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1 Continuing: Continued - Version 2014 (Click the ‘Next Slide’ icon, ‘Previous Slide’ icon, or ‘Home’ icon to move from page to page. Press ESC to exit)

2 Connect To Your RDS System With Mobile Devices  Like to access your RDS Connect ® Cloud or RDS Advantage ® system using your mobile device? (iPad, Android Pad, etc.)  Update your Contact Management records while calling on contacts  Work from anyplace using your tablet or pad? Place an icon on your mobile device to connect.

3 My Group Group Leader Management  Leaders of groups can be given security access to their groups and activities  Leaders can add new members to their groups Record attendance Assign responsibilities Use communication tools including text messaging  Print reports  Work from anyplace using your tablet or pad?

4 Data Entry by Scanning -- Saves Time and Money Speedy entry for contributions, attendance, inventory, for check entries, checking items in and out of the library system, and using Insta Check-In. A check imager is shown attached to the computer. As each check is inserted into the reader, the contributor’s name and check number are displayed in the data entry window. All that’s left is enter the amount of the check. Check images are stored on your computer and the deposit sent to your bank. Attendance entry is speeded by scanning bar codes printed on the attendance transmittal sheet. These bar codes are printed, then scanned.

5 Use Fingerprints for Payroll, Insta Check-In, and Login Fingerprint and finger-vein technology provides payroll time-clock check-in/out using fingerprints and finger vein identification throughout the system. You can log into the RDS Advantage system with your fingerprint. The system stores fingerprint or finger vein for each person. In Payroll time tracking, a supervisor can override time clock times, but cannot change the log. Payroll check-in/out can be done without time clocks or finger- readers. The feature is included in the system. Payroll time check in/out window Fingerprints/finger vein only need to be scanned once to be used throughout the system.

6 Other Uses for Scanning – at Workstation or Remotely There are many ways to use scanned attendance or Insta Check-In to support ministry, outreach, and recreation. Van Greenwood, Minister of Evangelism and Family Enrichment at Quail Springs Baptist Church, uses the church gymnasium for outreach to non-members as well as for members. Van Greenwood scans gym attendance. Print laminated cards with barcode to scan attendance. Cheryl Byrd at the Oklahoma City Rotary Club uses a remote scanner to enter each member’s attendance at meetings, then takes the remote scanner to the office to automatically update her RDS Advantage attendance records.

7 Event and Facility Scheduling The Event and Facility Scheduler has features that help manage the activities of your church - included at no additional cost. Facilities (rooms, buildings, vehicles, equipment) can be reserved, and you can prevent double-booking. The events you enter in the Scheduler can be exported directly into the calendar(s) on your website (import either.CSV or.ICS file formats) - most web calendars can. Google Calendar is supported. Scheduler data entry window Schedule multiple events for any period of time Send e-mail instructions to all who are responsible for set up (food, equipment, seating, etc.) Export events directly into your web calendars, such as Google Calendar. Manage multiple custodial crews Detail room setup Enter fees and payments Track separate rooms for extended events Provide for set up and clean up times Schedule off- premise events

8 Integrated Web and E-mail Click on the ‘Web’ icon on the top toolbar to go directly to the RDS Advantage web site or to other web addresses. Click on the E-mail icon to send e-mail to people in the database. Click on the e-mail icon and a list is displayed that shows all e-mail addresses in the database. Select the ones for your message. You can choose all or selected groups of members, or enrollees in activities and groups to send e-mail, write addressed letters and text messages. Send bulk text messages. Use USPS Intelligent Mail.

