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3 rd Self Evaluation Report (ZEN) requested by Council of Ministers of 24 November, 2005 creating an International Support Group for the Reform of State.

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1 3 rd Self Evaluation Report (ZEN) requested by Council of Ministers of 24 November, 2005 creating an International Support Group for the Reform of State Laboratories (GIARLE) chaired by Dr. Jean-Pierre Contzen and working with the Programme for the Reform of Central Government (PRACE) at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education (MCTES). Summary including selected projects from management board (DIRAL) to stakeholders listed in bylaws: Steering Committee (CO), Monitoring Unit (UA), Scientific Council (CC), Paritary Commission (CP). Earlier versions were presented at a Plenary Meeting of CC, a joint meeting of CO.UA and a meeting of CP with the non-research staff. 16 March, 2006. Instituto de Investigação Científica Tropical

2 IMPLEMENTING AN EVALUATION CULTURE  Nov. 2003 Bylaws approved  Feb. 2004 Management appointed  May 2004 1st Self Evaluation Report: CRIP lists management targets  Jan. 2005 2nd Self Evaluation Report: ENCA defines core competencies  May 2005 Five Year Research Plan voted by CC  Jun. 2005 Internal Regulation Published  Dec. 2005 Inaugural Meeting of CO and UA; Preparatory Group for Evaluation (GPAV, selected from DIRAL) extends CRIP and ENCA into ZEN.


4  187 tenured posts, of which 54 are researchers and 10 are senior researchers  173 S&T personnel, of which 23 collaborators 44 fellowship holders 53 full-time-equivalent (FTE) researchers are listed in 2001-2005 publications database  51 PhD, 17 Masters, 63 BA/BSc HUMAN AND FINANCIAL RESOURCES  Budget – € 8,3 million in 2006  External Funding – 16% of imputed research costs


6 CORE COMPETENCY Sustainable Development and Food Security (SUS) Includes 3 Programmes and 4 Centres 6 partnerships with other state labs 0.5 ISI publications per FTE researcher year Guinea-Bissau, IICT

7 SELECTED PROJECTS WITH EXTERNAL FUNDING  Digital soil map of Angola TER PROGRAMME  Impact assessment for the sub Saharan Africa challenge programme (Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique) AGRI PROGRAMME  Protective mechanisms against African swine fever infection AGRI PROGRAMME, Partnership being negotiated with Vet. Research Lab. (LNIV) An Information System to support agro-ecological planning, environmental and rural development issues related with the use and conservation of Land Resources of Angola ASFV infected pig macrophages

8 Integrated Pest Management on stored rice AGRI Programme Objectives of Dem Tec Project  Implementation of sampling programs for stored paddy rice from India and Pakistan and milled rice ready for consumption, used in: risk assessment decision-making  Application of additional control methods less noxious than existing ones for consumers and the environment  New technology transfer from research to industry  Demonstrations planned for tropical areas (Cape Verde)  Projected visit of team researcher to Oklahoma and Kansas State Universities Demonstration and Technology transfer Project from Portuguese Agency of Innovation Sponsor: Trécé, Inc., Salinas California

9 BIO/JMAT Programme Digitizing African Types at LISC Financed by Andrew Mellon Foundation (USA) The project is part of the international project African Plants Initiative (API). Type of Xylia mendoncae Torre API aims at creating a online comprehensive database of high-resolution images of all African type specimens from leading herbaria and botanic gardens around the world, including LISC, the herbarium of IICT. LISC has about 245.000 African specimens. Of these, it is estimated that 3.500 are type specimens. More than 1000 types have already been digitised.

10 Evaluation of BIO/JMAT Programme (PALMEIRIM REPORT) New Mission: Research for Biodiversity Management Some weaknesses 1. Unbalanced scientific staff 2. Low capacity to attract external funding Specific measures 1.Broaden research to applied and multidisciplinary areas 2.Maintain current research themes 3.Management plans of natural reserves, preservation strategies for endangered species, conservation projects ex-situ

11 SUS CENTRES  Centre of Remote Sensing for Development (CDRD)  Coffee Rusts Research Centre (CIFC)  Plant Ecophysiology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology Centre (ECO-BIO)  Forests and Forestry Products Centre (FLOR)

12 1. Global and regional pyrogeography Fire in the Brazilian Amazon: multi-year mapping of area burned and estimation of pyrogenic emissions using remotely sensed data ( POCTI/CTA/45126/2002) GEOLAND: Fire induce landcover and forest changes ca. 60 participating international institutions (SIP3-CT-2003-502871) CDRD 2. Landcover classification and change detection Landcover changes and successional pathways in the forests of Cantanhez, Guinea- Bissau (POCTI BIA-BDE/57965/2004) Landcover map of Angola (scale 1:750000), obtained from MODIS and Landsat-TM images.

