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Tulsa Medical Reserve Corp. The Past….. The Future…..

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1 Tulsa Medical Reserve Corp. The Past….. The Future…..

2 Tulsa MRC 2002-Tulsa selected as one of 42 cities receiving “seed money” for development of the MRC Serves the City of Tulsa and surrounding Metropolitan area. Lead Organizations: –Tulsa Partners & Tulsa Citizens Corp –Emergency Medical Services Authority

3 Tulsa MRC Leadership & Planning MRC Planning Group was established to identify goals and participation.

4 Tulsa MRC-Leadership Selected key members of the community with expertise in several areas. Called the MRC Planning Group –Retired City Attorney –Retired Physician –MMRS –EMSA –Hospital Executives –Hospital Safety Staff –Medical Control Board –TCCHD

5 Tulsa MRC Priorities & Goals 7 Goals Identified LiabilityLicensing Recruitment, Credentialing & Catagorization Education (Orientation & Training) DeploymentCommunications Public Health

6 Tulsa MRC-Skill Levels Skills, Credentials, Attributes & Roles Level 1-Medical Professional-licensed Triage, field tx. Critical interventions, Assist w/ transporting of pts. Assist w/CERT, Assist EMSA, Monitoring of “green” patients.

7 Tulsa MRC-Skill Levels Level 2-HCW with less skilled or less physically able. Assist L-1, ED’s assist, Assist HD with medication or phone bank, Assist w/ SNS, Special event coverage, assist in hospital decontamination

8 Tulsa MRC-Skill Levels Level 3-HCW, less skilled /experienced or less able to function as L-2 Assist w/ SNS, Phones, Scribe, Supplies, etc.

9 Tulsa MRC-Skill Levels Level 4- Lay Persons –Assist all levels in supporting function –Note: Laypersons would be assigned a Level 4 with an attached additional number to identify ability. I.E. 4-1, or 4-2.

10 Critical Challenges Liability –Resolution-MRC liability protection included in state wide Tort Reform Bill (took over 1 year to achieve) Licensing –Resolution-Wording in retired physician “volunteer license” changed to include Medical Reserve Corp.

11 Tulsa MRC-Deployment Activated by EMSA Director EMSA Medical Director MMRS Director TCCHD Director TAEMA Director Under Direct control of the MMRS/MERC

12 Partnerships MMRS Tulsa City County Health Department Tulsa County Medical Society Mayors Homeland Security Task Force State Dept. of Civil Emergency Management Oklahoma State Department of Health American Airlines All 4 Oklahoma MRC Grantees –Goal of statewide organization


14 The Future……. Membership & Training MEMBERSHIP –Recruitment and Marketing Plan –Website Development –Citizens Corp Recruitment EDUCATION –Orientation –Training modules –Lectures, Hard copies, CD’s and Website access. –Statewide approach

15 The Future……… Sustainment MMRS and City of Tulsa Agencies Partnership with OK Dept. of Emergency Management Partnership with OK Dept. of Health Partnerships with all OK Grantees

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