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1 Getting CDBG Back on Track Approved by CAC at June 10 th, 2004 – Meeting Submitted to City Commission – July 12, 2004.

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1 1 Getting CDBG Back on Track Approved by CAC at June 10 th, 2004 – Meeting Submitted to City Commission – July 12, 2004

2 2 Staying on Track… The open CDBG’s have the potential to get back on-track in short order! By utilizing the following ideas, the grants will stay within their initial scope of work, and can be expended very quickly allowing for future grant application and funding from ODOC. The lots that would be cleared upon completion of this project, would be available for future ventures. How better to start 2005, but with a clean program and funding slate!

3 3 Proposal - Summary Maintain the Acquisition/Rehab/Resell scope of work for Yr 5 and Yr 6 Utilize houses being donated by OSU and the City’s rental property houses between Duncan & Duck, move them to City’s vacant lots in the target area, rehab them and resell thru the sealed bid process for owner-occupancy to low-moderate income persons, 3 houses under Year 5 & 3 more under Year 6 (see page 5 & 11) Resell the homes at a level that would maintain affordability for the low-moderate income levels of those purchasing the homes (i.e. avg. cost of HBA homes-see page 9) Proceeds from sale of houses would be used to address the rehab of the remaining 6 houses (see page 10/Phase II) and unfunded Yr 7 CDBG activities(which includes Splash Park-see page 4) Amount for Yr 5 would have to be adjusted to account for overage in HBA (see pg 7) Year 6 add in a “reasonable” admin. amount (6-9% of matching as stated from ODOC/)(see page 8)

4 4 Yr. 7 – Unfunded CDBG DETAILED LINE ITEM BUDGET FY 2003 Application CDBG Small Cities Set-Aside City of Stillwater, Oklahoma DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIESCDBG BUDGET City’s Matching BUDGET TOTAL PROPOSED BUDGET *Infrastructure Sidewalk, ramps and 2 pedestrian bridges along Miller Avenue. $74,511 $149,022 *Downtown Neighborhood Improvements Improve corners of intersections on Main Street at 10 th & 11 th Avenues w/ADA compliant ramps. 8,950 $17,900 Home Buyer Assistance & Education Assist qualified applicants with closing costs and down payment. Offer free Homebuyer Education classes to the public. $50,000 $100,000 Code Enforcement Removal of junk, debris and dilapidated garages, fences, etc. for qualified applicants. 2,500 $5,000 Neighborwoods Tree Program Trimming, removal and planting of trees throughout target area. 1,000 $2,000 *Recreation Install “splash pad” recreational water feature at Southern Woods Park in the target area. 16,380 $32,760 TOTAL PROF. ENGINEERING/INSPECTION-0- TOTAL ADMINISTRATION-0- TOTAL PROPOSED BUDGET$153,341 $306,682 *CONSTRUCTION COSTS – see attached Engineer’s Estimates $99,841 $199,682 NON-CONSTRUCTION COSTS53,500 $107,000 TOTAL PROPOSED BUDGET$153,341 $306,682

5 5 Partners for a better Stillwater... OSU has given the City the first opportunity to snatch-up the houses in the following slides. Mr. Chuck Fleischer with OSU stated they would normally bid the homes out to be purchased and moved. The lease properties on Connell, Scott, Monroe & University Circle, if not already vacant, will be within the next 60 days to a year. Continuing to build this strong partnership, OSU would donate the homes to the City!!!!! The City would then only have the cost of moving & rehab, thus assisting more Citizens of Stillwater and putting the much needed nice affordable owner occupied homes in the CDBG Target Area. &

6 6 Phase I: 10462CDBG02 & 10669CDBG02 – Budget Status as of 5/31/04 HOUSINGCLEARANCE TREE TRMGHOMEBUYER 10462 CDBG 02 REHABDEMOLITIONREMOVALSTREETSHBA/HBETOTAL ODOC BUDGET$67,858.50$3,000.00$2,500.00$44,962.00$35,020.50$153,341.00 Matching Funds Budget$67,858.50$3,000.00$2,500.00$44,962.00$35,020.50$153,341.00 TOTAL BUDGET$135,717.00$6,000.00$5,000.00$89,924.00$70,041.00$306,682.00 EXPENDITURES$0.00$704.44$1,186.00$74,735.50$104,798.65$181,424.59 Budget Line Item Balances$135,717.00$5,295.56$3,814.00$15,188.50($34,757.65)$125,257.41 10669 CDBG 02 Yr 6 CDBG – ODOC$57,601.00$500.00$2,500.00$53,740.00$39,000.00$153,341.00 Yr 6 CDBG - MATCHING$57,601.00$500.00$2,500.00$53,740.00$39,000.00$153,341.00 TOTAL FUNDS - YR 6$115,202.00$1,000.00$5,000.00 $107,480.0 0$78,000.00$306,682.00 (YR 6 HAS NO EXPENSES AS OF5/31/04)