13 CIFC Main purpose: to centralise, at international co-operation level, the research on the main coffee diseases More than 90% of resistant coffee cultivated varieties were created with CIFC help Coffee leaf rustCoffee Berry Disease  Development of a strategy for a durable management of the resistance to coffee berry disease (CBD) in Africa (ICA4-CT-2001-10008)  Scientific collaboration in fundamental and practical knowledge in the most important coffee diseases in Tanzania with the ultimate aim of producing coffee varieties with durable resistance to these pathogens ( TA STA COF99 01)  Agreement Cenicafe (Colombia) - since 1976

14  Stress physiology and gene expression. Coffea sp. acclimation to cold and high irradiance stressful conditions ( POCTI/AGG/43101/2001) ECO-BIO  Growth of plants under environmental controlled conditions to study the responses to biotic and abiotic stresses at genomic, physiological, biochemical and structural levels (CONC-REEQ/374/2001)  Role of defense-related genes during the establishment of root-nodule symbioses between higher plants and nitrogen-fixing bacteria ( POCTI/AGR/55651/2004)

15 Solid state analysis FLOR The only group dedicated to the identification of tropical woods and development of non destructive methods of analysis (Portuguese Quality Certificate pending) 2. Non destructive evaluation of wood and wood products Near and Fourier transform infrared for wood chemical and physical properties - extractives, lignin and polysaccharides - modulus of elasticity and basic density 1. Tropical wood identification - optimise utilization - counterfeit analysis 5145 cm -1 water content

16 SELECTED INDICATORS SUS3 PROG 4 CENT Activities with External Funding (%)666778 Ext. Fund. / Cost (%)14426 Personnel S&T764431 FTE S&T552728 Of which in Publication Database (PD)332213 Intern. Publications /FTE/yr

17 CORE COMPETENCY Memories and Identities (MEM) Includes 2 Programmes and 1 Centre Planta do Quartelamento e Fortaleza da Ilha de Moçambique. Carlos J. dos Reis e Gama, 1802 AHU

18 Cartography, Politics and Colonial Territories Database system on documents and cartography, produced by the Cartographic Commission, including data on frontiers’ delimitation, natural resources and territory management CD ROM with cartographic documents available to CPLP and other countries General History of Cape Verde 3 volumes, 2 prizes, 1 honourable mention Cooperation project between Portugal and Cape Verde to publish a National History based on the organization of a documentary corpus on Cape Verde History. SELECTED PROJECTS WITH EXTERNAL FUNDING

19 Dynamics of Interaction in the Lusophone World Focus on rural and urban processes relevant for the study of colonial policies and cultural interactions. Memories, Heritage and Cultural Cooperation Study of the material and non-material heritage shared by CPLP countries SELECTED PROJECTS WITH EXTERNAL FUNDING

20 FORTHCOMING EVENTS AND BOOKS INTERNATIONAL MEETING ON HISTORY OF AFRICA Lisbon 1988 and 1999, Rio de Janeiro 1996, Maputo 2004 Next edition planned for Cape Verde, 2006 THE ATLANTIC SPACE OF THE ANCIENT REGIME Partnership with Overseas History Centre (CHAM), 2005 Historians, archivists, anthropologists, sociologists Proceedings forthcoming COLONIAL CARTOGRAPHY IN AFRICA Coloquium 7-10 Nov. 2006

21  Cape Verde Virtual (CVV) 3D Visualisation System of pluridisciplinar georeferenced information for turistic, cultural, educational and scientific applications to foster Cape Verde development. Interdisciplinary Programme for GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT (DES) 1. To study Public Private Partnerships (PPP) capable of contributing to economic and social development 2. To design interdisciplinary projects helping CPLP countries with difficulties in fullfiling the MDGs - Health Promotion and Illness Prevention  Temporal and spatial transmission risk of parasites emerging from freshwater ecosystems in Santiago Island (Cape Verde)  Nutrition, Child Growth and Development (S. Tomé and Timor)

22 MEM2 PROGDES Activities with External Funding (%)757767 Ext. Fund. / Cost (%)15 20 Personnel S&T45437 FTE S&T41374 Of which in Publication Database (PD)19172 Intern. Publications /FTE/yr0.80.53.4 SELECTED INDICATORS

23 CORE COMPETENCY Preservation and Access of Heritage (PAT) Includes INTERMINISTERIAL PROGRAMME TO TREAT AND PROVIDE ACCESS TO IICT HERITAGE (PI) and services open to the public: Overseas Historical Archive (AHU) Tropical Garden (JMAT) Documentation Centre (CDI) Photo before and after treatment Goa, Emile Marini collection - IICT

