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Department of Transportation RAMP Department of Transportation Why Transportation Asset Management? “As government providers and operators of transportation.

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2 Department of Transportation RAMP

3 Department of Transportation Why Transportation Asset Management? “As government providers and operators of transportation systems, we face an increasingly complex challenge of improving safety, mobility and the aesthetics of our highway system in an environment of constrained resources. Implementing an asset management approach is essential to ensure that we invest the public funding entrusted to us wisely, and that we minimize long-term costs in achieving our desired service level objectives.” Neil J. Pedersen, Administrator, Maryland State Highway Administration and Vice-Chair, AASHTO Subcommittee on Asset Management

4 Department of Transportation Management Suite Modular Framework Bridge Analyst External Data and Models External Systems (e.g., SAP. Advantage, PeopleSoft., etc) Core AgileAssets Functions Asset Inventory Base Linear Reference Security User Organization Terminology Common Data Model Data Management Reporting Graphing Communications System Utilities GIS Executive Decisions LRS Network Data Manager Pavement Analyst Maintenance Manager Mobile Data Collection Fleet, Equipment, Materials, Labor

5 Department of Transportation AgileAssets Framework

6 Department of Transportation 5 AA Software MMS Technology: 100% web/browser based Application runs on any thin client with internet access and security clearance No upgrading on individual PCs, ever…

7 Department of Transportation 6 Resources Personnel

8 Department of Transportation 7 Resources Equipment

9 Department of Transportation 8 Materials Tracking

10 Department of Transportation 9 Crews

11 Department of Transportation 10 Inventory/LRS

12 Department of Transportation 11 Annual Work Program Work Plan or Matrix : Plan Activity – person hours per month

13 Department of Transportation 12 Work Orders

14 Department of Transportation 13 Work Orders From Work Requests –Plans –Preventive Maintenance or –Directly Schedule Work Assign Resources Enter Time/Usage

15 Department of Transportation 14 Equipment Inventory

16 Department of Transportation 15 Equipment Repair Orders

17 Department of Transportation 16 Recording Work Data Entry Online (Web Browser) PDA/Mobile Disconnected Laptop Application

18 Department of Transportation 17 Graphs

19 Department of Transportation 18 GIS

20 Department of Transportation Am I on track? Am I efficient? Where am I spending funds? What activities are being accomplished now? 19 Dashboard

21 Department of Transportation Agile - PS

22 Department of Transportation 21 CORE Team – OSF & DCS –Work began fall ’09 on PeopleSoft Implementation(s) ODOT hires CIBER fall ‘09 –Interfaces for: HR/Payroll/Leave Purchasing – Payables Assets & Inventory Job Piece ODOT hires Agile Assets –“kick-off mtg. 4/29/2009

23 Department of Transportation

24 23 Project Steering Committee Casey Shell, Operations Tim Gatz, Capital Programs Mike Patterson, Administration David Streb, Engineering

25 Department of Transportation 24 ODOT Project Team Gary Evans, Executive Sponsor Barbara Lawrence, P.M. (PeopleSoft & Agile) Kevin Bloss, Agile Project Lead Tom Wadley, Equip & WH Lead Alex Calvillo, MQA Philip Wallace, Technical Lead Ginger Garde, PS Inventory Lead Lisa Whiteman, PS Asset Mgt Lead Darlene Dooner, Change Mgt Lead Chelley Hilmes, Comptroller Tommy Foskin, Project Costing Kathleen Croy, AR/Payable

26 Department of Transportation 25 AgileAssets Project Team Kevin Green, Project Director Arif Beg, Senior Project Manager Eric Keefe, Onsite Project Manager Earlan Dujon Onsite E.I.T.

27 Department of Transportation 26 CIBER Team Kathy Donnelly, Tech. Lead Vijay Jauvadi, Customizations Brad Rieke, Reporting Nang Huynh, Data Conversion Katie Carruth, Interface Lead Cheri Kitchens, Payroll Paul Sanguinetti, PR Tech. Al Klena, P.M. Charlie Ricker, Time & Labor Jason Curlett, Project Costing/Funding Angela Miele, Assets and Inventory Rich Clayburn, Contracts, Project Costing Bernard Lemal, AR/Billing Jim Crockett, Purchasing Stan Witkowski, Accounting

