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“A Day In The Life of a 5 th Grader” Movie.

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1 “A Day In The Life of a 5 th Grader” Movie


3 POINTS OF CONTACT Case Manager Homeroom Teacher to schedule 12:40 pm weekday grade level team meetings Individual classroom teachers In-Class Support Teachers Director of Special Services: Mrs. Lombardi Principal: Dr. Ciccone

4 Continuum of Services / Placements IEP In non Supported Section: Gen Ed Tchr Accomodates IEP In Supported Gen Ed Section w Para-Pro IEP In Supported Gen Ed Section w Spec Ed Tchr Resource Room (math & la) Less Restrictive More Restrictive Related Services

5 Common Questions How does my child’s IEP provision of extended time relate to Mad Minutes (math fact fluency objective) How does my child’s IEP provision for reduced assignments effect the required nightly reading and writing assignments? What is an AMP / Live Grades?


7 Finding Balance Modifications General Curriculum To what degree should programs be modified? Parent involvement / Monitor Progress / Provide Feedback

8 Finding Balance Extra- Curricular Academic Prioritizing?

9 Finding Balance Disability Nature / Nurture ? Skills Fragile

10 Finding Balance Ability Nature / Nurture ? Effort

11 Finding Balance Parents Teachers Expectations? Child CST Principal Peers

12 Finding Balance Support? No - Net Independence Control Net


14 The School Day Student Schedules


16 Arriving at MTMS @ 8:00 am

17 Into the Building : 8:05 – 8:10 am

18 Lockers in 5 th Grade Wing 5 Minutes to Prepare

19 Homeroom: 8:10 to 8:18 am -Attendance -Announcements -Dress Code -Get Organized -Paperwork Dist. -Recess Activities Homeroom Teacher and Period 1 Teacher Are The Same in Most Cases

20 Mrs. BaRoss- Period 1: Math 8:22 am

21 Mr. Clausen- Period 2: Science

22 Academic Lab M & T Spanish W / Th / F PERIOD 3PERIOD 3

23 Mrs. Herrmann- Period 3: Academic Lab (M/T)

24 Mrs. Svenson- Period 3: Spanish (W/Th/F)

25 Mrs. Riina- Period 4: Social Studies

26 Time for Lunch Period 5 11:12 to 11:35

27 Lunch in MPR

28 Time for Recess Second ½ of Period 5 11:35 to 11:55

29 Recess- Indoors

30 Recess- Outdoors Activities Announced During Homeroom

31 Enrichment *Problem Solving *Advisory *Chorus (Band / Orchestra Opt Out) - Zero Period – mid November Mathematical Algorithms Art Technology Literacy Writing Academic Support Quest *=Required for all students Reserve the right to supplement academic support

32 Related Arts PE/Health- Mr. Doherty, and Mrs. Scharf-Dour (5 th graders do not change for PE) Art- Ms. Hare Music- Mr. Bergamotto Computers- Mrs. CasaGrande Trimester Classes Period 7 ***Parents/Teacher Conferences 12:40 pm ***

33 Mrs. Kierst- Nurse

34 Mrs. Ciottariello- Mrs. Sullivan Guidance Counselor

35 HEALTH / D.A.R.E. Officer Joe

36 Mrs. Doto- Period 8: Language Arts Writing 41 minutes

37 Mrs. Hays- Period 9: Language Arts Reading – 41 Minutes

38 Dismissal Time: 2:50 pm

39 Mr. Doherty & Mrs. Dour: Athletic Director * Fall Sports - Boys’ & Girls’ Soccer - Field Hockey - Boys’ & *Girls’ Cross Country * Winter Sports -Boys’ & Girls’ Basketball -Boys’ & Girls’ Volleyball -Cheerleading * Spring -Boys’ & Girls’ Lacrosse -Baseball -Softball *5 th Graders Can Not Try-out For Sports

40 On-Line Handbook & Code of Conduct

41 Homework


43 NIGHT WRITE EXAMPLE Monday / Tuesday / Thursday / Friday Read 10-15 pages & Night Write “Read the author's preface and pages 1-22 in the novel My Side of the Mountain. In your reading log, write a response to the following: Write about being confined for several days in a small area like Sam was when he was in his tree during the snowstorm. How would you stay busy? What would you think about?” “Read pages 25-40 of the novel My Side of the Mountain. Write a response to the following: Describe Sam's new home in the mountains. Tell where it is located and what it looks like, both inside and out.”

44 ATTENDANCE / STUDENT WELFARE Absences / Student Welfare Checks Please remember that it is mandatory to inform the office each day that your student is not in homeroom by 8:10am, that your students is either absent for the day, or will be tardy. Parents may leave messages in the general delivery mailbox at any time to report student absences or tardiness. A Student Welfare Check will be performed by the Mendham Township Police Department for any student not accounted for by 9:00am.


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