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Dr. Lina Mehta Associate Dean for Admissions Christian Essman Director of Admissions Introducing The Entering Class of 2011 Introducing The Entering Class.

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1 Dr. Lina Mehta Associate Dean for Admissions Christian Essman Director of Admissions Introducing The Entering Class of 2011 Introducing The Entering Class of 2011

2 Interview Statistics Total Applications Nationally: 42,268 Total Individual Applications to CWRU: 5,293 Total in the Entering Class: 196 University Track Applications:4,764 Interviews: 869 Matriculants:151 College Track Applications:1,745 Interviews:226 Matriculants:32 MSTP Applications:320 Interviews: 66 Matriculants: 13

3 Demographics Entering Class Size: 196 (University Track, College Track, & MSTP) 45.9% Female – UP45.1% Female – CCLCM53.1% Female – MSTP38.5% Female Average Age 24.1; Age Range: – UPAvg. Age: 24.4Range: – CCLCMAvg. Age: 23.3Range: – MSTPAvg. Age: 23.1Range: 21-25

4 Demographics Race and Ethnicity (196): 45.4% White (89) 16.3% Chinese (32) 6.6% Asian Indian (13) 5.6%Black or African American (11) 3.5%Other Asian (7) 3.0%Japanese (6) 2.5%Korean (5) 1.0% Mexican, Mexican American (2) 1.0%Vietnamese (2) 1.0%Puerto Rican, Spanish (2) 1.0%Spanish/Hispanic (2) 0.5%Other Pacific Islander (1) 12.2%Did Not Report (24) * Based on self-reported description on AMCAS

5 States of Residence & 4 Countries 14.3% In-state 85.7% Out-of-state Canada - 6 Indonesia - 1 Ghana - 1Nigeria SC NH-1 ME-1 NJ - 6 MD-9 NC-1 MA MI-16 OH Countries: California - 41 Ohio - 28 Michigan - 16 Illinois - 15 Maryland - 9 Pennsylvania - 9

6 Undergraduate Colleges and Universities Attended University of California – Berkeley17University of Wisconsin3 CWRU16Washington University in St. Louis3 University of Michigan16Yale University3 Johns Hopkins University9Carleton College2 UCLA7Dartmouth College2 Cornell University6Emory University2 Princeton University6Grand Valley State University2 Northwestern University5MIT2 Brigham Young University4Pomona College2 Harvard University4University of Dayton2 Miami University4University of Florida2 University of Washington4University of Notre Dame2 Duke University3University Pennsylvania2 Stanford University3University of Puget Sound2 University of Illinois3University of Southern California2 To name a few 85 Different Schools

7 Complete List of Schools University of California -Berkeley17 Case Western Reserve University16 University of Michigan16 Johns Hopkins University9 University of California-Los Angeles7 Cornell University6 Princeton University6 Northwestern University5 Brigham Young University4 Harvard University4 Miami University4 University of Washington4 Duke University3 Stanford University3 University of Illinois3 University of Wisconsin3 Washington University in St. Louis3 Yale University3 Carleton College2 Colgate University2 Dartmouth College2 Emory University2 Grand Valley State University2 MIT2 Pomona College2 University of Dayton2 University of Florida2 University of Notre Dame2 University of Pennsylvania2 University of Puget Sound2 University of Southern California2 University Of Minnesota2 Allegheny College1 Amherst College1 Boston College1 Brown University1 California Institute of Technology1 College of William and Mary1 CUNY Queens College1 Davidson College1 Denison University1 Florida International University1 John Carroll University1 Kansas State University1 Kent State University1 Kenyon College1 La Salle University1 Marietta College1 McGill University1 Michigan Technological U.1 North Carolina Central U.1 Occidental College1 Ohio State University1 Ohio University1 Oklahoma State University1 Portland State University1 Ramapo College1 Rhodes College1 Saint Louis University1 Saint Mary's College of Maryland1 Saint Olaf College1 Sewanee: The University of the South1 St John's College1 Tufts University1 Tulane University1 University Hawaii1 University of Arizona1 University of California -San Diego1 University of California-Irvine1 University of Colorado at Boulder1 University of Maryland-College Park1 University of Missouri1 University of North Carolina1 University of Texas at Austin1 University of Toledo1 University of Toronto1 University of Western Ontario1 University of Pittsburgh1 Franklin W. Olin College of Eng1 Villanova University1 Wake Forest University1 Wayne State University1 Wesleyan University1 Westmont College1 Yeshiva University1

8 Majors and Graduate Degrees Undergraduate Degrees Biology47 Biochemistry32 Engineering (Bio, Mech, Elec, Comp)23 Other Sciences (Neuro, Physio)23 Chemistry18 Basic Medical Sciences11 Psychology11 Economics7 Natural & Physical Sciences5 Foreign Language4 History3 Mathematics3 Fine Arts3 Political Science3 Other Areas of Study: 16 Graduate Degrees Applied Anatomy Basic Medical Sciences Biology Biomedical Engineering Biomedical Science Chemistry Community Health Sciences Human Nutrition Immunology Mechanical Engineering Molecular Microbiology & Immunology Nutritional Biochemistry & Metabolism Physiology Population Health Research-Master of Public Health Hospital and Molecular Epidemiology- Master of Public Health Spanish 5 Doctorate Degrees Integrated Toxicology & Environmental Health Pharmacology Environmental Health Population & International Health Immunology 2 Professional Degrees Law Biophysics Anthropology Comparative Literature Sociology Geography Genetics Classics

9 Involvement and Extracurricular Activities Individual Students Total Exps. Clinical volunteer experiences Non-clinical volunteer experiences Research experience Publications 4156 Presentations/Posters5671 Tutoring/Teaching Artistic Interests3947 Intercollegiate Athletics3636 Employment Honors/Awards/Recognitions * As classified on AMCAS

10 Facts Just For Fun Most Common… Instrument:Piano Boy’s name: Jonathon Girl’s name: Sarah Birthdate: April 27 th 2 Peace Corps Members – Turkmenistan and Ghana Professional Fly Fishing Guide National Paired Figure Skating Competitor Apple Inc. iPhone/iPad Software Engineer Professional Actress – movies and television (15 yrs.) Ballerina Writer for Television Shows 6 Americorps Volunteers Fulbright Scholars Competitive Rubik’s Cuber – solved in under 25 sec.

11 The Admissions Team Dr. Mehta, Dr. Franco, Dr. Harding, Dr. Dubyak, Christian Essman, Elizabeth Myers, Kathy Schultz, Ellen Rosenblum, Valerie Spain, Eileen Billey, Bart Jarmusch, and Troy Frazier Welcome to the Case Western Family

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