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Marcotte – Moisant Family Reunion June 28, 2003, Purcell, Oklahoma.

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1 Marcotte – Moisant Family Reunion June 28, 2003, Purcell, Oklahoma

2 Joseph and Lena Marcotte Joseph was the son of Archille and Caroline Marcotte. Lena was the daughter of John Baptiste Moisant and Alexine Leblanc.

3 Archille and Caroline Marcotte Family Archille (Archie) and Caroline with their children Joe, Rosanna, Theophile, Albert, Leo, Ben, Cecelia, and Henry. (Aldia not pictured)

4 Archille and Caroline’s family

5 Lena Moisant’s family

6 Lena’s parents and siblings

7 Joseph with Groomsmen and Father of the Bride

8 Joe & Lena Marcotte with Best Man (Leo Moisant and Matron of Honor)

9 Albert Lawrence and Malinda Moisant (Lena’s sister)

10 Dolphus Dumas and Mathilda Moisant (Lena’s sister)

11 Diana Moisant & Val Anhalt Leo Moisant & Stella Schott

12 Ida Mae and Diana Moisant

13 Bill Moisant and Anna Beumeler

14 Diana (Moisant) Anhalt

15 Frank Anhalt, Ida Mae Moisant, Louise Dumas, Bill Moisant

16 Matilda, Lena and Malinda Moisant

17 John Baptiste and Alexine (Leblanc) Moisant

18 Joseph’s sister, Rosanna Marcotte with husband John Boudreau

19 Theophile and Clara (Balthazar) Marcotte

20 Joe Marcotte’s sister Aldia

21 Joe Marcotte’s brother Albert

22 Joe Marcotte’s brother Leo

23 Joe Marcotte’s sister Cecelia

24 Joe Marcotte’s brother Henry

25 Leo Moisant, Robbie White (Leblanc) and other Moisant relatives

26 Lena Joseph Lena and Joe Marcotte with Maggie, Edward and Selena

27 The Joseph and Lena Marcotte Family

28 Bertha, Anna Belle, Leonard and Anna Mae

29 “The Young Ones”

30 Lena and Joes’ kids

31 Selena and Maggie Marcotte, Louise Kruse

32 Selena and Maggie Marcotte and ?

33 In the “old days” Halloween costumes were not as expensive… Anna Belle, Anna Mae, Bertha, J. B.

34 Selena (Marcotte) and Bill Carroll

35 When was the last time you thought of those honeysuckle vines at the house in Purcell?

36 Lena and Joe Marcotte with Caroline Marcotte

37 Lola Mae Tippit Anna Belle Marcotte Bonnie Jo Carroll Leonard Marcotte

38 Anna Belle, Anna Mae, Joe & Lena Marcotte, Bertha, Leonard

39 Lena & Joe Marcotte with their four sons and five daughters

40 Mary Magnolia “Maggie” Marcotte and Leoma Dumas

41 Selena, Edward and Maggie Marcotte

42 J.B., Joseph, Jos. Edward, Joe Cleo and Leonard

43 Joseph Marcotte with sons Jos. Edward, Joe Cleo, J. B. and Leonard

44  Joe Marcotte Gentlemen of Purcell, Oklahoma

45 Bertha, Anna Belle, Lena & Joe in their store


47 Cecelia, Caroline and Aldia Marcotte

48 Joe Marcotte and Siblings

49 Maggie (Marcotte) and Clifford Tippit

50 Joseph Edward Marcott (eldest son of Joseph and Lena)

51 Joe (Cleo) & Hassie Marcotte

52 J.B. Marcotte 90 Years Young

53 J. B. and Virginia Marcotte Family

54 Anna Belle (Marcotte) & Larry Haase

55 Anna Mae (Marcotte) & August Lehman

56 Bertha (Marcotte) & Tom Allen

57 Leonard & Helen Marcotte

58 Joe Cleo, Edward, Selena, Leonard, Bertha, Maggie, J. B. and Anna Mae

59 Joe & Lena’s Children

60 Joseph Marcotte with Barney & Dan

61 Grandpa

62 Grandma & Grandpa (Lena & Joe Marcotte) with a “few” of their first grandkids

63 An Earlier Reunion

64 The old Marcotte home at the foot of Purcell’s red hill

65 Marcotte – Moisant Family Reunion June 28, 2003, Purcell, Oklahoma

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