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Texas History, Chapter 3 NATIVE TEXANS.

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1 Texas History, Chapter 3 NATIVE TEXANS

2 Early Americans People migrating to the Americas from Asia entered Alaska over a land bridge, though a body of water called the Bering Strait. Humans first reached Texas about 11,000 years ago.

3 Early Americans One who studies evidence of past human activities is an archaeologist. Culture is the way groups of people express and conduct themselves

4 Early Americans People migrated from Asia to America to follow herds of animals. The earliest people in Texas obtained food by hunting big game.

5 Early Texans During the Archaic Age, life in Texas changed as people began to gather food and use tools to prepare the food Farming changed the way people lived because it led to more complex societies

6 Tribes of Texas Four different Native American cultures lived in Texas in 1500: Pueblo Plains Southeastern Gulf

7 Tribes of Texas The Native Americans of the Southeastern and Gulf cultures included: Coahuiltecan Caddo Karankawa Wichita

8 Tribes of Texas The land of the Gulf people was unsuitable for farming, so they hunted and foraged.

9 Tribes of Texas Farming was important to the development of Native American culture. It allowed people to have a dependable food source.

10 Tribes of Texas Kiowas prized tradition and ceremony above everything else A shaman is a person who leads religious ceremonies

11 Tribes of Texas Comanche life centered on hunting and making war on other tribes. Because they lived on land that was sought by others, the Wichitas were often at war.

12 Tribes of Texas The Lipan Apaches spent most of their final years at war. They were threatened by the Comanches and Spanish.

13 Tribes of Texas The Gulf Coast Coahuiltecan tribe disappeared from Texas because they: Died of European diseases Were killed in battle Migrated to Mexico

14 Tribes of Texas The destruction of buffalo herds and loss of their horses forced the Comanches to accept life on reservations in Oklahoma.

15 Exchange of Ideas The Spanish brought horses, cows and other animals to the Americas. The Plains people used horses for attacking enemies.

16 Exchange of Ideas Native Americans taught Europeans how to hunt native animals, how to cultivate new plants, and how to prepare new foods.

17 Key Terms An artifact is an object made or altered by humans
One advantage humans had over animals they hunted was that they had weapons.

18 Key Terms A tepee is a dwelling made of tanned hides and poles that can be moved.

19 Key Terms Adobe is building material made of sun-dried bricks. Adobe houses lasted for years because the climate was very dry.

20 Chapter 3 Good Luck on Your Test!

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