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Elementary/Middle Division Current Events Round 2 2013-2014 Local Tournament Questions.

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1 Elementary/Middle Division Current Events Round 2 2013-2014 Local Tournament Questions

2 1. International News and Politics On January 16, 2013, at least 41 engineers working at a British Petroleum (B.P.) gas field were taken hostage by Islamist militants in this country. Among the hostages were several U.S. citizens. A raid on the site where the hostages were being held resulted in the death of 3 of the 41 hostages including Americans. Also, twenty-nine of the estimated 60 militants were killed and 3 militants were captured. In which country did this hostage situation occur? A.Syria B.Pakistan C.Algeria D.Afghanistan

3 2. Sports Excitement in New Orleans centered on the Mardi Gras and Super Bowl XLVII with the Baltimore Ravens beating the San Francisco 49ers by the score of 34-31. More excitement happened during the game when an unprecedented event occurred. What problem occurred during the 2013 Super Bowl? A. Costume failure of the halftime entertainers B. Wildlife got loose on the field & 20 minute chase to corral the animals C. Thirty-four minute blackout of the stadium D. Water bottles were thrown on the field in protest of a major penalty call

4 3. International News and Politics On March 8 the United Nations unanimously passed strict sanctions against this country in reaction to this country’s nuclear test in February. Its President promised to launch a “preemptive nuclear attack against the United States”. On March 29 the U.S. responded with continued military drills, deployment of F-22 Stealth Fighter Jets, B-2, and B-52 bombers to the region. What country’s nuclear tests caused this U.N. and U.S. reaction? A.North Korea B.Egypt C.Syria D.China

5 4. Disasters A mile wide tornado devastated several cities in Oklahoma on May 20, 2013. The tornado flattened Plaza Towers Elementary School. It was on the ground for 40 minutes and killed 24 people including elementary students. In which city was the most devastation, including destroying Plaza Towers Elementary School? A.Moore, Oklahoma B.Oklahoma City, Oklahoma C.New Castle, Oklahoma D.Tulsa, Oklahoma

6 5. People in the News One of NASA’s original seven astronauts died in October at age 87. He was the ground commander when the first American orbited earth. Later when he orbited the earth, he landed 300 miles off course. Who was he? A.Phillip Roth B.John Glenn C.Scott Carpenter D.Buzz Aldrin

7 6. Disasters A large building housing several clothing factories collapsed killing at least 377 people. The building is known as Rana Plaza. The factories make clothing for European and American retailers such as Cato Fashions and J.C. Penney’s. In which country is Rana Plaza located? A.China B.Taiwan C.Pakistan D.Bangladesh

8 7. Sports In September this marathon swimmer swam from Cuba to the Florida Keys, a distance of 110 miles. It was the fifth attempt by this swimmer to accomplish this goal. Afterwards many marathon swimmers questioned the validity of the accomplishment. Who is this swimmer? A.Henrik Stenson B.Diana Nyad C.Betty Mages D.Mark Spitz

9 8. National News and Politics Tamarian Tsarmaev and his younger brother, Dzhokhar, set off two bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013. After the release of photos and video clips of the suspects, they were identified and found. Dzhokhar was taken into custody, while his brother was killed. What type of bombs did the brothers use? A.Fertilizer Bombs B.Pipe Bombs C.Pressure Cooker Bombs D.Back Pack Bombs

10 9. Disasters Where’s Nemo? Two areas of low pressure collided to create Winter Storm Nemo sometimes referred to as the Blizzard of 2013. Winter Storm Nemo struck the U.S. on February 8, 2013, dropping between 24-40 inches of snow hurricane-like winds and flooding. At least 18 people are killed in the storm.. Which area of the United States was crippled by this blizzard? A.North West and Alaska B.Rockies C.South West D.North East

11 10. Science and Business The Washington Post has distinguished itself through its political reporting on the workings of the White House, Congress, and other aspects of the U.S. government. Its reporting helped topple a president and inspired a generation of journalists On August 5 The Post shocked the industry by announcing that it is being sold for $250 million to the founder of Amazon, who had never expressed an interest in journalism. Who is this CEO? A.Bill Gates B.Jeffrey Bezos C.Jack Dorsey D.Yun Jong-Yong

12 Extra: National News and Politics In August, amid much controversy and as a new school year begins, United States public school students and teachers in 45 states are beginning to implement a new program designed to raise student test scores. What is this new program? A.No Child Left Behind B.Race to the Top C.Common Core State Standards D.Stanford 9 Achievement Test

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