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Andrew Jackson and Building of America. American Foreign Policy Post War Need to resolve many left- over issues from War of 1812 Great Britain Rush-Bagot.

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1 Andrew Jackson and Building of America


3 American Foreign Policy Post War Need to resolve many left- over issues from War of 1812 Great Britain Rush-Bagot Agreement - Splits naval power on Great Lakes between America and British Canada Convention of 1818 - Sets border between US and Canada from Great Lakes to Rockies

4 Spanish Issues Spain is weakening and losing control of territories around world Spanish Florida Florida is haven for escaped slaves and Native Americans Violent disputes along Florida border between Americans and Seminole Seminole - mix of Indians/former slaves 1st Seminole War - Andrew Jackson invades Florida

5 Jackson does not have Presidential authority but the people back him Spain cannot control Florida Adams-Onis Treaty - US gets Florida, Spain gets Texas, rest of border is set

6 Issues in Latin America Latin American colonies revolting against Spain Simon Bolivar (The Liberator) leads Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia to freedom Americans sympathize with countries fighting for independence against European power

7 Monroe Doctrine US will not interfere with European affairs US recognizes all existing European colonies in the Americas (Western Hemisphere) No more future colonization by any foreign countries in Americas Any future colonization attempt will be seen as a hostile act

8 Why Would James Monroe Create the Monroe Doctrine??? 3 Main Reasons...



11 American System Henry Clay Make America economically self- sufficient Building of infrastructure Roads/Canals Cumberland Road, Erie Canal


13 Election of 1828 Jackson portrayed as poor war hero who rose to success through hard work - 1st American dream? JQA is wealthy Harvard grad, aristocracy, alienates South Inauguration becomes wild party

14 Andrew Jackson's Presidency Changes in Democracy in America... Adams Democracy - Government controlled by wealthy land owning men - Big government Jeffersonian Democracy - Government controlled by educated and qualified - Small government Jacksonian Democracy - Government controlled by common man - Strong President

15 Increases voting rights for all white men Decreases rights for minorities (Blacks, Indians) Spoils System - Rewarding supporters and donators with government jobs Kitchen Cabinet - Informal group of advisors that met in the kitchen

16 Indian Removal Jackson wants to remove Indian tribes from South and relocate to open land west of the Mississippi (Oklahoma) 5 "Civilized Tribes" want to stay Cherokee, Chickasaw, Creek, Choctaw and Seminole Why were they called civilized tribes??

17 1. Adopted farming life style 2. Began to receive formal education 3. Had own written language (Sequoya) 4. Established their own newspaper (Cherokee Phoenix) 5. Adopted American style Government

18 Facing the continued threat of removal by the state of Georgia the Cherokee sue to the Supreme Court Claming they are their own nation and have signed treaty with US, state (Georgia) cannot overrule treaty between 2 nations The Supreme Court and Chief Justice John Marshall ruled the Cherokee could keep their lands because of earlier federal treaties.

19 Furthermore, the court ruled the treaty was an agreement between two nations and couldn’t be overruled by Georgia Georgia ignored the court’s ruling. President Jackson refused to enforce the ruling. He remarked, “Well, John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it”.

20 Georgia military ordered to remove Indians 17,000 removed end of the fall Marched to Oklahoma in winter 4,000 die on trip Trail of Tears


22 “… When I past the last detachment of those suffering exiles and thought that my native countrymen had thus expelled them from their native soil and their much loved homes, and that too in this [harsh] season of the year in all their suffering, I turned from the sight with feelings which language cannot express and “wept like childhood then.” "I fought through the Civil War and have seen men shot to pieces and slaughtered by the thousands, but the Cherokee removal was the cruelest work I ever knew.” Georgia Soldier involved in removal process

23 Andrew Jackson - Hero or Villain? Hero Villain



26 " This dramatic image of westward expansion is a study for a mural in the United States Capitol, one of the most ambitious statements of cultural nationalism during the mid-nineteenth century. Leutze combined pioneer men and women, mountain guides, wagons, and mules to suggest a divinely ordained pilgrimage to the Promised Land of the western frontier. In the border, medallion portraits of explorers Captain William Clark and Daniel Boone flank a vista of the San Francisco Bay -- the ultimate western destination. Above, a bald eagle holds a scroll on which is lettered Westward the Course of Empire Takes Its Way -- while Native Americans escape in a maze of winding plant tendrils."



29 Helping the poor and less fortunate brings no benefit to humanity as a whole. It is better for the human race if those resources are used to fuel the successful and deserving. Humanity thrives when Goliath destroys David.

30 INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION Period of rapid growth in using machines for manufacturing and production

31 Inventions of the 19th Century (1800s) Eli Whitney - Interchangeable Parts - All machines have identical parts, easier to make and fix Allows for Mass Production - Quick, cheap way of making a lot of products

32 Railroads One of the most important inventions in American History Allows for easier, faster, cheaper transportation of goods Traveling 10 miles a day to 50 miles per hour Creates MANY new jobs, such as...

33 Steamboats Similar technology to RR Could travel upstream and didn't need man or wind power Who owns the water between states? Gibbons v Ogden - S.C. case ruling Fed gov't controls trade and water between states

34 Other Inventions Cotton Gin - Removes cotton seeds, intensifies slavery Telegraph - Morse Code, first long distance instant communication Singer - Sewing machine John Deere - Steel ploughs

35 Factory Working Conditions Extremely long hours at very low pay Boring dull work No health inspectors or standards Children were preferred because they could pay less but get the same work

36 Expanding Territory

37 Texas Revolution 1821 - Mexican Revolution 1822 - Stephen Austin starts Texas colony Many Americans move in bringing slaves 1830 - Mexico bans new Americans

38 1836 - Texas declares independence Mexican president Santa Anna attacks Texas Texans retreat to Alamo - Every fighter killed "Remember the Alamo" Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie Mexicans chase Texans, Texans ambush led by Sam Houston Santa Anna surrenders

39 Republic of Texas Sam Houston named President, capitol named after him Austin is Sec. of State Country based on US Gov't Wants to be annexed and made a state

40 Mexican American War Where does Texas end? Rio Grande or Nueces River? Gen Zachary Taylor** brings troops to Rio Grande Mexicans attack and US declares war

41 US has smaller army but better prepared and supplied Chases Mexicans back to Mexico City Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ends war R esults U S gets Southwest territory - Cali, Az, NM, Nev, Utah Texas to Rio Grande

42 California Gold Rush 1848 - Gold found in Cali, Silver and Gold in Sierra Nevada's Polk mentions it in farewell address '49 - 80,000 go to Cali Leads to building of TransContinental Railroad

43 Effects of Gold Rush Boom towns - Quick easy towns set up to mine Most never make it rich Destroys the environment Clashed with Indians Ghost Towns



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