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Magnetic hills in the Czech Republic Vortexes. Localities in the Czech Republic.

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1 Magnetic hills in the Czech Republic Vortexes

2 Localities in the Czech Republic

3 Localities in the world Lifidra (Greece) * Carn Ingli, Preseli Hills (Wales, UK) * Rocca di Papa, hill "Head of the World“, 30 km from Rome (Italy) * Mystery Spot at Santa Cruz (California, USA) * so-called Oregon vortex (Oregon, USA) * Los Banos - Magnetic Hill (Philippines) * Moonbi - Gravity Hill (New South Wales, Australia) * Richmond - Magnetic Hill (New South Wales, Australia) * A road in Township in Mountain Bowen, east of Richmond * Peterborough - Magnetic Hill (South Australia, Australia) * Moncton - Magnetic Hill (New Brunswick, Canada) * Burlington - Magnetic Hill (Ontario, Canada) * Dacre. Magnetic Hill (Ontario, Canada) * Chartierville, Magnetic Hill ( Quebec, Canada) * the hill is 2.2km from New Hampshire Barahona Cabral * Magnetic Pole (Dominican Rep.) * Aston Clinton - Gravity Hill (England, UK) * Ayrshire - Electric Brae From Ayr (Scotland, UK) * The road A719 south of Dunure Leh * Magnetic Hill (Jammu – Kashmir, India) * Helena, Gravity Hill (Arkansas, USA) * Rohnert Park, Gravity Hill (California, USA) * Lake Wales, Spook Hill (Florida, USA) * Mooresville, Gravity Hill (Indiana, USA) * Princeton, Gravity Hill (Kentucky, USA * Burkittsville, Spook Hill (Maryland, USA) * Arcadia, Gravity Hill (Michigan, USA) * Rose City, Magnetic Hill (Michigan, USA) * Springer, Magnetic Hill (Oklahoma, USA) * Harrisburg, Gravity Hill (Pennsylvania, USA) * New Paris, Gravity Hill Remember (Pennsylvania, USA) * Shullsburg, Gravity Hill near White's Hill (Wisconsin, USA)

4 Problem of hypotheses Optical illusion ? Gravitational anomaly ? Magnetic anomaly ? Anomaly in the subbase ? Geological fault ? Ley lines ?

5 Measurement and possibilities In case that it is necessary to measure gravity, it cannot be measured the instruments that work on the gravity principle (spirit level, etc.) It is necessary to measure outside the area there the anomaly occurs Using a GPS, altimeter, etc.

6 Municipality Svatá (district Beroun) Here you can see from both sides that the road runs downhill Obviously it is an optical illusion because the road runs through a hill side cut Very nice place Place of iron ore mining Here we performed measurement each five meters using a spirit level that indicated the same inclination from the municipality Svatá

7 View from the municipality Svatá; the road runs downhill

8 View towards the municipality Svatá - Illusion that it is downhill

9 Munisipality Kačerov (district Rychnov nad Kněžnou The most interesting locality The coordinates on the map are different from what you see The road is not straight; it has no permanent inclination However cars go uphill and downhill it does not start moving and does not accelerate even in the steepest slope

10 Kačerov – the car could be pushed easier uphill than downhill

11 Kačerov – the car does not accelerate downhill

12 Municipality Moravská Třebová (district Svitavy) Here we found a logical paradox; one road underpasses the other and according to the moving of objects both of them should run uphill

13 Illusion that it is downhill; the car moves backward spontaneously

14 View from a greater distance show an illusion

15 Illusion that it is uphill

16 The Psychotronics and UFO Club Member of the East European Association of Researchers of Anomalous Phenomena

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