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St. Paul Lutheran.

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1 St. Paul Lutheran

2 Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

3 Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?
1,000,000 Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? 500,000 300,000 5th Grade Body 5th Grade Cell Parts 175,000 100,000 4th Grade Cell Parts 4th Grade Levels 50,000 3rd Grade Cells 3rd Grade Cell Parts 25,000 10,000 2nd Grade Levels 2nd Grade Cell Parts 5,000 2,000 1st Grade Organs 1st Grade Cell Parts 1,000

4 5th Grade Body Question Which two organ systems work together to move the body?

5 5th Grade Body Answer The muscle and bone systems work together to move the body. Muscles work in pairs to pull on bones and allow us to move. We can control about 640 muscles in our body.

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7 5th Grade Cell Parts Question
Which type of cells make up your skin?

8 5th Grade Cell Parts Answer
Flat cells (skin cells) make up your skin. Your skin cells are layered to provide protection for your body. The average skin cell takes 1 month to move from being made to the outside layer of your skin.

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10 4th Grade Cell Parts Question
Which part of a cell contains chromosomes made of DNA?

11 4th Grade Cell Parts Answer
The nucleus contains chromosomes. Chromosomes are tightly bundled coils of DNA. DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid and stores the information your cells need to function.

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13 4th Grade Levels Question
What makes up muscle tissue?

14 4th Grade Levels Answer Muscle tissue is made up of muscle cells. These cells work together to form bands in the muscle tissue which allow us to move.

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16 3rd Grade Cells Question
A cell has branch-like structures. Which organ did this cell most likely come from?

17 3rd Grade Cells Answer This is most likely a brain or spinal cord cell. These cells branch out to send signals throughout your body. There are only 3 long nerve cells connecting your toe to your brain so signals can travel very fast.

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19 3rd Grade Cell Parts Question
Which cell part from the list below produces energy for the plant and animal cell? nucleus cytoplasm chloroplast mitochondria

20 3rd Grade Cell Parts Answer
The mitochondria produces the energy in cells. They take the energy of food (sugar) and turn it into energy the cell can use.

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22 2nd Grade Levels Question
What is the name of a group of similar cells working together to perform the same function?

23 2nd Grade Levels Answer These cells working together are called a tissue. Tissues form many of the structures in our bodies and help our bodies to do the things we need in order to live.

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25 2nd Grade Cell Parts Question
Which cellular structure acts like a stomach for the cell, storing and breaking down material?

26 2nd Grade Cell Parts Answer
The vacuole is a storage area for the cell. This part of the cell can store materials and break down worn out parts. (When it breaks down worn out parts, it is called a lysosome)

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28 1st Grade Organs Question
Which of the following is an organ found in plants? leaf cilia cell wall chloroplast

29 1st Grade Organs Answer The leaf is an organ of the plant. Leaves are made up of specialized tissues working together to do a special job.

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31 1st Grade Cell Parts Question
Which part of a cell acts like a filter, allowing certain materials to exit the cell?

32 1st Grade Cell Parts Answer
The cell membrane is a part that works to control the things that can enter and exit the cell.

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34 Million Dollar Question 5th Grade Cells

35 1,000,000 Question Red blood cells look like small, smooth, flexible saucers. How does this shape help them perform their functions?

36 1,000,000 Answer The shape helps the cells move through blood vessels. They can squeeze into the smallest capillaries and provide the oxygen the cells of the body needs to all parts.

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