7 7 Phase I: 10462 CDBG 02 Year 5 Funding Proposed Amended Budget CURRENTPROPOSED 10462 CDBG 02 BUDGET Housing Rehab135,717.00114,752.28(Rehab/resell 3 homes) Clearance/Demolition6,000.00704.44 (Expenditures for Line Item Completed) Tree Trimming/Removal5,000.00 (Is 100% obligated) Streets89,924.0074,735.50 (Expenditures for Line Item Completed) Homebuyer HBA/HBE70,041.00111,489.78 (Expenditures for Line Item Completed as of 6/30/04) TOTAL306,682.00 Approximate revenues from sell of houses: $180,000 (3 x $60,000ea.) Shall be used for CDBG allowable activities

8 8 Phase I: 10669 CDBG 03 Year 6 Funding Proposed Amended Budget Approximate revenues from sell of houses: $180,000 (3 x $60,000ea.) Shall be used for CDBG allowable activities CURRENTPROPOSED 10669 CDBG 02 BUDGET Housing Rehab115,202.00 (Rehab/resell 3 homes) Clearance/Demolition1,000.00 Tree Trimming/Removal5,000.00 Streets107,480.00 Homebuyer HBA/HBE78,000.0068,799.54(Decreased to allow for admin) Administration0.009,200.46 (Allowable per CDBG Guidelines (6-9%) is calculated at 6% of City’s Match) TOTAL306,682.00

9 9 HBA Program: Stats YearTimeTotal Avg. Cost FundingFrameRecipientsHBAof House Year 119999$21,611.21$52,808.00 Year 2 '99/'008$24,341.51$45,231.00 Year 3 '00/'01/'0228$90,152.24$56,845.00 SIRA200214$45,260.98$60,168.00 Year 4 '02/'0342$140,484.00$61,216.64 Year 5 '03/'0434$115,140.95$66,011.00 Year 620043$10,325.26$61,666.00 TOTAL138$447,316.15$57,706.52

10 10 Phase II: CDBG Program Income Sources of Income: $360,000Proceeds from sell of homes(6 @ $60K CDBG Yr 5 & 6) $10,000HBA 2 nd Mtg Rel Repayments $135,130Yr 7(unfunded) Matching fr/City $120,000Proceeds from sell of remaining 6 homes (6 @ $60K, less expenses 6@$40k) $625,130Balance of funds/program income Balance of funds/Program Income to be used for CDBG’s Yr 7 unfunded Activities

11 11 Meeting our Goals … By utilizing the 5 homes being donated by OSU and the possible 7 homes the City leases, the initial 4 persons(2 each in CDBG Yrs 5 & 6) that would have received assistance have been tripled, which meets the goal set by the City Commission to assist more persons with the CDBG’s rehab program Would put more owner occupied homes in the CDBG Target Area Decrease/eliminate maintenance costs on the multiple vacant lots Utilizing proceeds from the selling houses for the slated Yr 7 (unfunded) activities, would keep the 3 Yr CDBG Plan on schedule The City would be back on track to apply for the next round of CDBG funds.

12 12 Map of City Owned houses… All of these are City owned “rental” properties

13 13 Clearing the way…… These are some of the City’s rental properties located between Duncan & Duck off of 10 th St. Only the homes with sound structures would be moved to the City’s vacant lots off of 10 th & Washington St. and 12 th & Jefferson, rehabbed and sold. This would assist in creating much needed owner occupied homes in the CDBG target area.

14 14 For Progress to happen… there must be “CHANGE” Picture to the left is of a home that has been gutted-out and is vacant. The picture below is of a small rental property that needs to be demolished.

15 15 More of the City’s Lots… Although, not the City’s intention, but the rental properties within this block have become the deteriorating eye sore that most of its programs are trying to eliminate

16 16 Lots continued…… The building to the left is being leased to a small church, the building is in poor shape. To the right of this is the Multi-Arts Center. The picture to the right is where a garage/shed once stood. Now it has become a magnet for the local neighborhood children to clutter with bicycle parts, etc., and for the shade-tree mechanic to repair their inoperable vehicles.

17 17 Map of homes owned by OSU OSU owned- houses of interest on Connell: 917, 1001, 1017, & 1021

18 18 Ours for the taking… Houses OSU owns on W. Connell St.

19 19 Houses to turn into… HOMES! More houses on Connell St.

20 20 Map of OSU house-19 University Cir.

21 21 Oh…the potential! 19 University Circle-owned by OSU

22 22 City’s Vacant Lots

23 23 Vacant Lots, Get New Life! These vacant City lots are on Jefferson Street By putting homes on these vacant lots, and selling them, the City would no longer have to maintain all of these sites!

24 24 Vacant Lot to Good Home! City’s vacant lots on 10 th Street

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