24 PAT & PI  PAT provides an enabling environment for the adoption of best practices in preservation and conservation, museology, archival and information sciences. This core competency acts as a platform for research and communication within and between SUS and MEM  Staff is mainly doing technical work and almost 50% is external (in this case fellowships play an important role in overcoming the freeze in recruitment and the attraction of young professionals) PI, after 8 months: Inserted 15,600 records in interactive databases Treated and organised 18,500 collection items

25 AIMS OF PAT Technical Work Research Activity Cooperation Anthropological Mission Films Angola, 1950-55 AHU Laboratory AHU Archives Study of Portuguese overseas heritage Identification communication classification preservation of collections Transferring knowledge and technology, allowing the sustainable development of CPLP countries

26 PI –Portuguese Museums Institute –Science and Technology Foundation –National Library Conservation And Training –Nova University of Lisbon –Polytechnic Institute of Tomar Bibliographical Collections Entomology collection Wood samples collection Archaeology collection Ethnographic collection Scientific Instruments Photographic collections

27  National Library: PORBASE 5 (bibliographical collections);  U.S. National Science Foundation / Kansas University Biodiversity Research Center: SPECIFY (zoological collections)  University of Oxford: BRAHMS (botanical collections):  IPM / MatrizNet: MATRIZ (archaeological, art and ethnographic collections) INTERACTIVE DATABASES GBIF – Global Biodiversity Information Facility (152 data providers) IGC Collective Catalogue on- line - over 150 libraries Portuguese Museums Network – over 28 museums 34 international botanical databases

28 Responsible for the arrangement of and the access to more than 15km of records produced by the Portuguese overseas offices between mid 17th century and ca. 1974, a few of which to be transfered AHU More than 500 specific search requests / year 2500 readers in 2005 65% Portuguese 20% CPLP 10% UE 5% other countries

29 Projects under consideration  Heritage Built by the Portuguese in Africa Ministries of Public Works and Foreign Affairs  Atlantic Africa Ministry of Culture of Brazil, CPLP AHU January 18, Conference with Conservation Institute (IPCR) on Prevention and Emergency Plans in Museums Archives and Libraries February 15, book launch in the presence of the Minister of State and Foreign Affairs 2006 Events

30 TROPICAL GARDEN A botanical garden, created in 1906, that holds a valuable collection of plant species mainly from tropical and sub-tropical regions Has benefited since 1992 from support of Berardo Foundation and other sponsors. League of Friends of JMAT to be launched soon. Member of Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI), Iberian-Macaronesian Association of Botanic Gardens (AIMJB) European Botanic Gardens Consortium. Subscribed to the 2003 International Agenda for Botanic Gardens in Conservation.

31 SHOWCASE OF TROPICAL RESEARCH AND COMMUNICATION  Research on taxonomy, biodiversity, natural and ecological resources  Education services and public awareness events Launch of “The Adventure of Plants” “Under the Double Shade of Trees” Exhibition 100th anniversary celebration in the presence of minister 25 January 2006 23 September 2005 European Researchers Night, in the presence of Secretary of State

32 COMMUNICATION AND DISSEMINATION ARE TOP PRIORITIES FOR CO AND UA (ALSO GIARLE!) Interministerial Programme to treat and access IICT patrimony Documentation and Information Centre Overseas Historical Archive Updated News DataBases Website being revamped at Large quantity of publications available in CDI Non technical summary of pappers appearing regularly in “Africa Today” and “Nova Cidadania”

33 SELECTED EVENTS African Cinema Festival November 2005 Angola Anthropological Mission Films DVD with “Dances of Timor”. Timor Anthropological Mission Films Lusophone Book Fair in East Timor November 2005 Lisbon Book Fair with Chaves Ferreira Publishers

34 SELECTED EVENTS 200 children and youths in 2004 and 2005. Program Live Science from MCTES 50 years of the Coffee Rust Research Centre, in the presence of Secretary of State 29 April 2005 Luanda-Exibition: “50 years of scientific books about Angola with Institute Camões and Catholic University of Angola September 2004

35  Seminars arranged by Chair of Scientific Council. First series began with President of Foundation for Science and Technology. Planned second series on scientific knowledge and its constraints Burnay Palace, 30 November/04 Conference by Prof. Jean Pierre Contzen at Junqueira 30, Auditorium, 14 June/05 Burnay Palace, 15 December/05 at Junqueira 30, Auditorium  Visit of Prime Minister of Cape Verde in the presence of Portuguese Science Minister  Innovation and Multilateral Agreements: which impact for developing countries  Visit of IRD President and Presentation of Palmeirim Report VISITS AND SEMINARS

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