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Let Us Introduce You To The Ultimate Wall System Superior Quality is the Solution!

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2 Let Us Introduce You To The Ultimate Wall System Superior Quality is the Solution!








10 The Ultimate Wall System To Protect Your Building From Weather Elements Click The Button to Find Out More

11 TeifsWEATHERTIGHT Wall System The Ultimate Wall for Protection from the Elements A unique, multi-layered system, TeifsWEATHERTIGHT, has extraordinary capabilities to protect your structure from moisture and air penetration. This Exterior Insulation and Finish System features the exclusive patented TeifsDRAINBOARD, with moisture drainage channels running horizontally and vertically through the polystyrene to assure water reaches the unique Drainage Track. Even before reaching the TeifsDRAINBOARD, the outdoor elements meet their first barrier at the TeifBASE Base Coat. This polymer-based coating spreads over the outside of the TeifsDRAINBOARD to assure ultimate weather protection. TeifsWEATHERSEAL, a special 100% acrylic air shield and waterproof protective coating, is troweled over the Dens GLASS GOLD to provide a third seal to air or moisture penetration. Created to be used with TeifsAIRTIGHT and TeifsWEATHERTIGHT Wall Systems, this fiber-reinforced coating is highly flexible. It forms a waterproof crust that creates a Type III air barrier and enhances the insulation value. This triple-barrier system uses Polyester-Backed Flashing Tape for permanently sealing all rough openings. Water will never reach your substrate! END SHOW

12 The Weathertight Components Next Page Back END SHOW

13 220 Burleson, San Antonio TX 78202 1-800-358-4785 (210) 472-2935 Fax (210) 472-2946 END SHOW < Previous Page > Index to Pages About WeatherTightIndex to PagesBack to StartAbout WeatherTight > How It's Constructed > Info Access DirectoryHow It's ConstructedInfo Access Directory To Send An E-Mail to Teifs See Distributors of Quality Teifs Products

14 DALLAS Specified Products Mr. Carter Lyons, 800-336-1755 HOUSTON Bayou City Wall Systems Mr. Troy Neumann, 713-681-2880 WEST TEXAS West Texas Builders Supply Mr. Lynn Johnston, 806-376-1921 OKLAHOMA CITY Taylor Foam Mr. Brian Taylor, 405-787-5811 BATON ROUGE/NEW ORLEANS GATS Mr. Chuck Dixon, 225-924-6530 SHREVEPORT Louisiana Materials Mr. Eddie Dinkens, 903-593-3966 NEW MEXICO Sandia Builders Supply Mr. Skip Hess, 505-822-8620 GRAND JUNCTION, CO Pioneer Materials Mr. Jim Franchell, 970-468-8628 SILVERTHORNE, CO Pioneer Materials Mr. Chad McCollum, 970-468-8808 AVON, CO Pioneer Materials Mr. Tom Atkinson, 970-949-1210 STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, CO Pioneer Materials Mr. Sean Hicks, 970-870-1800 Distributors of Quality Teifs’ Products > Index to Key Pages and LinksIndex to Key Pages and Links About WeatherTight > How It's Constructed > Info Access DirectoryBackBack to StartAbout WeatherTightHow It's ConstructedInfo Access Directory END SHOW

15 Index to Key Pages and Links Start Page - Begins at First Page of Animated PresentationStart Page About WeatherTight - Key Attributes of the SystemAbout WeatherTight How It’s Constructed - Animation of ComponentsHow It’s Constructed Information Page - For Viewing and Downloading InformationInformation Page AutoCAD Page - For Viewing and Downloading in AutoCADAutoCAD Page Teifs Information - Address, Phone, etc. For Contacting TeifsTeifs Information Teifs Distributors - List of Distributors of Quality Teifs’ ProductsTeifs Distributors With Your Browser On Connect to these Links E-mail Form - Form for Direct E-mail to Teifs for Information E-mail Form Teifs Web Site - Company information, products, etc.Teifs Web Site EIMA - Association of EIFS ManufacturersEIMA EIFS Alliance - Information Source on EIFS Wall SystemsEIFS Alliance < Previous Page END SHOW

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