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MEAGER:MEAGER: Microsoft Excel Automated Grader. What does MEAGER grade? Text labels Numbers Formulas Worksheet names Fonts –Face –Size –Style (B/I/U)

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1 MEAGER:MEAGER: Microsoft Excel Automated Grader

2 What does MEAGER grade? Text labels Numbers Formulas Worksheet names Fonts –Face –Size –Style (B/I/U) –Color

3 What does MEAGER grade? (continued) Cell –Alignment (L/R/C) –Fill Color –Indent level –Orientation (tilt) –Number format Currency Percent Accounting Borders –Color –Style solid/broken –Thickness Row Height Column Width Merged Ranges

4 What does MEAGER grade? (continued) Charts –Type, Subtype –Location –Height/Width –Source Data –Source Title –Legend –Embedded vs. Worksheet

5 What does MEAGER NOT grade? Chart components –Object color –Labels (fonts/# fmt) Embedded objects –Pictures –Clip Art –Org charts –Word Art Conditional formatting Drawing objects –Shapes –Lines –Drop shadows Controls –Buttons –List Box –Text Box, etc.

6 4thQtrSales by t3smithjohn.xls Attachment Executive Gathering, Grading, and Returning Assignments Nightly Unattended (Log generated)

7 EvaluationsEvaluations

8 98% Accurate or Extremely Accurate No one answered “Inaccurate”

9 80% Fair or Extremely Fair 7 students selected “no opinion”

10 40% Preferred Automated Grader Grader preferred over instructor 3:1

11 Instructor Survey Spring 2003 –MEAGER more accurate than myself (2 for 2) Fall 2003 –Extremely Accurate (3 for 3) –Learning Curve: Easy (3 for 3) Extremely easy was an option –Student Complaints 4 student complaints from 392 total students (1%) –Total Lockups: 2 (restarting: temp DB locked) –Files Skipped: 2 (chart extraction/wrong key)


13 How to use MEAGER

14 Selecting Files User must select the correct worksheet –click on browse file button (or type filename) –navigate to file –select correct excel file Next, select folder containing student workbooks –Use browse button or type filename

15 Points to Deduct Variable grading scale Instructor enters # of points to be deducted per error –Mistyped/missing labels or numeric constants –Incorrect formulas –Formatting errors –Charts

16 Workbook Grading Extraneous values and formats ARE NOT deducted by default The same amount is deducted for all types of formatting errors. Format errs applied to ranges (fill color, borders, number formats) are deducted for each cell in the range.

17 Options: Deduct Extraneous To count any extra formatting or cells values against the student If student enters name, class, date information, these will marked as incorrect

18 Plagiarism Helps discover possible plagiarism Considers a pair of students at a time INPUT #1 –Min number errors students have in common? More errors, more evidence of plagiarism INPUT #2 –What percent of a student A’s errors were also made by student B? (<100% decreases confidence of plagiarism)

19 Grade Report Kept until cleared Errors List Last folder processed (no history) Possible Plagiarism Last folder processed (no history)

20 Unattended Processing UNATTENDED.BAT (To be edited and scheduled for daily execution by instructor) rem rem First batch file parameter is correct version of workbook; second parameter is path to student files rem call "C:\Program Files\Excel Grader\ExcelGrader.bat" "r:\grader keys\madonna.xls" "r:\attachments\excel\madonna" call "C:\Program Files\Excel Grader\ExcelGrader.bat" "r:\grader keys\razor.xls" "r:\attachments\excel\razor" call "C:\Program Files\Excel Grader\ExcelGrader.bat" "r:\grader keys\awesome.xls“ "r:\attachments\excel\awesome" call "C:\Program Files\Excel Grader\ExcelGrader.bat" "r:\grader keys\concrete.xls“ "r:\attachments\excel\concrete"

21 Grader Output

22 Marking Errors Errors are recorded in for error report AND Student worksheets are marked –Strike-through format is added to incorrect values and formulas –Comments are added to cells to describe errors

23 Student’s Marked Up Version

24 Grade Report

25 Errors Report

26 Possible Plagiarism Total Errs (for first file)

27 Tips Test each new assignment by comparing best students to key Key may not be correct –It may make assumptions that aren’t explicit Remove objects from key that aren’t important (should not be graded) GRADE OVERNIGHT! AUTO EMAIL AFTER GRADING!

28 MEAGER vs Instructors: PRO MEAGER marks in greater detail than human graders. –Worksheet with many errors: details ignored: –alignments, column widths, row heights, missing borders, number formats, merged cells, and bold formatting MEAGER can detect errors a human grader cannot. –Negative number formats for (positive number) –Similar fonts –Colors (grayscale printout?) MEAGER can reduce the time required to grade assignments. –No searching for errors. –Verify/weigh errors already marked & grade charts –Skip papers with high scores?

29 MEAGER vs Instructors: CON MEAGER’s marking may be seen as excessive –Does not detect patterns: 50 cells with bad negative # formatting –Extra spaces in student labels –Column widths and row heights that are slightly off MEAGER is still in BETA –MEAGER still does not handle all types of exceptions. –When MEAGER encounters an error, it skips the workbook and continues grading the remainder of the files. –Skipped workbooks are given a grade of -1 in the grade report. MEAGER is relatively slow –Around a minute per workbook

30 Comments Meager is going to allow me time to do some reading in my field of study, spend more time with students, do a better job in advising, etc. Meager should be a program every instructor of Excel and Access should desire. Meager has given me time that I haven't had in many, many years. It is a phenomenal program.

31 Availability requires Office XP can grade Office 2000 docs Companion product –MADBAGS: Access DB Auto-Grading System


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