9 Phone Messaging - Communicate Using VOIP Have an emergency? Want to call your entire membership and deliver a recorded message? Like it done in 3 minutes? Built into the system is the ability to select all or any part of your database, record a message, and have each person or family phoned and receive your personal message. Whether calling ten or ten thousand, your message is delivered in just minutes – not hours or days. Select those you want called in the activity selection window at left, or in the member selection window (next page). When selected, click on the “VOIP” button to call your list. You then record your message. You determine the parameters of how and when you want calls to be made. You can have those called to reply... Your organization’s caller ID will be used... You pay only for the connect time. There is no equipment to purchase, and no maximum or minimums use

10 Request Form for Facilities, Events, Vacations Place the RDS Advantage Schedule Request Form on your website. Individuals can enter their request to schedule a facility, event, equipment, or to request a vacation time. It will be automatically sent to you by e-mail for approval. To use this form request that RDS customize the form with the e-mail address to whom you want requests sent. The form includes the name, phone, and e-mail address of the one making the request, so a response can be made. Example of a vacation request report: Date Day Time Group Num Event Description ________________________________________________________________________ __ 10/02/06 Mon 8:00AM-5:00PM ZZ 1 Pastor Bob Vacation 10/03/06 Tue 8:00AM-5:00PM ZZ 1 Pastor Bob Vacation 10/04/06 Wed 8:00AM-5:00PM ZZ 1 Pastor Bob Vacation 10/05/06 Thu 8:00AM-5:00PM ZZ 1 Pastor Bob Vacation 10/06/06 Fri 8:00AM-5:00PM ZZ 1 Pastor Bob Vacation 10/09/06 Mon 8:00AM-5:00PM ZZ 2 BARBARA DAVIS-VACATION 10/10/06 Tue 8:00AM-5:00PM ZZ 2 BARBARA DAVIS-VACATION 10/11/06 Wed 8:00AM-5:00PM ZZ 2 BARBARA DAVIS-VACATION 10/12/06 Thu 8:00AM-5:00PM ZZ 2 BARBARA DAVIS-VACATION 10/13/06 Fri 8:00AM-5:00PM ZZ 2 BARBARA DAVIS-VACATION Request Form for Facility, Event, Vacation. Vacation schedules can be exported to a password protected web calendar so staff can see what has been scheduled.

11 Click on “Install Photos.” Next click on the icon on the top toolbar, “View Thumbnails.” Thumbnail pictures of your photo directory are displayed, as below. Select a photo and double-click on it to see enlarged image on the left of your window, as below. You can manage images by using the applications on the top toolbar. You can resize, control colors, rotate, copy and paste, resample, make a slide show, and much more. Would you like to e-mail the photo? Click on the “Options” menu and choose “Send Image by Email.” The system will prompt you for the address of the recipient. Add any message you want, and click “Send.” Your image and e-mail are sent immediately. If you have images stored in different directories you can open these directories with this application also. For example, you may have photos of the church, photos taken of activities you use in newsletters, clip-art images, etc. The same image management features can be used with these directories. Seventeen different image formats are supported. These features are included in RDS Advantage at no additional cost, and provide capabilities of photo management software you would expect to purchase separately. Photo Imaging, Enhancement, Slide Show, and E-mail

12 Photographs can be stored for every individual, couple and family. Anyplace in the system in which individuals/families are identified, their photo can be displayed and/or printed by clicking the camera icon. The camera icon is black if a photo exists for a member of the family. Photo directories with text can be printed for membership and activity groups. Thumbnails can be displayed. Use a web camera with Insta Check-In for instant storing and printing of photos. Store photographs for every individual and family

13 Map and Driving Directions to People’s Homes When in the Member or Contact Records database, with a family or individual identified, press the SHIFT F9 key to pop up the maps and driving directions from your organization to their home. You can print the map, e-mail it, or make different from and to addresses to display more maps and driving directions. You can choose to use Yahoo, Google or Mapquest maps and driving directions. A great help when making calls, holding outreach or contact events.

