 5th Grade Topic 1 5th Grade Topic 2 175,000 100,000 4th Grade Topic 3 4th Grade Topic 4 50,000 3rd Grade Topic 5 3rd Grade Topic 6 25,000 10,000 2nd Grade Topic 7 2nd Grade Topic 8 5,000 2,000 1st Grade Topic 9 1st Grade Topic 10 1,000

4 5th Grade Topic 1 Question
A researcher who stands on a street corner, recording the gender of each vehicle, and whether or not the driver comes to a complete stop sign is engaged in:


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7 5th Grade Topic 2 Question
In order to better understand the factors that might produce exceptional skills, Dr. Pendergast carefully observed and extensively questioned three child prodigies. Based on this info, it is most likely that Dr. P was conducting:

8 5th Grade Topic 2 Answer CASE STUDY RESEARCH

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10 4th Grade Topic 3 Question
The research method which would be used to determine whether two variables are associated or vary together in a systematic way is:

11 4th Grade Topic 3 Answer CORRELATIONAL RESEARCH

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13 4th Grade Topic 4 Question
The aspect of the environment that is manipulated or changed by the researcher during the course of an experiment is:

14 4th Grade Topic 4 Answer THE INDEPENDENT VARIABLE

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16 3rd Grade Topic 5 Question
Which method of research demonstrates a cause and effect relationship between variables?

17 3rd Grade Topic 5 Answer EXPERIMENTAL

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19 3rd Grade Topic 6 Question
This type of psychology focuses on thinking in “whole” sense rather than individual elements of perception

20 3rd Grade Topic 6 Answer GESTALT

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22 2nd Grade Topic 7 Question
This perspective involves the unconscious and inner conflicts that are beyond a person’s control

23 2nd Grade Topic 7 Answer PSYCHODYNAMIC

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25 2nd Grade Topic 8 Question
A group in an experiment that remains the same and does not change is:

26 2nd Grade Topic 8 Answer THE CONTROL GROUP

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28 1st Grade Topic 9 Question
Diego has issues producing speech. Which area of the brain may be damaged?

29 1st Grade Topic 9 Answer BROCAS

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31 1st Grade Topic 10 Question
A man is running at you in a dark alley. Which nervous system becomes active?

32 1st Grade Topic 10 Answer SYMPATHETIC

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34 Million Dollar Question Grade Level Topic 11

35 1,000,000 Question Little Susie has grown 6 inches since this time last year. Which part of the brain is extremely active?

36 1,000,000 Answer PITUATARY GLAND!!


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