28 Department of Transportation Project Approach

29 Department of Transportation 28 Project Phase 1: Software Reconciliation

30 Department of Transportation 29 Project Phase 1 cont’d: Software Reconciliation

31 Department of Transportation 30 Project Phase 2: Software Implementation

32 Department of Transportation Project Development

33 Department of Transportation 32 Legacy Transitions:  HR/Payroll/Leave  Jan 1 – Bi-weekly payroll using PS leave  July 1 – Time Entry:  Maintenance employees – Agile  All other Agency employees – PS  Employees will enter their own time thru PS – ESS (Employee Self Service).  Purchasing – Payables  Item Maintenance Project:  Over 120,000 items (All Agencies) in PS consolidated to 14,000.  Over 16,000 items in ODOT W.H. system being consolidated to 12,000.  PO’s and contracts must be evaluated to address new item codes prior to “go-live”.

34 Department of Transportation Legacy Transitions (Cont’d):  Assets and Inventory  Assets will be received in PS.  Warehouse Inventory items will be received in AA.  Job Piece  Programs Division legacy systems replaced by PS.  Federal Billing System (Project Funding) replaced by PS.  R/W projects – paid from PS “Payables”.  8 – year construction work plan tracked and reported in PS.  STIP managed and reported in PS.  NEPA identified in PS but managed in detail in an external system. 33

35 Department of Transportation Legacy Transitions (Cont’d):  Maintenance Reporting - AA  Maintenance Budget - AA  Warehouse Management - AA  Equipment Management – AA  Requirements are 95 % complete for all components – Roadway Maintenance Work Orders and Reporting, Warehouse Mgt. and Equipment Mgt.  Facilities and Telecommunications Assets - AA 34

36 Department of Transportation Training Requirements PeopleSoft Training:  Time entry (ESS)  Requisitions  PO’s  Receiving  Vouchers  Job Piece and Project Funding (Fed. Billing)  Assets (depreciable & non-depreciable equipment) 35

37 Department of Transportation Training Requirements Agile Assets Training: (T.T.T.)  2 people from each FD become trainers in each of 3 modules.  Road Maintenance Module: Maint. Activity WO’s – 4/19/2010. Review 5/10/2010.  Equipment Module: Shop Work Orders – 4/26/2010.  Warehouse Module: Warehouse Mgt. – 5/3/2010.  Reviews for Equip & WH – 5/17/2010.  End User Training at each FD – begin 5/24/2010.  Facilities – date?  Telecommunications – date? 36

38 Department of Transportation

39 CHALLENGES Terminology –Foreman/Superintendent –Field Clerk/Admin. Asst. –Conversion –Configuration –Integration –Test II –Dev. II –Config. Doc. –Time Manager –Time Keeper –Time Administrator –Administrative Unit –Business Unit –Operating Unit –Expense Account –Expense Code –Project (AA, PS, ODOT) 38

40 Department of Transportation CHALLENGES Change Management Issues: –Me!! –Finding CMC’s in each FD (point of contact for FD/liaison/communicator) –FD’s have their plates full with stimulus, new jobs bill, etc. –Personnel Shortage - Hiring freeze 39

41 Department of Transportation CHALLENGES Lap Top Distribution: –PDA vs. Notebook vs. lap top –150 new lap tops have been distributed. –Air Cards? VPN Connections? –Training new users. Connectivity/Networking: –Some Field Offices on dial-up. Moving to a microwave connection for a few locations. Converting the remainder to T1 connections. Even with T1 some areas still extremely slow. 40

42 Department of Transportation CHALLENGES Conversions: –Warehouse System – Item Maintenance Project: Converting existing “smart numbers” to CORE/OSF/DCS requirements (non smart numbers). –Time and Labor – what’s the definition of a: “Time Manager”? “Time Keeper”? “ODOT Time Administrator”? –LRS Current GIS & IMS data Extrapolating the data needed for budgeting 41

43 Department of Transportation CHALLENGES Firewall? –Agile will reside behind OSF’s firewall, making air cards useless without a VPN connection. Ongoing Support? Help Desk? –Hiring freeze. –Did I mention the hiring freeze? 42

44 Department of Transportation CHALLENGES DAILY/WEEKLY COMMUNICATION –e-mail(s) –meetings –phone calls 43

45 Department of Transportation 44

46 Department of Transportation Questions?

47 Department of Transportation 46

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