14 RDS Advantage ® provides bulk mail discount features CASS and National Change of Address (NCOA) certification of your addresses are done with Internet integration. Printing of postal bulk mail reports. Zip plus 4 plus 2 (delivery point bar code) can be printed on address labels, postcards and envelopes. Avery address label or other forms are supported. IM (intelligent mail) USPS mail is supported. Obtain maximum bulk mail discounts by CASS certifying your addresses, using Zip plus 4 plus 2 postnet bar codes on addresses. The system will print non-automated pre-sort labels for first class, standard and periodical mailings. Using third party applications integrated with RDS, you can PAVE and CASS certify your addresses for further postal savings. The window at left shows how to export addresses for CASS certification, and then import certified addresses back into your data file. Reports can be printed to show bad addresses by the codes shown.

15 RDS Advantage ® Library System Automate your library with this complete system. Track books, records, CD’s, tapes -- all types of library items. Establish check-out days, fines for overtime by category. Use bar codes to check items in and out. Print book labels, catalog cards, bar codes for books, overdue lists, item out lists, history reports, and more. The Library Patron Lookup provides touch screen searches for library records. Item entry window below:

16 RDS Advantage® Library System The Library Patron Lookup allows people to find library items without having to use catalog cards. Great for people without computer knowledge. Can be used with a touch-screen monitor. Enter what you are looking for and click on a button.

17 Track sermon file records More school information about students Children’s basic school records More databases for sermons -- children’s school notes Reports for all special databases are generated by the RDS Advantage Report Writer. Customized reports can be made for any of these applications. Sermon files can be keyed to word processor documents

18 More music library information If you have a benevolences ministry: Music files are comprehensive Track those who ask for aid, then record the aid given, and pertinent other information. Special Databases for important information

19 Inventory Management Natural disasters and losses from theft and poor inventory controls have increased the need for secure records of church property. For proof for insurance values and backup for financial statements of assets prudent administrators want good controls. A complete inventory system:  In the event of a natural disaster, a physical inventory proves to insurers your contents and values  Provides a dollar value of contents  Record maintenance schedules, condition of equipment, serial numbers, maintenance policies and warranties  Track insurance policies and costs and expirations  Track gifts of items that have been given in honor or others  Record the cost and date of acquisition of items  Track items borrowed or disposed of  Record loans and loan information  Know when items are missing  Print barcode labels with descriptions and locations  Take inventory with scanner, then update the database

20 RDS Advantage FasTrack Conversion © FasTrack Conversion © provides a smooth transition from your old application to RDS Advantage. The purpose is to simplify changing from one database management and accounting system to RDS Advantage, provide economy of time and money, and assure rapid and accurate implementation and use of new applications. FasTrack Conversion is accomplished by services provided by RDS who converts existing data from the old application to RDS Advantage, prepares your chart of accounts, customizes financial statements for your needs, and does other accounting setup.  Upon licensing, the RDS Advantage system is immediately installed on your computer(s) and tested.  RDS converts your existing database, customizes financial statements the way you want them, prepares your chart of accounts and does other accounting setup. The converted database and accounting information is copied into your system.  RDS provides five days of comprehensive staff training. You are now ready for full use of the system and all its applications.

21 Customer Support Are you tired of being put on hold when you call for customer support? Have you heard enough voice mail requests to ‘punch 2 for help?’ Have you listened to enough recorded promotions about how good the software is -- while you wait? Have you heard all the recorded music you want to hear?... Only to finally be connected to someone who doesn’t have the answer to your question? If so, then.... You need RDS Advantage ® Support RDS Advantage support people are professionals, made up of dedicated people with extensive church and accounting experience. Our goal is that your call will be answered quickly by an expert who will be able to give you the help you need right then. We have voice mail, but our goal is that you will seldom, if ever, have to use it. The result of every call is written down, so that we have a record of your previous calls and our response. This facilitates our help in future calls.

22 On behalf of the RDS team, we thank you for reviewing this overview of RDS Advantage ®. We believe you will find it to be a superior management system. RDS Advantage, Inc. 6801 N. Broadway, Suite 120 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73116 Phone 800-337-6328 Fax 405-840-0468 e-mail Web For more details about RDS Advantage ® including the powerful accounting features, see, or contact us at: These applications support the most demanding needs of large and small users. Customer support is outstanding.

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